The Best Christmas Hampers For 2019

Hampers are a well-loved present in the yuletide season. In fact, few things signal it’s arrival more effectively than a basket or gift box filled with sweet and savoury food and drinks.

Over the years, we have seen some real standouts, from ones dedicated to cheese, jams or champagne to huge £1000+ baskets packed full with items to see you through the 12 Days Of Christmas and well beyond.

From pâtés, condiments and biscuits, through to the slightly unusual and taste/dietary-specific compilations, via the traditional mince pies and Christmas puddings, there are hundreds of selections out there.

Of course, you can always try making your own using an empty basket and filling it with the treats you know your loved on wants and needs You don’t even need to stick to food either – body creams, pyjamas or even some socks would fit well.

But they’re a pretty effortless gift if you buy them ready-made. After all, you’ve got the Christmas dinner and all the decorations and other gifts to sort too. So to take the effort out of choosing one, we have picked 12 of the best, whatever you’re looking for.

Christmas Hamper Ideas 2019


Winter Warmer Christmas Crate

The perfect mix of a few Christmas items such as a pudding, cake slab and chutney, as well as little nibbles to see you through the festive season (and two bottles of Shiraz and Chardonnay to wash it all down with).


The Night Before Christmas Gift Book

John Lewis & Partners The Night Before Christmas Gift Book

Coming in storybook style packaging, this is a traditional children’s hamper. Think back to the years gone by, as you’ll see sugar mice, candy canes and gingerbread, as well as a packet of drinking chocolate which will be a lovely end to the festivities.


Winter Spice Gift Box

John Lewis & Partners Winter Spice Gift Box

If your recipient loves their food, then they’ll probably already be stocked up with the best Christmas puds and cakes and mince pies money can buy. In that case, they’ll probably appreciate something a little different. This Winter Spice box is still festive, but with twists on all the usuals, such as Christmas Flavour Ground Coffee and Spice Oat Cookies.


Red Wine and Nibbles Hamper

John Lewis & Partners Red Wine and Nibbles Hamper

A fruity Cape Dream Merlot Cabernet is paired with lots of snacks which work perfectly in this hamper, from peanuts and crisps to olives and a chocolate bauble. An ideal way to help them unwind after a busy period.


The Pink Gin And Treats Gift Hamper

The Pink Gin And Treats Gift Hamper

A fully immersive gin experience. Gin and rose lemonade will give them a slight twist on the usual drink, and you also get Dry Gin Chocolate Truffles, Cartwright & Butler sherbet pip sweets and strawberry and clotted cream shortbread biscuits. There isn’t really anything Christmassy about the package, but it is fab value for money and looks the part.


Hotel Chocolat Large Christmas Hamper

Hotel Chocolat Large Christmas Hamper

The only brand you can go with when it comes to Christmas chocolate gifts. It comes in a box with a fancy ribbon so there’s no need to wrap, and it is perfectly festive while still giving you many of the Hotel Chocolat favourites.


Christmas Treats Tray

John Lewis & Partners Christmas Treats Tray

A selection of after-dinner treats plus a robust bottle of red. The perfect amount for two to share without them being overwhelmed or wanting more.


Starry Delights Christmas Hamper

John Lewis & Partners Starry Delights Christmas Hamper

You get a lot for the price of this hamper, and it is all top quality stuff too. A bottle of mulled wine, cake, truffles and some savoury nibbles too.


Seasonal Cheer Gift Box

John Lewis & Partners Seasonal Cheer Gift Box

Mulled wine, mince pies and a Christmas pudding alongside some fudge, shortbread and a cranberry raisin mix to go alongside it all. The real tastes of Christmas.


Pure Indulgence Luxury Christmas Hamper

Pure Indulgence Luxury Christmas Hamper

One of the more affordable ‘top end’ offerings, but you get an awful lot for the money in comparison with those £1000+. Two bottles of Prosecco, a bottle of Tawny Port, two bottles of Shiraz and another pair of fantastic Pinot Grigio wines are just the start, and you have traditional items such as Christmas pudding and cake alongside coffee, preserves, crisps and chocolate. And there are both edible and snappable crackers, too.


Luxury Vegan Hamper

Luxury Vegan Hamper

Vegan diets are becoming much easier to cater for, but many hampers will include items which aren’t suitable. Luckily, vegan hampers are here and they’re so good that even non-vegans would love them. There’s wine, chocolate and popcorn, as well as loads of savoury snacks too.


Twelve Days Of Christmas Pampering Gift Set

Twelve Days Of Christmas Pampering Gift Set by LOVELY SOAP COMPANY

They are either picky about food, always buy everything in themselves or you simply just know they’ll appreciate soaps and candles more. This bundle is still festive without going overboard, yet the perfect luxurious touch to help them unwind after a busy season of running around after everyone else.



  • Check any dietary requirements first – nut allergies, intolerances or religious requirements are all things to be aware of. Check hidden ingredients if you’re unsure, and you can even message the manufacturers if you can’t find the right info.
  • Shop around – we have picked the best around in our mind, but there are also loads of non-festive bundles out there which may also be perfect, from Prosecco-based baskets to Mother and baby, coffee or alcohol free variants. Believe us when we say there is an option for everyone.
  • The best places to buy in our opinion are John Lewis, Not On The High Street, Marks and Spencer’s, Debenhams and even some of the supermarkets closer to the time. Also check out local shops such as butcher’s and farm shops.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend that bit more – you’ll likely get a lot for your money, and it will all be top-quality produce.


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