Spinning Bike Versus Exercise Bike: Choosing the Right One for Your Home

As people become comfortable with their cycling workout, they tend to ponder whether a spinning bike or exercise bike is best for them. Others may wonder what the difference is between the two. When deciding which one to use, it will be up to the individual to determine which is better for their home and overall progress.

Riding a bicycle is the best cardiovascular, muscular endurance, and strength exercise available. People use them to improve their health and weight. Stationary bikes allow people to obtain a challenging workout in the comfort of your home. Yet not all bikes are created the same. There are differences.

Overall Differences in Bikes

  Stationary Bike Spin Bike
Usage Regular cycling Spinning
Ease of Use Good Good
Risk of Injury Low Low to Moderate
Calories Burned Moderate High
Works Following Muscles Calves, hamstrings, glutes and quads Glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and core
Progression Increases speed/resistance Increases resistance, speed or stand
Console Yes Yes

Traditional Exercise Bikes


Traditional bikes are like a bicycle without the tires. Pedals, seats, and handlebars are all attached to a stationary base, which prevents the bike from moving while the person pedals. The design is comfortable with a wider seat than a regular bike. The person can stand upright on this machine or be seated depending on how the bike is designed.

When riding upright, the focus is placed on leg power and pedalling over other body parts, which works well with those with back injuries.

Traditional exercise bikes have digital monitors that check speed, calories burned and heart rate. They have a computerized riding system tailored towards fat loss and developing endurance. They maximize the effectiveness of the routine. It eliminates the need for a personal trainer as the person can obtain a great workout alone.

These bikes provide overall health benefits.

Spin Bicycles

This stripped-down version of a road bike has the feel of a bike with the added convenience of all-weather and all-season usage from its setup being indoors. Users receive the same workout as they would outdoors on a high energy bike ride.

They are easy to learn after understanding basic ride and bike safety instructions.

Spin bikes are great for those who participate in cycling as an outdoor sport. They mimic more closely the body position required on a regular bike. The handlebars are lower, so the rider is hunched over more when riding. You can use them to train indoors as well for those who prefer a more intense workout.

Things to Consider

1. Ease of Use. Both bikes are easy to use. Riders jump on the bike and start pedalling. If the person has ever ridden a bike, the motion will feel familiar. Upright bikes may feel different due to design, but this is not enough when it comes to finishing the workout.

2. Risk of Injury. If you are worried about injury or have an existing condition, examine how the machine is set up. Overall, the spin bike has a lower injury rate than the upright models.

The flywheel is easier to operate and keeping the rider in constant motion, making it easy on joints and cartilage. However, if you spin with any intensity and are standing on the bike generating a larger range of motion, you will run the risk of injury.

Spinning and standing habitually places the rider at increased risk for injury over sitting, which you should consider when purchasing a bike. If you are seated, the injury is lower; however, you may experience some back strain.

3. Progression Models. Progression models are similar for both bikes. You can increase resistance, causing a more intense workout. Muscles will have to work harder to build fitness and strength. As the muscles work harder through the resistance, the heart will be working more, and riders will improve their cardiovascular system.

Spin and traditional bikes both permit riders to go faster. If your objective is speed, you can accomplish this on both bikes.

Spin bikes will provide you with more variation in your workout, which is something to consider. Riders can sit or stand on these bikes, creating a variety in their workout. You can’t do this on a traditional bike.

selecting an exercise bike

4. Calories Burned. More calories are burned in a quicker time on a spin bike because riders use more muscles with this exercise. It also takes greater effort to keep the flywheel in rotation.

The spin bike’s flywheel is heavier, so you burn more calories for each rep. When it comes to sitting versus standing, the calorie burn is not significant enough.

5. Console. Spin bikes tend not to come with a console. They don’t provide statistics for your workout, the distance traveled, calories burned, or programmable options.

If these stats are important to you, then a traditional bike is recommended.

Indoor Trainers or Spin Bikes

Indoor trainers are training bikes for professional athletes. Much like a traditional exercise bike, spin bikes provide cardiovascular benefits and are stationary. However, the riding experience is quite different between the two.

A spin bike closely emulates riding an actual bicycle on various forms of terrain. They hold the person riding them is in an upright position. The seat is adjustable but narrower than the traditional exercise bike. Riders can ride on or off the seat on both bikes.

Spin bicycles work more of the body’s muscle groups. They stabilize the leg and back muscles over traditional bikes. While some spin bikes may have a digital display, most designs are more streamlined in their approach.

The largest difference between the two is in the flywheel mechanism. A spin bike has a heavier flywheel and connects directly to the pedals by a chain. Riders need to work harder to operate the bike; however, inertia keeps the pedals in motion even when the rider stops using the pedals.

It permits the same type of resistance found in outdoor bikes resulting in a higher and faster-pedaling cadence. You get a better-quality workout.

Choosing which one is best for you involves determining fitness goals. If you want something that gives you the same workout and intensity as an outdoor bike, you will be looking for a spin cycle.

If you want something to build endurance and cardio, then an indoor bike is for you. It will allow you to program your workouts and count calories as well.

Recommended Exercise Bikes

Most Compact

For houses with little room, Magic Life created a bike that is foldable for easy storage. With its magnetic wheel, the bike is silent when in use and can support up to 264 pounds. The wheels allow for a smooth driving experience.

The LCD tracks distance, time, speed, calories, and heart rate in real-time. You immediately see your progress and can adjust your exercise. There is a tablet stand over the monitor, too, so you can play your favourite videos or music while you work out.

  • Adjustable seat allows riders to find the best posture
  • Ten level resistance
  • The parts replacement warranty for twelve months
  • Comfortable cushion and oversized backrest
  • Arm resistance band to target arms
  • Timer is inaccurate
  • The seat isn’t comfortable enough
  • Not for large people

The YYFITT two-in-one folding bike comes with arm resistance bands, 16 levels of resistance, and a phone or tablet holder. This bike can adjust between an upright ride and a semi-recumbent type.

It has an extra-large backrest that supports the back while riding, giving the rider comfort and eases potential back pain. It is adjustable and has two heights to select from.

The arm resistance bands offer a quiet and smooth cycling experience. The design folds for easy storage.

  • Large LCD Holder
  • Durable curved crank arm
  • Non-slip blocks
  • Difficult to assemble

Songmics Exercise bike folds down for easy storage and rolls easily across the floor with the bottom wheels. A large screen enables users to view their speed, distance, timing, and calories burned. You can view movies, television, or audio on the rider’s phone or tablet with the electronics holder.

This bike comes with a PVC floor mat which allows the bike to remain in place, keep the exercise quiet, and protect the flooring. It has eight magnetic resistance levels so that you can increase the level of resistance without increasing noise.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Customized comfort
  • Adjustable seat
  • Large display
  • Makes grinding noise
  • Not for taller individuals

Recommended Spin Bikes

Joroto Indoor spin bike has a solid build with AV frame, 35 lbs. flywheel, 50 mm thick frame tube, and 300 lbs. maximum weight capacity. There are four horizontal adjustment knobs located under the front and rear stabilizer, increasing the bike’s stability on various surfaces providing for safe riding.

The belt drive system and magnetic resistance generate an almost silent, smooth ride. It will not disturb other members of the household. The handlebar and roomy seat contain a four-way adjustable fit for different heights. Pedals have customizable straps, and an adjustable knob adjusts the workout.

  • Safe- emergency stop brake adjust for safety.
  • Two transportation wheels for moving bike
  • Digital monitor for workout
  • One year replacement parts
  • Adjustable seat tubes- allows users to go up, down, forward, and backward
  • No ratchet- When spun, the unit keeps going. If the shoelaces are tangled in pedals person could get injured
  • Doesn’t fold down for storage

Naspaluro Spin Bike has a real-time LCD and a mount for the phone. The monitor tracks speed, time, distance, heart rate, odometer, and calories burned. The built-in 8 kg flywheel and the durable steel frame make the bike durable and generate stability when in use.

The belt drive system and infinite resistance create a smooth, quiet ride, and best of all, it is easy to maintain. The wheel permits it to be moved to a storage area when not in use.

A simple twist decreases or increases the resistance level. It simulates riding conditions such as going uphill, climbing, and cross-country. It is ideal for people of all fitness levels.

The seat adjusts to five positions offering a customized fit.

  • Loose seat
  • None

The Ajumker Spin bike holds up to 330 lbs. It has low noise and double-sided protection and trains the waist, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms.

The digital, LCD monitor will track time, distance, speed, pulse, and calories in real-time. The armrest is soft.

  • Three riding styles
  • Styles easily change
  • Safe
  • Cushion has shock-absorption
  • Not for someone tall
The spin bike’s

In selecting an exercise bike, first, consider what type of workout you would like to have. Spin exercise bikes work out more muscles than traditional bikes. It will improve your overall health, including areas such as weight loss, leg muscle mass, and cardiovascular benefits.

Spin bikes are better for toning and building overall muscle. They simulate riding outside with various terrains, and their resistance is more adjustable to create a different type of workout.

They are beneficial as they don’t wear on joints and cartilage as easily as traditional bikes may. Movement is more fluid and less forced. The ride is much smoother as well.

Traditional bikes are great, too. They provide a good workout and are great for losing weight. They fold up nicely for easy storage, and you can track your progress in real-time (which you can as well with a spin bike).

Traditional bikes sit higher over spin bikes and have a lower potential for injury. Of course, if you stand on any bike, the chance of injury becomes higher.

As to what is best for your home, choose one you will use that suits your fitness objectives and your home. Some places don’t have a great deal of space for storage, which is when a bike that folds flat is ideal. With a lot of bikes to choose from, finding the right one is easy.

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