Man Cave Essentials

Man Cave Essentials

For some men their home is not just their castle, it’s their cave. These men – either rogues wandering the relationship wasteland by chance or by choice, or men in committed relationships with long-time significant others who nonetheless require space to vent their testosterone driven impulses (within reason of course) – are drawn to the dimly lit appeal of the man cave like Argonauts heeding the call of distant sirens. However, not any old hole in the side of the domestic mountain will do. An effective man cave needs to be properly fitted out with a range of essentials that enable brawny, indelicate expressions of humour, posture, personality and play. Below we’ll list 9 of those essentials.

Everything You’ll Ever Need for Your Man Cave

Regardless of whether you’re a lone wolf or happily hitched you still need space to admire your biceps, enjoy the spoils of board game conquest and occasionally have one more than might be acceptable in polite society (just remember to put the car keys away before you do). That space is the man cave and if you’re going to create one for yourself you’re going to need, at minimum, the following 9 essential items:

  1. Wide Screen TV

    wide screen tvLet’s not waste any time beating around the bush; you need a big honking flat screen TV you and your mates can scream at when the brain dead referee red cards your favourite player during the Champions League final. You’ll need to see every aspect of the atrocious call in excruciating detail so you can effectively berate the poor-sod’s lineage and formulate an effective excuse-structure you’ll use in future debates about how your team got robbed because the fix was in. Take a look at our Best TV Reviews to find your perfect man cave screen. Alternatively, have a look at our Best Projector Reviews for something a bit different.

  1. Surround sound

    man cave surround soundWhat’s the point of watching your team win the title if you can’t follow the triumph by playing “We are the Champions” at decibel levels that would make AC/DC envious? While you’re at it, add sub-woofers for the ultimate man cave experience. They allow you to harken back to those days eons ago when our hunter gatherer ancestors felt the rumble of wild beasts underfoot as they pursued them across the Somerset Levels. Check out our reviews of the Best Home Cinema Systems for the ultimate addition to your man cave.

  1. Recliner

    While we’re asking “what’s the point”, what’s the point of having a 55” 4K ultra HD TV affixed to the wall of your man cave if you don’t have the most outrageously overstuffed leather recliner ever made to watch it from? The right answer of course is that there is no point. So go get yourself the biggest, plushest recliner you can find and settle in for a Snuff Box marathon while the Mrs is visiting her mum in Leeds.

  1. Bar

    The size of your man cave bar will obviously be driven by the size of your cave but let there be no doubt; the man cave bar is essential. And the closer you can come to recreating the atmosphere in your favourite pub the better. You’ll want a kegerator of course (duh!) lots of shelves to hold your assortment of adult beverages and as many impact resistant stools as you can cram in.

  1. Fridge

    If you’re having your mates over for an evening of darts, pool and widescreen sporting events you’re going to need a good size fridge stocked with all the essential manly beverages. Fall short in this respect and your man cave credibility may be called into serious question. Take a look at our Best Fridges Reviews to help you decide on the perfect fridge.

  1. Pool table

    man cave pool tableHey you can’t have your mates over for an evening of pool without a proper pool table right? If you have space for a standard 7-footer your man cave will be the talk of the town. If you need something a bit smaller no worries. After the lads have had a few pints from the keg nobody will know the difference anyway.

  1. WC

    This one should be obvious but it bears mentioning anyway. One of the foundational rules of the man cave is that it be self-contained. You should be able to moulder away in your sturdily appointed hole ‘til kingdom come if that’s what you want without ever having to make the trek into the part of the house occupied by more enlightened individuals. So a WC is a must.

  1. Extra seating

    While the recliner is non-negotiable you may also want to provide something more than empty kegs and stacks of old girly mags for your mates to sit on while they watch the Manchester Derby with you. If you have the space and the resources outfit your man cave with enough comfortable extra seating to accommodate a visit by all your closest friends. Those outside the inner circle can use the empty kegs.

  2. Union Jack and club banners

    man cave union jackUnion Jack beer mugs, throw rugs, seat cushions, coffee tables and more are essential. Make sure you also have plenty of football club banners hanging from the walls and ceiling to drive home the point that this isn’t no bloody continental man cave with Persian carpets and mineral water on tap.

The man cave is nothing if not a bold proclamation of your right to indulge your inner adolescent. Make sure yours is outfitted with these 9 essentials and you’ll be well on your way to joining the pantheon of manly men whose digs obtain legendary status in the hearts and minds of their mates.

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