The Best Christmas Hampers For 2018

Hampers are a well-loved present in the yuletide season. In fact, few things signal it’s arrival more effectively.

From the usual pates, condiments and biscuits, through to the slightly unusual and taste-specific compilations, via the traditional mince pies and Christmas puddings, there are hundreds of selections out there. They’re a pretty effortless gift, and to take the effort out of you choosing one as well, we have picked 11 of the best, whatever you’re looking for.

Christmas Hamper Ideas 2018


The Beaulieu Hamper with Red Wine

With an all-round hamper, you want a little bit of everything. Some sweet, some savoury and a bottle of fizz. It is also nice when it comes presented in a proper wicker hamper which the recipient can reuse for picnics.

Here is an option with all of that, courtesy of Marks and Spencers (so rest assured everything will taste fabulous). If you’re buying for an individual, it should keep them happy for a little while. If for a family, there is something for every member. Nothing better than a gift which covers all bases.

THE BEST FOR FOODIESHamilton Classic Indulgent Chilled Hamper

Hamilton Classic Indulgent Chilled Hamper

Your recipient loves a bit of indulgence at the best of times. They don’t need an excuse. They’ll crack open a selection of the nation’s finest cheese and crackers just because it is Tuesday. The only problem is, once Christmas hits, they’re awfully picky.

There is no point in getting them anything unrelated to food as it won’t be appreciated. Thankfully, this hamper has a whole host of little nibbles, fancy cheeses and condiments included to keep them happy.

It comes in a reusable cool bag for optimum freshness, too. Order now for delivery from 18th December.

The Connoisseur’s Choice Wine Trio Gift Selection


The Connoisseur’s Choice Wine Trio Gift Selection

Red, white or rosé? Why not all three?

The perfect way to spoil anyone who likes a grape-based tipple, this trio of fine wines from France is presented in a keepsake box. The ideal accompaniment to Christmas snacks and mince pies.


John Lewis & Partners Bring in the Gin Gift Tray

John Lewis & Partners Bring in the Gin Gift Tray

Nowadays, everyone falls into one of two categories. They either can take or leave gin, or they could happily live on the stuff.

If they’re the latter, then the fact they can take their love of the stuff beyond liquid form will likely be a nice novelty. We are talking gin truffles, gin gummy sweets, gin & tonic marmalade and even a gin & tonic candle.

We can’t forget the actual bottle of Kapriol dry gin and two Franklin Indian tonic waters, as well. There are also a few non-gin foodie snacks if they get sick of the stuff (unlikely, but best to be safe).

John Lewis & Partners Chocolate Lovers Gift Box


John Lewis & Partners Chocolate Lovers Gift Box

They don’t need an excuse to indulge in chocolate, but Christmas simply allows them to have a little bit for every meal.

In this box are an assortment of sweet cocoa-based treats, from a cake and slab lolly to shortbreads, marshmallows and some drinking chocolate with a dipper. Plenty to satisfy the most demanding of sweet tooths.


Teatime Delights Hamper

Teatime Delights Hamper

Budget doesn’t have to be underwhelming, and this selection is fantastic for the money.

There is a bit of everything; a tin cake, cookies and shortbread biscuits, Yorkshire crisps, sweet and salty popcorn and English breakfast tea bags. Even the pickiest of foodies will appreciate it, and they’ll think you spent much more on it than you did.


John Lewis & Partners Christmas Treasure Chest Hamper

John Lewis & Partners Christmas Treasure Chest Hamper

Treasure Chests are full of luxuries, rare finds and treats. John Lewis were not exaggerating when they named this hamper.

Inside, you’ll find enough alcoholic and non-alcoholic bottles of refreshments, sweet treats, accompaniments and savouries to see everyone right through the Christmas period. There are also some traditional festive picks, such as mince pies, a cake, a Christmas pudding and six pulling crackers.

Whether you purchase it as an extra special gift for somebody/a family or fancy treating yourself to end the year, it will all go down very well.

(p.s. – You also get some tea bags and a tub of ground coffee. The festive period is a busy one, after all).


John Lewis & Partners Christmas Eve Hamper

John Lewis & Partners Christmas Eve Hamper

There are certain foods and treats associated with the festive period, and a Christmas hamper is not a Christmas hamper unless it is packed with Christmas-based items in their eyes.

This is the perfect box to get them in the mood. We’re talking mulled wine, mince pies, milk chocolate snowmen, fudge, candy canes and a Christmas spice scented candle. Because what is Christmas without some little traditions?


The Ultimate Vegan “Snack Attack” Luxury Gift Hamper

The Ultimate VeganSnack Attack Luxury Gift Hamper

Just because the foodie in your life is vegan doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the hamper festivities. So many ready-made picks are far from vegan or vegetarian-friendly, but this dedicated box from The Vegan Kind UK has your back.

There’s still chocolates, snacks, popcorn, crisps and fudge bites, but everything is 100% suitable. It comes packed carefully in a box and wrapped with care.

Because it is vegan, there are no dairy products, so it is also great for anyone with intolerances too. And there is no effort on your part. Win-win.


Waitrose & Partners Duchy Organic Basket

Waitrose & Partners Duchy Organic Basket

The finest selection of Duchy Organic treats which will put a smile on anyone’s face. It will all see them right through the festive period, with shortbread and orange biscuits to a Christmas pudding and some tea bags, marmalade and jam for the morning.

It isn’t just for anyone who will only go near organic food, either. There are two bottles of ale and a cider if they enjoy a tipple every once in a while. The handled basket will be with them forever, too.


Waitrose & Partners Christmas Gift Box

Waitrose & Partners Christmas Gift Box

If you are buying for a couple, then a hamper which includes a tiny box of chocolates and half a dozen biscuits won’t last them two minutes.

This box has plenty of treats inside, and it is all Christmas themed. A large panettone, fruit and nut mix, lebkuchen and shortbread should see them through quite a few after dinner/cup of tea treat times, and there’s also a bottle of prosecco which they can have a few glasses from.


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