Why A Range Cooker Is A Great Investment

They may set you back quite a bit of money to buy initially, and they are by no means an impulsive purchase, but that short term cost of buying a range cooker could actually end up reaping the rewards in the long term.

Not only are they generally one of the most reliable kitchen appliances around, but they can also make your life much easier – which is pretty much priceless when it comes to meal times. Here is why a range cooker could really benefit you:


They may be a high price, but do remember they are an all-in-one unit. You get the oven and hob as one, and it may even mean you don’t have to buy other cooking appliances such as a microwave or warming drawer, or even a toaster.

It could also save you money in terms of running costs. A range can heat your kitchen when the central heating is turned off, which is ideal for older houses. You can purchase drying racks which can use the heat to dry your clothes (more cost effective than a tumble dryer and quicker than air drying). And if you own a pet, they will likely enjoy the heat too…

House Price

Should you move out in a few years time and don’t need to take the range with you, don’t think that investment is lost. It has long been suggested that having a range cooker or Aga in your kitchen can make your home much more desirable to buy, and could even boost the asking price a little bit.

Sellingup.com conducted a survey, in which 38% of respondents said that an Aga made a home more desirable, and 66% stated that a fully fitted chefs kitchen did the trick if you’re going to go the full hog.

Running Cost

Another money spinner to bear in mind. Range cookers were once notorious for not being environmentally friendly, but this generally concerned older models which used only gas or oil. Modern options aren’t only designed with the environment in mind, but also usually use cleaner fuel options such as electric, if not entirely then partly.


There are houses with range cookers installed which are older than the actual owners of the house. A range cooker is one of the most reliable appliances you can buy if you want something which is going to last for years. On average, you can expect a brand such as Rangemaster or Aga to last for 20+ years, and you’ll probably find you’ll have less issues with it in this time compared to an ordinary oven.


You’ll often get at least three chambers, which will make events such as the Christmas dinner much easier to cope with. It will also help with the general day to day cooking as well if you have a household to feed and everyone wants something different. There will be no need to stagger the cooking, keep things warm and cram it all in to one chamber, and you’ll be able to use differing temperatures and settings.

Range Cooker Benefits


You don’t have to go classic and retro. Many modern ranges exist now too, which can really bring your kitchen bang up to date. This is ideal if you want a change in your kitchen but can’t quite get around to doing the whole lot up yet.


You may think that a range is a mighty appliance which is far too big for your room, but actually, various dimensions are available. They can start at 90cm wide now, which isn’t much more than a standard cooker.


A final point for those who really care about their appliances now. Range cookers are often the real hub of any kitchen, and their users can become so reliant on them that a real emotional attachment grows. After all, you have probably saved up in order to buy it and then spent ages deciding on the one for you. If you want a kitchen you can truly be proud of, a range cooker will likely seal the deal compared to an ordinary freestanding model.

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