Man Cave Essentials

For some men, their home is not just their castle, it’s their cave. These men will likely want their home kitted out with the latest technology, from state of the art TVs to gaming and sound systems which can allow them to enjoy their films in peace.

Or, you may have a man cave shed as opposed to a room. Even though space is more limited, you want to make it worth the while.

As much as you have free reign regarding what goes in there, there are probably some essentials which you can then work around to truly make it your own.

Everything You’ll Ever Need for Your Man Cave

Regardless of whether you’re a lone wolf or happily hitched, you still need your own space. If you’re going to create one for yourself you’re going to need, at minimum, the following 8 essentials. Here are some man cave ideas:

  1. Wide Screen TVwide screen tv

    Let’s not waste any time beating around the bush; you need a large flat screen TV. It will allow you and your mates to scream when the referee red cards your favourite player during the Champions League final. You’ll need to see every aspect of the atrocious call in detail so you can confirm ‘you were robbed’ if you lose. Take a look at our Best TV Reviews to find your perfect man cave screen.

  1. Surround Sound

    man cave surround soundWhat’s the point of watching your team win the title if you can’t follow the triumph by playing “We are the Champions” at decibel levels that would make AC/DC envious? While you’re at it, add sub-woofers for the ultimate man cave experience. While everyone else in the house may not appreciate it, it will let you live the moment in glory. Check out our reviews of the Best Home Cinema Systems for the ultimate addition to your man cave.

  1. Recliner

    While we’re asking “what’s the point”, why have a 55” 4K ultra HD TV affixed to the wall of your man cave if you don’t have the most outrageously overstuffed leather recliner ever made to watch it from? The right answer of course is that there is no point. So go get yourself the biggest, plushest recliner you can find and settle in for a boxset marathon when you need a bit of ‘me time’.

  1. Bar

    The size of your man cave bar will obviously be driven by the size of your cave but let there be no doubt; the man cave bar is essential. And the closer you can come to recreating the atmosphere in your favourite pub the better. You’ll want a kegerator, lots of shelves to hold your assortment of adult beverages and as many impact resistant stools as you can cram in. Or, if your budget and space doesn’t quite let your dreams materialise, buy a wine chiller instead (don’t panic; you can pop beer in there instead).

  1. Fridge

    If you’re having your mates over for an evening of darts, pool and widescreen sporting events, you’re going to need a good size fridge stocked with some snacks to go with the drinks. Fall short in this respect and your man cave credibility may be called into serious question. Take a look at our Best Fridges to help you decide on the perfect fridge – there are some small under counter ones which won’t take up too much room.

  1. Pool Table

    man cave pool tableYou can’t have your mates over for an evening of pool without a proper pool table, right? If you have space for a standard 7-footer then your man cave will be the talk of the town. If you need something a bit smaller, such as a tabletop version, no worries. After the lads have had a few pints from the keg nobody will know the difference anyway.

  1. Smart Plugs

    Sorry to bring down the fun a little. But with all of those electricals on the go, you don’t want to turn the TV off to head to bed and then spend a further ten minutes turning everything off at the mains. Just grab your phone, tab a button and it will all be done for you thanks to the smart plug. You could even do this from the comfort of your bed if you can’t keep your eyes open any longer. Genius.

  2. Extra seating

    While the recliner is non-negotiable, you may also want to provide something more than empty kegs and cushions for your mates to sit on while they watch the Manchester Derby with you. If you have the space and the resources, kit out your man cave with enough comfortable extra seating to accommodate a visit by all your closest friends. Those outside the inner circle can use the empty kegs.

The man cave is nothing if not a bold proclamation of your right to indulge your inner adolescent. Make sure yours is outfitted with these 9 essentials and you’ll be well on your way to joining the pantheon of manly men whose digs obtain legendary status in the hearts and minds of their mates.

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