Samsung vs LG Washer Dryer – (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Purchasing a new washer dryer doesn’t mean you should just go to your local appliance store and pick one out. There are several things to consider, from wash load capacity to the dimensions of your laundry room, and if the appliances have features like quick wash or steam cycle. There are many on the market and you need to know what the pros and cons are before purchase. Two of the models you can look at are the Samsung and LG washer-dryer models. They are both good brands that you may find appropriate.

Whether you are researching your first washer-dryer or it’s simply time for you to upgrade, you want to make sure you choose one that is good quality and fits your lifestyle along with your budget. Making an informed decision means you get the washer-dryer you need in the price range you can afford. You want a set that does laundry efficiently and can save on space too.

Benefits of a Washer-Dryer

These are great machines for those who are living in a small place and space is limited. Separate washers and tumble dryers take up space so a combination machine can be helpful. These machines are efficient both energy and time-wise. Simply wash and go.

That being said, washer-dryers mean that you have to be a little more particular when you use them but if you follow these tips, you should have no problem using them:

  • Don’t overload the washer. The drying capacity is different from the washing capacity, so you have to make sure clothes have enough space to not only wash but dry as well. The water and air need to circulate around the clothing.
  • If you wash clothes that don’t need to go in the dryer, then let them air dry. It will save you time and energy and lower the drying capacity for more efficient drying times.
  • Make sure you choose the appropriate drying temperatures for the fabric you have in the washer. It will reduce drying time and protect fabrics.
  • Shake out wet clothing and linens before using the dry cycle. This will add air space to the clothes and dry them faster.

Choosing the Right Washer/Dryer for Your Household

Choosing the Right WasherDryer for Your Household

Choosing the right washer-dryer for your space is important so you have the brand you want that fits into the space you have. Here are some tips on choosing what’s best for your home.

Freestanding or Integrated

  • Freestanding – A freestanding machine will give you flexibility if you need to move it at any time. They have standard sizes and dimensions so they can fit under the worktops easily.
  • Integrated – These washers/dryers are made to be installed right into the kitchen and hidden in a cupboard. These are great if you aren’t looking to move them as they can be put in a space that will match the rest of your cupboards.

Energy Rating

All appliances are graded from A to G when looking for comparison on energy ratings. A+++ is the best and most economical. Newer washer-dryer models tend to be more efficient than older ones as sensors are more accurate. Energy is based on the length of time that the washer and dryer are on and how hard they are working. If you go for a high spin on the wash cycle, the dryer has to do less work when the clothes are drying.

Capacity for Washing and Drying

The washing capacity is different from the drying capacity so it’s important to find out if it will meet your needs. The drying capacity is always smaller, but you want to make sure it’s ok for the washing and drying you need to do regularly.

Spin Speed

While we don’t often think about how a washer works, the spin speed is important. This is the number of times the drum of the washer spins per minute. The higher the spin speed, the more water is removed at the end of a cycle. Reducing excess water means better drying ability. Washer-dryers tend to range from 1200-1600 RPMs with the average being around 1400 RPM. Finding a machine that has an adjustable spin speed is great as it is economical and can protect delicate clothes.

Samsung vs LG Washer Dryer

Knowing what you are looking for is helpful but at the end of the day, you will find much of what you want in the Samsung and LG brands. They are both reliable brands that offer a quality product. Both have their good points, but one may suit you better than the other. Here are some details so you can see which one comes out ahead.

The Samsung Ecobubble is a washer-dryer that is a solid offering from the brand. It has a clean, stylish design and a great panel design that is easy to understand so wash options are easy to choose and navigate. This one is similar to other Samsung machines and it plays a tune when the cycle ends. You can turn that option off if you want. This is a newer Samsung model but has a good mid-range price of about £600.

The rinse setting of this model is effective and adjustable so is great if you have sensitivities to detergent and residue. It washes well and removes stains from over 77% of cotton and 88% of synthetics.

The second benefit is that it is economical with its energy use. It was good when doing full washing and drying cycles.

If you have badly stained clothes, there is a wash option that can be used to target them. The only negatives are found with the dry cycle. When the cotton dry cycle is complete you may find that clothing is creased and damp. If you use the synthetic cycle contents dry better but you may find creasing still occurs. This issue can be reduced if you put fewer clothes in the dryer.

This Samsung washer-dryer has a washing capacity of 9kg and a drying capacity of 4kg. It has an average spin speed of 1400RPM which is standard for most machines.

It has a delay start option and its quietness is great. The program lengths are accurate, and the filter is easy to get at and clean.


A great product that saves the user both space and time for a price of £595. It is a freestanding washer-dryer with a Wi-Fi connection so you can deal with your laundry even when you aren’t in the room. You can download options for cycles, troubleshoot, and set programs through your smartphone or other home-linked devices such a Google Home. This machine is a good size and has an 8kg capacity for washing and 5kg for drying.

This LG model uses steam which is great when you are trying to deal with allergens. It has an allergy cycle that creates steam then disinfects and also sanitizes clothes and bedding. Even with this extra heat, it is still gentle on clothes while getting rid of dust mites and other allergens. Along with allergen reduction, it also lets you add in items you forgot. Hit the pause button and then “Add Item”. It’s a quick wait and then you can throw the forgotten item in.

This LG model has low vibration and noise along with a 10-year warranty on the motor. It has an A energy rating.

Final Thoughts

Both the Samsung and the LG washer-dryer are good products, but the LG has a step up on the Samsung with the Wi-Fi. Both have good capacity and price so if the Wi-Fi feature is not something you have to have then both are a good option. You will get the added Wi-Fi and allergen protection with the LG and a slightly bigger drum with the Samsung. Your choice will depend on your household needs and personal preference.

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