Top 5 Retro Appliances for 2018

We highlight some of the best retro style appliances to include in your home this year. There’s been an increasing interest in intertwining retro appliances with a modern home theme. The types of styles range from the colourful 1950’s look to the 1980’s style appliances that are available.

Our team have handpicked some of the best retro style pieces to add to your home taking into account the elegance, practicality and price.

1. Swan SR1110BLN

First, we couldn’t resist this 50’s style fridge freezer and it’s not the only one that caught our attention. There seems to be a new trend of classic refrigerators with a simple yet stylish display, they have the old handle, brand and it comes in a striking colour.

The Swan SR1110BLN has an 80:20 fridge to freezer ratio – it is surprisingly spacious. It has a 168 litre capacity in the fridge compartment with 40 litres in the freezer. This retro fridge is available in 5 colours (pastel blue, cream, black, green & red) and comes with a gloss finish meaning its easy to clean. The Swan range is much more affordable than other brands on the market and is a perfect addition to any retro kitchen.

SWAN SR11010BLN Blue

2. SMEG Range Cooker Cream

SMEG tends to be a brand that flies the flag for retro designs, they often showcase timeless classics and put their own spin on some traditional appliances. Known for displaying old school fridges, they also have a cooker collection. This 110cm cream cooker is ideal to brighten up your kitchen.

Although their stand-out product is the duck egg blue one, it does come in other colours too. You can get a more understated colour, with cream managing to fit into any kitchen. The powerful dual cooker is more than just a novelty; it is a trusty cooker that many chefs would be proud of.  It comes with two fan ovens, a timer, enamel coating and a 7-burner gas hob.

SMEG Range Cooker Cream

3. Gorenje ORB153 Red

If you liked the look of the first retro fridge that we discussed but you require more room, then you are going to love this one. This is another old-style fridge that comes in a bright colour. Get the blue refrigerator with a simple look and a handle on the front.

It doubles up as a freezer and has plenty of compartments to store everything. This appliance will be sure to lighten up your kitchen design and there’s lots of products available to match with it.

Gorenje ORB153 Red

4. Stoves Classic 110

There’s something homely about this cooker- it just shouts cosy, if you want to add a stunning cooker that keeps its simplicity then this is your choice. It comes with a two-year guarantee and has a powerful oven. It has the conventional fan oven that displays hob versatility, is easy to maintain and six burners.

2018 seems to be the year to get adventurous, with an influx of classic style now entering the market. It’s nice to combine a list of retro appliances with some modern products. Add to your kitchen and living room with different items that brandish the classic theme. We have discovered some stunning fridges, cookers and other useful additions for your home, take a look through and find a way to introduce character into your humble abode.

Stoves RICHMOND 1100GT Black

5. SMEG BLFO1 Blender

With blenders fast becoming a staple of the household there’s now a myriad of colourful additions that are not only practical but also add character to the room. It seems that SMEG have managed to incorporate a classic design into their new blenders. The powerful 800-watt machine comes in 6 colours (pastel blue, pastel green, pastel pink, black, cream, red and silver). You can match it with your kitchen and other appliances.

The super-tough item is one that contains a 1.5 litre plastic jug. It has various speeds and is very simple to use. You can quite literally make your healthy morning smoothie in style, as you crush ice, bananas, dates and some of your favourite superfoods all in one.

SMEG BLFO1 Blender Pink

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