How To Take Care Of Your Hot Tub In Winter

When winter hits, the first thought which pops into your head usually isn’t that it is the best time to use the hot tub, especially here in the UK.

You will have to battle the elements to reach it at the bottom of the garden, and then the rain and wind probably won’t hold off long enough for the effort to be worthwhile. There is little likelihood that you’ll be able to relax in the heat and watch the snow fall peacefully.

So, to ensure the hot tub is still in working order when you go to use it again in Spring, you are going to want to give it a bit of an MOT. From preventing the cold temperatures and weather affecting the workings to making sure it is clean enough to use, there are some important steps to take before retiring your hot tub for a few months.

Turn The Power Off

If it isn’t going to be used, you don’t want power cables lying about or to risk water getting into connections. Ensure you cut all power and keep cables and other electrical components safe, out of immediate contact with the weather, such as speakers or lights

Drain It Fully

If it isn’t going to be used because you can’t bear going outside in the cold no matter how hot the water is, it is important not to leave the water sitting in there.

With the dip in temperatures, if the water isn’t being heated, it could cause it to freeze which could cause damage to the hot tub and its fixtures, such as the jets. Winter is when the most damage is done to hot tubs, and costly repairs (or replacements) could work out more expensive than simply running the unit over winter anyway.

If it will be used, drain it and clean fully anyway, but then replace with fresh water so you aren’t stood outside in the cold doing all of this

Clean The Hot Tub Thoroughly

Not only will you love past you when you come to use it again, but cleaning it when the temperature is freezing will not be a pleasant experience. It is best to get the job done before winter fully arrives, to ensure you can give it the care and attention it needs before it goes out of action for a little while.

Give it a deep clean, from washing and disinfecting the inner surfaces, checking the jet nozzles and repairing any issues, to washing it down on the outside and checking that the base it is sat on is still standing strong.

Read the user manual when it comes to this, and don’t forget to drain air blowers and water jets, unscrew fittings to release trapped water, or remove and clean filters. It is a great time for a deep clean, so you could even do a 24 hour chemical soak on the filters

Hot Tub Jets

Don’t Forget To Clean The Cover

As you’ll read next, your cover or lid is going to be a vital component in keeping your hot tub safe over winter. But there is no point in putting a dirty cover on a sparkling clean tub, is there? This can be one of the first jobs you do, so it is ready as soon as the hot tub is cleaned for maximum protection

Close The Lid

When your hot tub is not going to be used and is empty, it is a good idea to cover it so it won’t fill with debris, rain, snow or leaves. Try to invest in the best cover possible, which will stay put and not become damaged itself.

However, even if you will be using the hot tub, it is still good to keep it on. Whereas you may choose to leave the lid off throughout the rest of the year, closing it is best when the temperature dips outside.

Heat will be lost out of the tub, and as the external temperatures are cold, it will take longer to heat up. But if the lid is on, it will trap more heat inside and regulate the temperature better. Ensure it is fastened as tight as it can go, so it doesn’t let anything in or get pushed off/blow away

Shelter It

We often have gale force wind Winters, so the last thing you want is for something to be picked up and hit against the side of the tub. While it will hopefully not be a strong enough bash to cause damage, even superficial marks such as scratches can be disappointing.

You will probably be popping anything which is loose in the shed or garage, but to minimise risks, you may want to pop something round it to protect it, or even cover with wrapping

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