Steam vs Water: Why You Need A Steam Mop

If you have hard floors in your home, such as in the kitchen and bathroom, just giving it a vacuum every now and then isn’t enough to keep it clean.

Once upon a time, the only option was to get the bucket and mop out, fill it up with hot water and floor cleaner, and lug it about as you moved around the floor, wringing the mop out in between.

In short, it was an exhausting process (and took ages). Plus, the floors would be slippery for ages after, meaning the whole room was out of bounds. Cue a lot of guarding the kitchen.

Steam Mops: The Cleaning Winner

Steam mops have revolutionised the way in which we clean, but there are still some benefits of the old method:

Traditional Mopping Pros:

  • They usually create a nicer smell afterwards, thanks to the detergent and freshly-washed feel
  • It could be cheaper short-term (but do remember you’ll need to buy replacement heads/more detergent/extras such as buckets when the time comes)
  • It doesn’t require electricity to work
  • Depending on your floor material, a steam mop may be too drying, and the traditional method could leave it shinier

Mop And Bucket

But there are tonnes of reasons why you really should make the switch to steam mopping:

Steam Mopping Pros:

  • They’re much better at getting rid of bacteria, rather than just moving it around your floor (yuck). Steam is a lot hotter than water and will kill almost everything
  • No detergent is needed – you only need the mop and water
  • Drying time is much quicker as there is less water left behind
  • There is less exertion required to remove any stains. It can also get into the grout much easier
  • Some models are multi-use so that you could clean your benches and windows too with a quick change of attachments
  • They are more flexible. You could get under chairs, tables and appliances so much easier, reaching all of the corners
  • It is more eco-friendly and natural – detergents and chemicals can be harmful to the environment and any pets/little ones about
  • You don’t have to store a mop bucket and smelly damp mop head. Most steam mop heads can be washed in the washing machine

Benefits Of Steam Mop

As you can see, we think the benefits of a steam mop far outweigh those of the traditional bucket method (and have done the tests to prove it)

If you have decided to take the plunge and make the switch, now all you need to do is choose the best model to suit your needs.

The good news is that we have reviewed all of the best steam mops for this year, which will make your decision (and life) so much easier. Whether cost, ability or size is your main priority, there is one for you in the list.

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