Your Guide To Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

It isn’t just the main area of the carpets which your vacuum cleaner can bust dust from.

While you may well run it over the floors in your living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, do you use it to clean the sofa? What about up high, or behind radiators? Do you pay somebody to vacuum your car despite owning the most powerful vacuum known to man?

Your vacuum can clean everything, from mattresses and curtains to your extractor fan, the window blinds and even refrigerator coils (yes – they need attention too).

So if you don’t use the vacuum cleaner attachments, you’re not getting the most out of the unit and your purchase. Even if you do use them daily, there may be some household chores you don’t realise they can help tackle.

The Most Common Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Crevice Nozzle

This is the pointy attachment which you probably use to get into corners or along the skirting boards. Also use it to get into the hems of the sofa, in to mattress creases, or removing fluff and debris from the rubber seal around your washing machine

Upholstery Tool

This is the flat tool with a bit of fabric at the top and bottom. These strips catch any loose lint, and the suction hole is usually large which catches stray crumbs and dirt

Dust Brush

Often round, this is for the more delicate tasks. Painted surfaces such as windowsills, around doors, photo frames and lampshades are ideal for this attachment, and you may also be able to use it on precious ornaments if there is good suction

Extension Hose

This could come as a separate tube, or your vacuum cleaner will be able to adapt to use it up high. Either way, the vacuum is not just for lower surfaces. Up to 18 inches could be added on to your height without the need for a ladder, and it could also help reach behind sofas or the telly if you don’t want to start moving everything around

Vacuum Attachments

Extra Helpers

These may be included on some higher-end models as standard, or available to purchase additionally. They can help with tougher vacuum tasks or other surfaces

Hard Floor Head

If you want a unit which can clean both the carpets and the hard floors, look for a vacuum with a head which can tackle both. Hard floors don’t require a brush bar as it only pushes dirt around, and also need to be made so they don’t scratch the floor.

The majority of uprights will allow you to flip between the two, but if you purchase a cylinder vacuum, a change of heads could be good. You may see it referred to as a Parquet head by some brands

Turbo Brush

Similar to the dust brush mentioned above, but the power of the motor will rotate a brush rather than relying on your elbow grease alone. Ideal for hard-wearing places such as stairs where dirt may be pretty ground in

Radiator Cleaner

This will likely be a long thin stick lined with bristles. It is thin enough to get in behind the radiators, and in any small nooks and crannies

Mattress Cleaner

Similar to the upholstery tool, but with a bit less suction and a bit more fabric strip. This will allow you to work in powders or solutionswhich freshen the mattress up before removing any excess

Dust Catcher

Possibly the rarest of all attachments, and usually only available to buy as a universal attachment. It looks like the devices you can use to catch spiders safely, with very long bristles. Small debris will be collected and sucked up, but it won’t get rid of anything it shouldn’t so could be good to use in toolboxes and cutlery drawers

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