11 Reasons For An Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Using a kettle takes around four minutes for a litre of boiling water. If you only boil it once per day, that is 1460 minutes you will lose throughout the year, which is around an entire day of time.

But then when you see that people have an average of three hot drinks every day, this time starts to tumble away before your very eyes. Thankfully, kettles are now starting to be replaced by more instant forms of boiling water.

Both hot water dispensers and instant boiling water taps are around nowadays, and widely available. These cut out the waiting time, and give you immediate boiling water when you need it. But having such a handy device to hand doesn’t just mean your drinks can be made quicker.

Why You Need An Instant Boiling Water Tap

Here are 11 other reasons why instant hot water can be a real lifechanger in your home.

Save energy

You only use the water you need, which means you aren’t boiling the contents over and over again. And no heat is lost through the external walls of the unit, unlike with a kettle, so it will retain the warmth for longer

Healthier water

Do you often have a bit of a strange chalky build up in your kettle? Does water taste a bit chalky? This is limescale. Thankfully, many dispensers have built-in filters so this doesn’t end up in your cup

Thaw frozen vegetables

They’re a convenience, and using instant hot water to help get the defrosting on its way is even more of a time saver

Clean greasy pots and pans

One of the best ways to tackle grease is by using boiling water and a cleaning product, and an instant hot water tap can deliver much hotter water than a normal hot tap and get the job done quicker

Get ahead when boiling rice and pasta

You will know that getting a cold water pot to boil takes an awful long time, especially if it is pretty full to accommodate a pot of pasta for all the family. Using filtered boiling water will really speed up the process

Clean a comb or brush

A dirty hair tool simply results in hair that need washing more often. Boiling water will properly sanitise the equipment – just keep it away from food and the dishes. It will also help when cleaning makeup brushes and will budge even the toughest of makeup build ups

Hairbrush Cleaning

Disinfect baby bottles

Running a bottle under the tap or dispenser before you fill and serve it will give you good peace of mind that it is as clean as can be

Cleaning purposes

Even with general cleaning such as wiping down surfaces or windows, boiling water will cut down grime and germs easier

Boost your bakes

Adding hot water to certain baked recipes can help them taste richer and fuller. It can help impart greater flavour with chocolate, speed up the process of yeast activating when making breads, dissolve baking soda quicker or ease mixing if the batter is a bit thick

Heat plates

Not got room (or the budget) for a warming drawer and don’t want to risk popping the plates in the oven? Some boiling water over the surface will increase the temperature sufficiently

Making drinks

While we wouldn’t recommend drinking boiling water straight away of course, if you allow it to cool a little until it is comfortable to consume, hot water has a lot of benefits. It produces steam which can relieve nasal congestion or allergy effects, and can aid digestion too.

Many people start their day with some hot water and lemon to calm them down and get them ready for the day ahead, so mix some of that fresh boiling water with a bit of cold to bring the temperature down and add citrus fruit for a boost

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