What is a Massage Gun and Should You Buy One?

The massage gun is one of the newest health tech devices out there. They may look a little intimidating, but they can be so beneficial for those who suffer from soreness and muscle injuries whether it be from exercising, sports, or sitting at an office all day.

Professional athletes and are just some of the people who regularly use a massage gun to tackle muscle soreness, as well as improving other areas of their health. However, we believe even the office worker and someone who is just beginning to workout will benefit greatly from this device as well.

What is a massage gun?

Massage guns are handheld devices that provide percussive therapy to specific areas of the body.

Most massage guns that are available on the market right now offer percussive therapy, which is a type of massage that provides rapid blows. This is a fast form of massage that offers a lot of rapid blows per minute to penetrate deep into soft tissue to provide a range of benefits.

This kind of massage therapy is the best for a range of issues, and it can be highly effective for pain relief and deep tissue repair as well as providing relaxation. This kind of vibration therapy is also effective at increasing blood flow which can also contribute to muscle repair.

While it is possible to get this kind of treatment from a massage therapist, these guns are designed to create this kind of motion and can be just as effective. In fact, using a massage gun is likely going to provide the best massage you can ever receive as they are powerful and handheld – meaning you can control where the power is, allowing you to target specific areas that need it the most.

With a device like this, you can tackle muscle pain and other issues as soon as they appear from the comfort of your own home. Choosing to use these devices can also save you money, as you will not have to pay for professional sessions each time you deal with issues and pain.

What is the best massager?

There is a range of different kinds of massage guns that are designed to help recovery from sore muscles and other pain, meaning you can find the best device to use for your needs with ease.

Percussion guns are some of the best due to how powerful they are, and most massager guns you can get will offer this kind of experience.

If you are dedicated to your fitness and spend a lot of time pushing your body to its limits, then buying a device like the ALDOM Massage Gun, which we consider to be one of the best for percussive massaging is worth it. These devices offer a lot of force, and they typically work with several settings, allowing you to adjust the speed and power based on your needs.

This kind of device is made to be lightweight and easy to hold in your hand, offering good control and is guaranteed to provide results within minutes. You can adjust your gun using attachments, like a foam roller or other head styles, to provide different kinds of treatment based on the area you are using it on and the type of pain you experience.

Are percussion massage guns worth it?

Getting a professional massage can be expensive, and while there are a lot of pro advantages to this kind of treatment those who have had it done in the past will know that a single session does not do much. Instead, you will need to attend many sessions in order to relieve tight and sore muscles, and this is something you will have to do repeatedly if you are constantly performing a harsh workout or performing in sports. The cost of a one hour sports massage session could cost almost as much as a massage gun. So in our opinion, the returns on investment in a massage gun will far exceed that of a single session at your local massage therapist.

This is why a personal massager is a much better option for a range of people, as you can tackle muscle pain as soon as it appears and target specific areas with ease. With a variety of massager types and heads available, you can create an effective spa environment in your home that will ensure you will be able to go back out to the gym or sports ground and experience fewer issues in your muscles.


Whether you are a professional athlete or someone who just started working out, having a massage gun will provide you a huge advantage in recovery time and will allow you to heal soreness and aches without having to pay a massage therapist on a per session basis. Given that some massage guns can be quite affordable, we see no reason in investing in one if you are already investing in massage therapy sessions.

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