How To Make Perfect Risotto In A Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are one of the more simple kitchen appliances out there. The general idea is that you add one cup rice to two cups of water, and let the device do the rest. It will even tell you when it is ready.

But risotto is usually a trickier area. There is a fine balance between getting it done well enough to be edible and allowing it to develop into a mushy mess. But once you learn how to do it in a rice cooker, then you’ll never go back; you’ll wonder why people are still taking the hands-on approach!

Serves 6

You will need:

  • 500g Arborio rice per person
  • 1.1L stock (chicken, fish or vegetable are best)


  1. Turn the rice cooker on and allow to pre-heat
  2. Add a knob of butter and ensure it is spread evenly over the base of the cooker
  3. Add the rice to the pot and keep stirring until all grains are coated in butter
  4. Prepare your stock, then add all at once
  5. Set the rice cooker to the most ideal setting. This may be porridge, or if you only have one choice of regular, it should last for around 20 minutes
  6. Halfway through, check the risotto and give it a stir
  7. When done, check if it is perfectly cooked and then serve with garnish

It should be al dente and only a little stock remaining, but if too much water remains or it is still hard then cook for a further 10 minutes, checking regularly.

If it doesn’t seem well done enough, but there isn’t enough water left, add around 200ml more and keep an eye on it.

Perfect Risotto Recipe Ingredients

Some Of Our Favourite Risotto Recipe Ideas:

  • Mushroom – Fry 100g chopped mushrooms, 1 medium shallot and ½ cup white wine before adding the rice. Finish with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese
  • Leek and pancetta – Fry 2 chopped leeks and a packet of pancetta before adding rice, for around five minutes
  • Cheesy broccoli – Cut one broccoli up into small florets (minimal stalk) and add to the stock, so it boils while the rice cooks. When the risotto is a few minutes off being done, add 100g grated cheese and stir through

TIP: You can also throw in some peas, sweetcorn, leftover chicken or other frozen vegetables to the stock for a quick, effortless midweek meal.

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