Mrs Hinch’s Favourite Cleaning Appliances

She loves Zoflora, Flash Spray, Cif and her Minky, but not even Mrs Hinch can clean her whole home just with elbow grease alone.

When it comes to tackling the dust and grime from surfaces, her trusted cleaning appliances give her a helping hand. If you are one of the 1.8 million followers who have been truly inspired by the Instagram sensation, you have probably already recreated her Narnia cleaning cupboard.

But you might need help finding some of the best small appliances to help get the job done. These are the cleaning appliances which Sophie Hinchcliffe herself uses to get her home sparkling – the Mrs Hinch must-haves for cleaning.

MopShark Klik n Flip

Mrs Hinch loves Vera, the Vileda 1-2 Spray Microfibre Flat Spray Mop, and Trace, the Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket Set to get her hard floors gleaming, but we love how Mrs Hinch also happens to be a fan of the Shark Klik n’ Flip Steam Mop, which she uses on her hallway.

They are eco-friendly as you literally just use water to create steam, and many can also be turned into handheld steamers for tackling the oven or curtains. If this is the case, you could even recreate Stewart, Mrs Hinch’s Sonic Scrubber, with the right brushing attachments.

Take a look at our reviews of the best steam cleaners to find yourself the steam mop of your dreams – including our review of the Shark Klik n’ Flip and Lite.


Mrs Hinch’s exact vacuum model is Sharon, the Shark IC160UK Lift-Away TruePet, which is cordless so she can just charge the battery then whizz around the house with ease. We can’t deny that she has good taste – we gave the Pet version a firm 5* review.

She uses a dedicated pet hair brush, the OXO Good Grips FurLifter, to get Henry’s hairs off the sofa and other furnishings, but this is why we love the IC160UKT Lift-Away TruePet; it comes with the dedicated Pet Tool which does all of that work for you. You also get a crevice tool, so you follow her advice and tackle the skirting boards too, and it leaves the hoover lines which she says are unbeatable.

SHARK WV251UK Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Vacuum

Shelly – Mrs Hinch’s handheld vacuum – helps her get rid of all of the mess off her kitchen countertops, including those pesky toaster crumbs. It is a Shark WV251UK model, which we have reviewed here. Again, she has good taste; we think it is the best handheld vacuum on the market by a country mile.

She has also cleaned out her makeup drawer with Shelly recently, which shows how adaptable it really is around the home.


To clean her kitchen bin, Mrs Hinch takes it outside and then sprays it with disinfectant, pops in a capful of Zoflora and hoses it down to rinse it all off before leaving in the sun to dry.

We don’t know the exact make of the hose pipe, but it is an extendable model, and thankfully there are loads around. A few of our favourites have been reviewed on our garden hose page.


The kitchen sink is a big part of Mrs Hinch’s routine. And only boiling water will do when cleaning the drains.

After you’ve busted the dirt and grease with some soda crystals and white vinegar spray, a good amount of hot water can sort out the final bits of mess clinging on. Either use a kettle to get the water heated and down, or splash out and treat yourself to an instant boiling water tap.


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