Electric Knife Unloved? Here’s Some Other Uses

You have had enough of hacking through your roast beef on a Sunday, for it to be served looking like the dog has ripped it apart. Maybe you actually bought an electric carving knife for the Christmas turkey and so far, it has just sat in your cupboard untouched.

Well, they are for much more than carving meat. If you are debating getting one, or maybe need to be persuaded that they shouldn’t have been left in the ‘60s, here are some other uses which may catch your eye or even encourage you to get creative in the kitchen.


Another common use, particularly for anyone who likes to buy fresh crusty whole bread or bake their own using a fancy bread making machine.

An electric knife can save you having to saw away at it, and slices will turn out just the right size and straight, as though they have been done with a professional slicer. No more starting off like doorstops and ending up as slivers.

Cake Slice


If you’re a regular baker (or regular buyer of delicacies), then you’ll have probably struggled a little cutting it to serve. That triple chocolate cake that was squashed almost flat, the Victoria sponge which ended up having no cream and jam left in it, or the birthday cake where everyone had a wide range of serving sizes. All bad memories.

Electric carving knives can get through the cake in a flash, hardly making a mark on the rest of the produce. Especially if you have a thick layer of icing on the cake, it will still look pretty.


There are dedicated fish filleting knives out there, but if you want to give them a helping hand, then an electric knife can cut down the amount of intricacy involved. A few knives out there even have dedicated fish blades, or you could buy an attachment which fits.

Other Uses For An Electric Knife


Okay, it may seem like it would be a recipe for disaster. But in actual fact, if you need to quickly chop a vegetable or piece of fruit and aren’t too bothered about it looking perfect, then why not let the electric carving knife help you out?

Whether it be quickly slicing cucumber for your salad, cutting a potato into wedges (which always requires a bit of elbow grease), or slicing an onion quick enough for it not to affect your eyes, get it done quicker with a bit of appliance power. Especially handy if you work in catering, and need to cut down lettuce, cabbage or even slice cheese.

Arts and Crafts

You may not want to use the same one which you use to carve the ham, but if you are a crafter who regularly cuts up pieces of foam, small pieces of wood and dowel or cardboard boxes, then a good electric knife could save your scissors.

An electric knife won’t be able to cut delicate food, but for anything which is usually tough to chop even with a sharp serrated carving knife, then it is certainly going to help you out hugely. Take a look at the ones we think are worth the effort, and just how much help they can be.

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