The Best Youth Punching Bags & Kids Boxing

Have your kids finally expressed interest in martial arts and combat sports? It’s time to get them a kid’s boxing set and punching bags for exercise and combat or self-defense training. But with so many kid’s boxing sets and youth punching bags on the market, where do you start?

Finding the best punching bags and boxing sets for your kids and teenagers calls for extensive research to enable you to choose the ones that will best suit their age and skill level.

It can be challenging if you don’t know where to look, and since you are already here, you are in the right place.

This article discusses five of the best youth punching bags and kid’s boxing sets that will set your beloved teens and kids on the path to enhanced discipline, character, and self-defense.

What to Look for in a Kids Boxing Set


Before we start, there are several things to consider when shopping for a kids boxing set or youth punching bag. Here are the most significant aspects to pay close attention to for your kids’ best martial arts or combat sports experience.


Safety is one of the main things to note when it comes to kids, especially if they will be using the set or punching bag without the close supervision of an adult or combat sports expert. You want your kids to use safe equipment regardless of their age and level of experience.

To be on the safe side, ensure you pick a set that is safe for the kids.

Keep off electric kits or aqua bags if your kids are between 3 and 10 years. Such kits are better suited for kids above 11 years since they are less curious at such ages and won’t be tempted to rip kits open to see what’s inside.

Age and Skill Level

Younger children require easy-to-use boxing kits suitable for their low weights and heights. Kids between 8 and 13 can use taller and heavier bags as they progress with combat sports and vigorous exercise or training.

Weight of the Punching Bag

Punching bags come with different weights, and it’s up to you to choose the best for your child. Heavy bags are great for building power, while light ones are best for movement training, speed, and hand-eye coordination.

As a general rule, the punching bag you choose should be about half the kid’s weight. 


The punching bag or kid’s boxing set should come with necessary accessories like hand wraps, shin guards, boxing gloves, instep guards, and an air pump for inflatable punching bags.

5 Best Youth Punching Bags and Kids Boxing Set in 2020

Your search for the best kid’s boxing set and youth punching bags ends today. Regardless of the age of your kids or teenagers, we’ll help you find the best set for your kids.

The Century Bob XL freestanding punch bag weighs 50 pounds and has an adjustable height of 60 to 82 inches. Made of vinyl outer material, it is suitable for teenagers who have had experience boxing and training with other kid’s boxing sets but have outgrown them.

The training manikin is strong enough to withstand vigorous hits such as jabs, crosses, body shots, hooks, and head kicks.

The base of this freestanding bag has a capacity of over 250 pounds of sand or water, making it highly stable and immovable during training. The adjustable height allows your teenager to alter the height of the bag to fit their height for proper body and head-shot training.

The adjustable height also means that the punch bag is an excellent investment for teenagers since they can keep changing the height as they grow taller. They won’t need a new bag until they have outgrown the maximum height of the Century Bob XL punch bag.

The Liberty Imports speed bag is an excellent choice for kids between 4 and 10 years. The ball is mounted on a spring setup that ensures the ball returns after it is hit, making it safer than the standard swinging punch bag.

The height is adjustable from 30 to 43 inches to suit kids at different growth levels. It is suitable for speed and timing training in a fun way that will keep the kid yearning for the training sessions.

The freestanding and inflatable punching bag is also great for hand-eye coordination because the kid has to pay attention to the ball’s movement to hit it well each time the spring returns it towards them.

You can fill the weighted stand with water or sand, and these are readily available materials. What’s more, the set includes a pump and kids boxing gloves to save you the money you would have spent buying these items separately.

Do you spend a lot of time on the move with the kids? Here’s a kid’s boxing set that takes the stress out of the need for boxing training on the move. The Figolo inflatable kids punching bag comes with an air pump for ease of refilling.

The 63-inch freestanding punch bag is suitable for kids across different ages, and you won’t have to replace it until they have outgrown the bag’s height. The base can take water or sand as the filler material to enhance stability and withstand heavy punches.

The bag is highly suitable for travel since you can deflate and fold it for storage and use wherever you are, whether at home, at the park, or in the office.

Maxx Pro Boxing Gear has a 5-piece boxing set suitable for youth or junior adults. The kit features boxing gloves, steel chains, a boxing bag, skipping rope, and a sturdy punch bag bracket.

The bracket and chains are for hanging the punching bag from a convenient attachment point, preferably a strong wall that can withstand the frequent movement that comes with each hit.

For protection against irritations and injuries that come with repeatedly hitting a heavy punching bag, the boxing gloves are cushioned with a soft layer of padding to ensure your juniors enjoy their boxing training sessions.

The set is suitable for enhancing stamina, upper body strength, self-defense skills, and overall core stability.

If you have children between 2 and 5 years, the Ringside Unisex boxing set is for you. The 2-pound mini-heavy punching bag comes with boxing gloves and a kids slip-on headgear with an elastic chin strap to ensure your child’s head and hands are fully protected.

The set is available in flashy colours like pink that will attract your kids to try their hand at boxing any time they are free. At only 17 inches high, the punching bag is a sure bet for your kids below age five since, at this point, they require a short boxing bag as beginner boxers.

Bottom Line

Helping your kids discover and cultivate their passion for boxing, martial arts, and other combat sports doesn’t have to be challenging once you know what to look for in a kid’s boxing set. Buy a kit that suits your child’s weight, height, and skill level to ensure they do their best.

Be sure to keep upgrading the boxing set each time your kids outgrow it to ensure they do not stagnate at one skill level.

As they grow older into the teen and junior adult years, pick sets that will last them a long time since they are also growing fast at these ages, and you don’t want to keep shopping for a new boxing set now and then.

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