Best Log Burner 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

The craze for affordable log-burners and wood-burners has risen dramatically in recent years, particularly in the UK as people seek out safer and more efficient alternatives to open fires and fireplaces.

Wood-burning stoves and log-burners are much the same thing – they are stoves that are typically constructed from cast iron or steel, which burn natural fuels such as logs, pellets and other kindling.

They are connected to a flue system that removes the resulting hot gases, allowing your home to benefit from a cosy, warming stove that has a certain rustic charm compared to an electric fireplace.

The Best Log Burners – Our Top Picks

Best Log Burners

Firefox 8 Twin Door Wood Burning Multi Fuel Stove

A stove which really kicks the heat out in medium rooms, this is a perfect stove if you want control over your heat output.

It can just tick over if you need a little boost, with the air vent system giving you the ability to close over the vents. This makes it perfect for all year round use, with little boosts in the spring and autumn and full power in winter.

The build is also great – it is strong and sturdy without being overpowering in terms of weight and size. It looks traditional, without being too dated so would look just as in place in a fully modern living space.

It does take a little while to get going because of the air vent possibility, but it isn’t painfully slow and is worth it for this ability. On top of this, there is a 79% output ability and interchangeable top and rear flue option. This doesn’t just make it affordable to run, but also flexible for any space.

We like

  • Great output
  • Sturdy build
  • Price

We dislike

  • Slightly on slower side to get going

Final Verdict

Rated A for energy and near the lower end of the price scale - a winner for those on a budget, those needing something powerful and those who are picky about design

+ Specifications

  • Weight: 100kg
  • Heat output: 8.4kW
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Fuel: Multi Fuel
  • Features: Primary and secondary air control, double doors

+ Downloads

Firefox 8 Twin Door Wood Burning Multi Fuel Stove User Manual


Hothouse Breeze Wood Or Solid Fuel Stove

If you need a little stove which gives out enough heat to save a few dials on the thermostat and mostly looks the deal, look no further.

It will fit nicely into any open alcove fireplace area. It can burn both wood and solid fuel so you can pick which suits your lifestyle. Whether it be wood, coal or peat, the flames are certainly able to make a statement. A 76% heat efficiency means little will be wasted, either.

The heat output isn’t the largest, so it is best for smaller areas or to offer a heating boost as opposed to warming up an entire large room. But it is a very stylish model which feels robust. The mid-range price is worth that little bit more for the build and overall look.

We like

  • Strong outer build
  • Perfect for smaller rooms
  • Easy access for cleaning

We dislike

  • Price maybe a little high for the heat it gives out

Final Verdict

It won’t make an impact in larger rooms, but if on the smaller size then you will have a quality product which makes a notable difference in the warmth without spending more money on your bills

+ Specifications

  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Heat output: 4 kW
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Fuel: Wood/solid fuel
  • Features: Airwash system, airflow control, removable ash pan

+ Downloads

Hothouse Breeze Wood Or Solid Fuel Stove User Manual


Be Modern Ohio Solid Fuel Stove

With a very generous 7kW heat output, this stove packs a punch, and you can really feel the heat. There is 76% heat efficiency, so it is cost effective to run as well.

It has the looks, too – a large viewing window really adds to the atmosphere, allowing you to view the flames and create a warm glow in the room. The powdered finish will keep it looking as good as new for a long time to come, with little chance it is going to rust or start to flake over time.

To keep it clean, a polish on the outer will get rid of any marks. There is a removable ash pan and glove included so you can stay on top of this. Airwash technology also keeps the inner as clean as possible, so you have that nice view for longer. If you burn the recommended fuels, it will keep emissions low.

You will need a brick or stone chimney pot rising out of the rooftop. But on a positive note, this means it can slot nicely into an already existing fireplace cutout if you’d like something that is a bit less energy consuming.

When considering the output and style, we think that the higher end price is entirely worthwhile and justifiable. It will be both effective and look great in larger rooms, and you will certainly feel the difference in the colder months.

We like

  • Style
  • Great amount of heat
  • Good for use in smoke control areas

We dislike

  • Entirely black - would like a bit of brass or silver

Final Verdict

Classy, warm and definitely substantial enough to last years. A real investment piece

+ Specifications

  • Weight: 125kg
  • Heat output: 7 kW
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Fuel: Solid Fuel
  • Features: Removable ash pan

Lincsfire Saxilby JA013 6.5KW Multifuel Woodburning Stove

A nice little stove which can comfortably heat a small room. This model from Lincsfire is easy to clean and doesn’t require masses of wood to run, keeping costs down.

One log will last around 30 minutes, and smaller logs are the best fit if you don’t want to be chopping them all in half before use. Bear the dimensions in mind before you buy in bulk.

It will burn both wood and charcoal but not coal, which still gives you plenty of options, and the flue is sold separately but can be placed either top or back. This lets you have more freedom over positioning.

The stove gets quite hot on the top but not quite boiling point. Great if you want to keep a kettle warm without having the cooker running. Or, you can comfortably start the water off on the stove and give it a final blast on the hob, ready for your perfect cup of tea.

Dimensions are small enough to allow it to fit in a small fireplace cut out on a hearth. If you keep on top of the cleaning, it will make life easier, and the glass wipes clean once cool. We saw that the fastenings of the door worked loose after a little while with the opening and closing. But they are simple to tighten up again and this can be done periodically.

We like

  • Brass and black colour
  • Log or charcoal burning
  • Doesn’t require a lot of wood for a good output

We dislike

  • Only good for smaller rooms

Final Verdict

Overall, a nice mid-priced stove for anyone who needs that little extra boost of heat during the colder weather, without cranking up the thermostat

+ Specifications

  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Heat output: 6.5 kW
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Fuel: Wood/charcoal
  • Features: Airwash system, airflow control, removable ash pan

Lincsfire Harmston 5.5KW Multifuel Stove

An efficient and compact stove – perfect for small lounges.

We love this small yet well-built wood-burning stove from T G Outlet. Due to its size, it would be an ideal stove for someone with a small fireplace who wants to get plenty of heat into their living room. Made from traditional cast iron with a long lifespan, this little multi-fuel-burner has a nice finish and offers great value for money.

We think it would make the ideal first stove for someone looking for a more efficient alternative to a conventional fireplace. Even better, you can expect significantly reduced heating bills.

It’s multi-fuel, which means you can burn coal if you wish. It has a removable ash pan, making it much easier to empty and clean. The airflow control function means you can leave it to slowly burn overnight, to keep the house nice and warm for when you wake up in the morning. There is also an 80% efficiency level, which makes it a great investment in the long-term.

We like

  • Great build quality
  • Puts out a lot of heat for a small fire
  • Very nicely finished
  • Perfect for a small room

We dislike

  • Front fire basket could be hire to catch falling debris

Final Verdict

This Lincsfire Harmston stove has some pretty nifty features that make it a great choice for a small household.

+ Specifications

  • Weight: 57 kg
  • Heat output: 5.5 kW
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Fuel: Wood/coal
  • Features: Airwash system, airflow control, removable ash pan

Breeze Wood or solid fuel Insert stove, 4 kW

Great for kicking out a generous amount of heat while being very efficient, this stove is well worth the price.

It only uses around 25% of the fuel of an open fire, which will save you money and also reduce emissions. There is an 81% efficiency rating, too, so you’ll feel pretty much every single bit of warmth. A bag of wood goes a long way with it.

An air-wash system produces less ash and by-product than ordinary stoves, which means less cleaning for you. A brick or stone-build flue will be required, with a chimney pot which rises out of the roof, to get rid of the emissions.

Fitting and installation is best if done by a professional which comes at an extra cost, but we liked the little added touch of a free heat resistant glove and pot of touch up paint included in the purchase.

We like

  • Handle keeps the door secure
  • Overall design
  • Not very bulky - nice to save space

We dislike

  • Some ash falls out when door is opened

Final Verdict

Ignore the price - it is fabulous, and you can't put a cost on warmth.

+ Specifications

  • Dimensions: 59.5 x 48.6 x 26 cm
  • Fuel Type: Wood or solid fuel

Beldray Wood or solid fuel Stove, 5 kW

For under £200, this is a neat and efficient little stove which gives out a great amount of heat.

The efficiency of this heat is 76%, which you can certainly feel on a chilly evening and is great for the price.

We loved the styling of it, with the contrast of the cast iron black body and gold handles. It looks very traditional and would look lovely in any living room or dining area.

It requires a brick or stone chimney flue, with a pot which reaches out of the top of your property. Complete with purchase is an ash pan, grate and a connector spigot, so you’re pretty much ready to go upon delivery.

We like

  • Design
  • Choice of fuels
  • Nice compact size
  • Price

We dislike

  • Door can sometimes feel a bit loose until secured again

Final Verdict

Looks great, works great and is easy to manage - a steal of a price, too.

+ Specifications

  • Dimensions: 58 x 45.5 x 33 cm
  • Fuel Type: Wood or solid fuel
  • Weight: 67 kg

The Ultimate Log Burner Buying Guide

Types of Burning Stove

Log-burners typically come in two variations – radiant and circular. Circulating stoves heat air internally before sending it out into the room, whereas radiating stoves simply generate and radiate heat as they go. They are traditionally made from an outer shell of cast iron or steel. Though not as efficient as a modern boiler, they are a marked improvement on previous generations of wood-stoves.

Pros And Cons Of Log Burners

In most places in the world, burner-wood is fairly easy to come by. It is an affordable and renewable resource, and if you do a little scavenging, sometimes you don’t have to pay for it at all. Any that is untreated and free of infestations makes great kindling for your fireplace. And if you want to neutralise your carbon footprint, why not plant a few trees along the way?

The downside with burning wood is that despite being a natural material, you are still releasing a lot of chemicals into the air – carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, etc. It is not a clean fuel, by any means. For this reason, it’s vital to make sure that you buy your wood-burner from a reputable source, who will ensure that your stove is correctly sealed to avoid smoke seeping into your home.


Heating appliances in the UK are now required to meet a minimum efficiency rating of 65 percent. Of course, some are higher than that, and the higher they are, the more efficient they will be. Most fall somewhere between 60 and 80 percent. By comparison, the efficiency of something like an open fire or gas fire is around 30-50 percent, so by choosing a wood-burner you are certainly selecting a more efficient option.

To get the maximum efficiency out of your stove, look for one that has a high efficiency percentage and that uses ‘cleanburn’ technology to help disperse gas and smoke. Some models of log-burner use a catalytic converter – an item which should be replaced every few years – to help make the most out of your fuel.

Choosing The Right Size

When it comes to log-burning stoves, one size doesn’t fit all. You should choose the size of your stove based on where it will go in your home, and how much space it has to heat. The heat output of log-burners is measured in kW and usually ranges between 3 kW up to 15 kW or more.

Getting a unit that is too big or powerful for your home means you will always have to run it at a low temperature or your house will quickly overheat. This is not the most efficient way to operate a log-burner. The ideal kW output will be determined by the size and layout of the room in which the wood-burner will go, building insulation, the age of your home, and the size and quality of your windows. To get a very rough idea of what heat output is appropriate, try this formula:

(Room height x room width x room length) / 14

Cost Savings

In theory, these appliances eventually pay for themselves because your energy bill will be reduced. While there is an initial investment to pay for the stove and installation, plus the ongoing costs of kindling, over time it is possible to make some savings.

Installing Your Log Burner

When it comes to the installation, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional, unless you happen to be one yourself! A log-burner that hasn’t been installed correctly can be a real hazard, both in terms of fire risk and smoke or gases being released into your home. It’s always a good idea to speak to your home insurance company before buying or installing your appliance, to see what their terms are, so you know you’re covered. You may find that your premium slightly increases, but of course it’s worth it should something go wrong.

Wood-stoves should be placed against interior walls rather an exterior ones where possible – this will help to minimise heat loss. Ensure that any leaks or lack of insulation are addressed beforehand, and that you have all the necessary precautions in place to run your burning-stove in a way that is safe and efficient.