The Benefits of Instant Water Boiling Taps

Instant boiling water taps are a relatively new invention in terms of kitchen appliances, but they are already booming in popularity, especially in restaurants, hotels and other venues where hot water is always in demand.

But it isn’t just these places that can take advantage of this new technology – your home could benefit, too. Think about how often you boil the kettle up every day, whether it be for a cup of tea or to help the process of boiling pasta go quicker.

Boiling Water Taps: Why You Need One

Now think how great it would be if you didn’t have to wait three minutes for it to boil. Boiling water can be available on tap. Tempting, right?

  • It makes things quicker

The main advantage of instant boiling taps is in the name. You may have become accustomed to flicking the kettle on, but it takes a while to do its job, especially if you have a lot of water to heat.

If your kettle takes the average three minutes to boil, this is about 18 hours per year. If you merely want a quick cup of coffee before you leave the house in the morning, turning the tap on would make it so much easier.

  • They are energy efficient

It may surprise you to hear that kettles actually use a lot of power for the job they do and their relatively small size. We have all done it; filled the kettle up to the top despite only wanting one mugful of water. The entire contents have to boil, and then the remaining water is either reboiled a few hours later or poured down the sink. It was heated for nothing.

Instant boiling water taps heat up water once and keep it warm (thanks to a heavily insulated tank). This gives you water on-demand. None goes unused, and none gets reheated several times. In fact, it could save you 100 L of water per year.

Using only the water we all need could save enough energy to power half of the street lighting in the UK for an entire year.

Hot Water Boiling Tap Benefits

  • The water is filtered

Boiling water filters it anyway, but a tap would mean it was filtered without you even thinking about it. If you’re one of those extra-careful people who filter it before it is boiled or relies on bottled water, it could be a great effort-saver.

Think of limescale, too. This often builds up in kettles, but the filtration prevents this from happening in an instant boiling water tap. Which is ideal if you live in a hard water area.

  • It could save you money

The price of boiling a kettle, which holds about 1.5L, costs about 2.5p. In comparison, the cost of using a hot water tap is approximately 1p per litre. This doesn’t sound like a massive difference, and it’ll take a while for you to see it in reflected in your water bill. But if you’re a frequent hot water user, then it will save money over time.

  • Some even offer cold drinking water

You appreciate fresh water from the tap, but it just doesn’t get cold enough for your liking. Not only can they boil your water on-demand, but some also offer the option of cold drinking water, too.

Most modern models will work as an ordinary tap anyway, rather than you needing two separate faucets as was once the case.

  • You don’t need the water to be 100C

If you are put off by the fact that most boiling water taps don’t actually reach the official boiling point, and instead limit it to 98C, don’t be.

Most teas shouldn’t be made with boiling water as it spoils the taste. The same applies to coffees. So, instant boiling water taps could actually improve your cuppas.

A lot of them have adjustable temperature settings as well, and safety features which will stop your hands getting scalded.


They can cost a lot – generally starting at £500 and reaching upwards of £1,500. But the effort, time and energy it saves you could well be worth it. You will likely really start to see a difference after a few months of use both financially and time-wise.

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