Manual Versus Automatic Coffee Machine- The Pros and Cons

It may sound like a trivial thing to wonder about, but the decision of whether to buy an automatic or manual coffee machine is an important one. If you are a coffee connoisseur or prefer your coffee brew a certain way, buying the right machine is important. Different machines give the coffee a different taste, and it has a bearing on the flavor as well.

Espresso machines come in two categories: automatic or manual. There are important differences between the two, and even automatic coffee machines have sub-categories in terms of preferences. Understanding the technical aspects of espresso machines will allow the user to explore the pros and cons of each to reach the best decision for them.

Manual Coffee Machines


Coffee has evolved over the years. Decades ago, the biggest debate was brewed or instant, and everyone had their own opinion. Now, customers can select from refined tastes of ground coffee and can prepare quality beverages at home.

Those who love their coffee tend to choose manual machines. They tend to have better control over the process and brew of the coffee so that they produce the desired flavor. Creating the drink itself involves a several step process which includes checking water quality as it enters the machine, heating, selection of coffee blend, and extraction.

All these components contribute to that perfect blend of coffee. It is truly a work of art.

For purists, they appreciate a manual machine with a lever. Once extraction has is done, there is no other alternative to having a good cup of espresso. Each step is perfectly controlled, including pressure and extraction right up until the brewing process. The user has full control over the taste.

While aesthetics shouldn’t play a role in creating that perfect cup of coffee, it is a bonus. Most of the manual machines are beautifully crafted and effective in the kitchen. Higher-end machines are made of stainless steel and designed to last.

Choosing a Manual Coffee Machine: Things to Consider

If the goal is to mimic a good quality cup of coffee like an espresso found in a bar, manual coffee machines will help you achieve this. It will allow you to extract drinks with a great body that are aromatic and delicious and allow you to adjust them to suit your palate.

Professional machines use different characteristics. When buying them, consider the following:

  • An important tool used in preparing cappuccino
  • Tank Capacity. Based tank capacity on how much coffee you plan on having. Based on this information, you can calculate the size of the tank. With a large tank, you will not have to refill it quite as frequently. However, water should not remain in it for too long.
  • Portafilters and Filters. These regulate coffee delivery. They can be pressurized or classic.
  • The boiler brings water to the correct temperature for consumption. Machines made from steel are more heat resistant and don’t develop limescale as quickly. They require little maintenance.
  • Pump Pressure. The right density of espresso is important. Optimal coffee makers set it at 15 bars. However, it should be no lower than 12 for a good cup of coffee.
  • Technical Assistance. Technicians should be available in case customers have an issue with their coffee maker. Coffee makers can be a significant investment, and customers have questions or concerns. Technicians should be available to solve any malfunction or problem.
  • Manual machines should be constructed with high-quality raw materials like steel or brass and need to be durable.

Some accessories are a must when making coffee. The top brands deliver the machine with additional filters for more cups, cup warmer trays, pod filters, tamper, funnel, and measuring cup. If you have limited space, you can also consider a more compact machine.

The cost of a manual coffee machine is dependent on brand, accessories, materials, and functions.

Manual Machine Pros:
  • Control over-extraction phase
  • Satisfaction of manually and personally extracting the coffee
  • Usage of customizable items
  • Every step of the process becomes important- making coffee becomes a ritual
Manual Machine Cons:
  • Requires practice to brew the perfect cup of coffee
  • Once personal skills are achieved, it may be difficult to drink coffee elsewhere

Automatic Coffee Machines


Automatic coffee machines are more prevalent. They are less delicate with their components and tend to be more practical and faster. Models are generally simpler to use and are easier for those with less experience.

Automatic machines contain a simple user interface. They show an intuitive front part created for coffee pods. Coffee pods are practical but may not always vary in choice. Meanwhile, lever machines allow the user to choose the type of coffee and customize the flavour.

This machine allows you to press a button and watch your coffee come out. In terms of preparation, they aren’t satisfying, but they are fast and practical.

Choosing an Automatic Coffee Machine

Automatic machines are unable to allow you to change the drink preparation. If you desire a personalized brew to match your taste, you may need to evaluate some characteristics before purchasing.

  • The pressure affects the coffee’s aroma.
  • Tank Removes. A removable tank is easier to keep clean and wash.
  • Drip Tray. Some machines have a small drip tray and need emptying more frequently.
  • There are models with touchscreens and others with old-fashioned buttons.
  • The designs are generally larger than ones that use capsules or pods. However, there are more compact models becoming available.
  • Quick Heating. Coffee lovers in a hurry appreciate a quick heating feature. Coffee brews in a few minutes.
  • Type of Use. For a large amount of usage, choose a coffee maker that is durable and is suited for high performance.
  • The budget depends on whether you need a high-performance machine or not. Your budget may dictate the type of machine you can afford.
  • Steel interiors are preferable to other materials. They are more durable and resistant. Some machines are created from plastic but won’t stand up as long.
  • Coffee Grinder Incorporated into Coffee Machine. This feature is useful because it permits you to make a fragrant and fresh blend each time you use the coffee machine. Some machines have metal blades, while others are ceramic. Metal blades tend to overheat, so ceramic blades are more recommended.
Automatic Machines Pros:
  • Simple design
  • Intuitive
  • Higher priced for the performance
Automatic Machines Cons:
  • Can’t customize the process
  • Unable to personally customize the extraction
  • Highly-priced

Super Automatic Machines: Are They Worth it?


These machines are the next step to completely automated ones. With some of them, you don’t have to refill the coffee beans. They also contain programmable functions.

 Once the programming complexity has been done, they become a trusted machine that mechanically performs the same extraction every time it’s used. These models are made with lever machines and compensated by attempting to offer multiple methods of preparation. 

They provide the user with more possibilities like frothing milk. They also give a futuristic design and digital properties as opposed to analogue temperature measurement. 

Super-automatic machines are complex and need to be programmed well. Otherwise, coffee is ruined.

Choosing a Super Automatic Machine

These machines allow users to create different types of coffee without effort. After the first customization, all users need to do is press a button.

Some models allow you to customize the settings according to your tastes.

Your machine should have the following features:

  • Customization: adjust for harmony, blend, temperature, coffee length, and have standard coffee.
  • Depending on the type of machine, you can offer espresso, cappuccino, regular coffee, macchiato, or latte.
  • Drip Tray. How much it holds matters as you don’t want to constantly have to empty it.
  • The machine should be durable. The best ones use stainless steel, which makes them strong and better able to resist higher temperatures.
  • Coffee Grinder Equipped with Ceramic Blades. Ceramic blades won’t overheat the beans and ruin the taste.
  • The boiler should be stainless steel which will resist high temperatures.
  • Evaluated based on average consumption
  • Timer/Automatic Shut Down

While the machine considers every facet, they are often expensive. Additional features increase the price. Some brands also offer automatic descaling, cup warmers, and cleaning products. These machines also consume a great deal of electricity.

Super Automatic Machine Pros:
  • Guarantees a perfect cup without effort once programmed
Super Automatic Machine Cons:
  • Not customizable
  • High cost
  • Cheaper models of poor quality

Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines


This type of machine is a combination of automatic and manual and can be programmed when you are in a hurry, but still allow you manually do some steps in the process. Users can halt the dispensing of drinks.

On the downside, they have more maintenance issues because you can only interact with it up to a certain point. Some operations you can do by yourself, while others may require an expert technician.

Choosing a Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine

When purchasing this machine, there are several things to be considered:

  • Material should be stainless steel. Some machines use aluminium which makes the water heat quicker. However, it doesn’t ensure the same quality over time.
  • Needs to be good quality
  • Pressure should be between 12-15 bars. The machine should regulate the pressure.
  • Drink may have a different taste depending on what you need to do manually.
  • More maintenance is required regarding cleaning.
  • The milk frother should be of good quality as it creates froth and creamy milk.
  • Tend to be heavier, so users need to know where it will be placed.
  • Some machines will stop at the end of brewing and will allow you to prepare different drinks.
  • Users may be able to manage some of the steps required in brewing.

The cost of this machine varies depending on the brand and settings.

Semi-Automatic Machine Pros:
  • Cheaper than other types
Semi-Automatic Machine Cons:
  • Need to know how to use it
  • Not completely manual to have satisfaction after extraction

What do I Choose?


Preparing a perfect cup of coffee is not solely dependent on the individual. Blend, storage, water, and machine are all factors in your decision.

In selecting which one is best for you, consider how involved you want to be in the process. It depends on how personalized you want to make the experience and what your tastes are.  For some people, a fast cup of coffee is enough. For others, it must taste a certain way.

Automatic machines have less work involved since it just requires you to press a button. However, less is involved in the extraction and pouring portion of the drink. Also, consider that technology changes rapidly, and you may have to replace the machine in a few years, an issue that isn’t present in manual machines.

The user controls so much of the brew in a manual machine that they don’t change much. Some details might be improved, but they remain consistent.

The technology with automatic machines is young, so it may be tested for a brief amount of time. Technological components are often not manufactured directly by the company. The production chain is complicated. When the machine needs repair, it might not be easy to find the part.

Manual machines allow you to customize the drink according to an established tradition. The coffee is fresher and more flavourful. These are the preferred choice for those who want to create their own unique blends.

They have less chance of becoming damaged, and maintenance is practical.

Users don’t have to go to an espresso bar for a good cup of coffee. Many machines contain a lever that aids in extraction bringing the user a quality coffee.

Different models allow users to select one based on their needs. Many come in a variety of colours to suit any kitchen and are quite functional.

Select a coffee maker based on your personal preference, budget, experience, and how much room you have. These will all factor into what you choose and what you will be satisfied with.

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