The Latest Zanussi Fridge Freezer is Amazing – Here’s Our Review

Fridge freezers are essential appliances in modern kitchens used to keep our groceries fresh and drinks chilled until we need to consume them.

While many prefer fridge-freezer combos, which are the most common today, picking an ideal type may not be easy.

Finding a balance between freezer and fridge storage might be a little daunting, which is why you need to know what to look out for once you figure out your needs.

The latest Zanussi fridge freezer features modern technology and comes in different models that will fit your unique requirements you might need in a fridge freezer.

The article will discuss in detail why you need to try out the latest Zanussi fridge freezer, as well as a buying guide on helpful tips when shopping for a fridge freezer.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Fridge Freezer

To narrow down your options for an ideal fridge freezer for your kitchen, you need to keep a few points in mind.

Below are vital factors you must consider:

Food Types

What types of food do you intend to store in your fridge freezer? That’s a vital question to ask yourself before making any purchase.

For fresh produce, consider finding a fridge freezer with deep salad drawers, larger fridge compartments, and even circulation of air to keep the groceries fresh for long.

To store bottled goods, fridge freezer models that feature a bottle shelf and full-width door shelves will suffice. Consider a frost-free or a low frost-freezer that will not waste much time defrosting for frozen foods.

For more extended storage for meats and fish, go for models with extra-fresh compartments.


capacity is usually indicated

Fridge freezer capacities are measured in liters. The capacity is usually indicated somewhere on the fridge freezer or in the manufacturer’s instructions.

A fridge freezer of between 100-200 liters is enough for smaller households with one or two people.

Medium families will do well with a 200-liter fridge freezer, whereas larger families consisting of many roommates will need more giant fridge freezers of 250+ liters.

If you don’t shop more often, you might not need a bigger fridge freezer.

Important: Do not overfill your fridge freezer since it requires the circulation of cool air to keep its contents fresh for long.


Space is another critical consideration to keep in mind. Depending on available kitchen space, you can decide to go with built-in (integrated) or freestanding models.

Integrated: These models can be placed either upright or below a work surface. Such models fit nicely behind the cabinets and will also blend perfectly with most kitchen designs.

However, for proper ventilation, keep at least 38mm from the wall and at least 200cm2 vent cut out on the base support.

Freestanding: Freestanding fridge freezer models will stand on any available space within your kitchen. Just make sure there is enough space to allow for free opening and closing of its doors.

Tip: To minimize energy radiation, position your fridge freezer away from direct sunlight and other heat radiators or oven.

Energy Consumption Rate

Due to the increasing fridge freezer standards, all models from 2014 onwards need an A+ energy rating minimum. However, other available models rated A++ are up to 21 percent more efficient. Such models save you on running costs such as energy bills.


Fridge freezer prices vary by type, storage space, model, and energy ratings.

While a fridge freezer with larger storage space tends to be a little more expensive than its smaller counterparts, the performance level remains the same as long as they’re within the same energy rating.

Fridge freezers with a higher energy rating of A++ are generally expensive but more efficient in electricity consumption.

Review of the Latest Zanussi Fridge Freezer

The latest Zanussi fridge freezer comes in both freestanding and integrated models. Both models feature a fridge at the top and a freezer at the bottom.

Depending on your kitchen space and other needs, choose a freestanding model that is generally shorter and tends to be deeper or an integrated model which goes as high as  2010cm but not as deep.

The latest Zanussi also features a Tintech technology that:

  • Regulates humidity to preserve texture, taste, and prolonged groceries freshness
  • Features a cooling system for chilling the freezer for a frost-free compartment
  • Features another cooling system for the fridge for optimal moisture to keep food and drinks fresh for long

The fridge freezer comes with a premium flat-door door that suits a contemporary kitchen well.

The fridge has an evaporator that will keep the cabinet warm and melt away any ice build-ups from time to time.

The latest Zanussi fridge freezers also come with easy-slide shelves for easier access to groceries at the back.


Type: Freestanding/Integrated

Energy level: A+

Extra features: Twintech (no-frost technology)

We Like
  • Features an evaporator that warms up the cabinet occasionally to melt away any ice
  • Requires low maintenance whereby regular cleaning will suffice
  • Frost-free fridge freezers for longer grocery lifespan
  • Larger storage space suitable for large families
  • Available in both freestanding and integrated models
  • Features a No-frost technology (TWINTECH) on both the fridge and freezer chambers
  • Available in different sizes
We Dislike
  • Defrost models tend to consume more electricity
  • Some users report limited lifespans and need for washer dryers repairs from time to time

Bottom Line

The above exhaustive review of the Zanussi fridge freezer offers most of the qualities you’d look for in an ideal fridge freezer. Some of the top features that make Zanussi fridge freezer a good pick include:

  • Twintech defrosting technology on both chambers
  • Availability in more than one type
  • The standard energy rating of A+
  • Sleek models available in different sizes
  • Slide shelves for easy cleaning and access to groceries at the back

One last point to keep in mind when using the latest Zanussi fridge freezer for maximum results is space for ventilation.

Do not overfill the fridge or the freezer compartment with groceries or drinks. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions if unsure of the right amount to put in your fridge freezer.

Additionally, keep at least a 38mm space between the freezer and the wall. The plinth should have a vent cut out of at least 200cm2.

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