How To Stay Cool in The Heat

Even if you much prefer the warm weather to the cold winters we often see, there are times when you are desperate to get cool.

We’ve all been there – unable to sleep at night because the heat is too much yet unable to open the windows because of noise and bugs, or struggling to stay motivated at work because you feel so uncomfortable in the office.

Whether you are on holiday and need to build a checklist on how to cope, or you’re simply at home facing a scorching summer sometimes the heat can get a bit too much. 2018 was the joint hottest summer the UK has ever seen, but it is looking as though 2019 is going to trump that (for at least a few days). In fact, July 2019 may be the hottest month EVER recorded

Tips You Can Follow to Keep the Temperature Low

  1. Focus On Your Pulse Points

Got your ice pack ready to go in the freezer? Apply it to your pulse points, such as your wrists, neck and behind the knees, before any other parts of your body. This helps you chill out much faster.

  1. Loose Clothing

Clothes that cling to you make you much warmer, so opting for something a bit looser helps airflow. This includes bedtime pyjamas.

  1. Choose Cotton

Not only should your clothes be light and airy, but they should also be cotton as this promotes airflow, especially plain colours like your whites and creams.

  1. Get Low

Warm air currents rise, so if you’re in desperate need to get cooler but have nothing to hand, lie down on the floor for a few minutes. Uncomfortable, but effective. Sleeping downstairs rather than in your bedroom may also help.

Curry Spices

  1. Eat Spice

The last thing you want when you’re hot is curry, but there is a reason why some of the hottest places in the world have some of the spiciest food. It helps you sweat and cools your body temperature.

  1. But Avoid Big Meals

Digestion uses energy which heats up the body, so the more you eat, the more your body has to work. Feeling uncomfortably full also makes you feel warmer. Stick to small meals throughout the day, and try to stick to mostly cold food bar one main meal.

  1. Turn Off The Electrics

Most electrical items, such as your television, laptop and even your light bulbs, give off heat when in use. Keep their use to a minimum and turn them off by the plug at night rather than leaving them on standby.

  1. Keep Hydrated

Sweating to cool down means your body loses a lot of moisture. Drinking cool glasses of water throughout the day can bring your body temperature down, as well as replacing your lost hydration.

  1. Keep Your Creams In The Fridge

Whether this is your nightly face cream or your sun cream, keeping it in the fridge will give you a cooling effect when you next apply it and will mean it doesn’t feel quite so sticky on application.

  1. Use Air Conditioning

Fans are great for a short time, but essentially all they are doing is pushing the hot air around your room. Placing a bowl of cool water or ice cubes in front of it can be impractical and not make much difference.

Instead, purchase an air conditioning unit. This offers a much more permanent solution, and you’ll be able to cool down ASAP whenever it gets warm again, without any effort.

Best Air Conditioner

Most have several functions – they can be used as an ordinary fan, as an air conditioner or as a dehumidifier. This means you are covered for small bursts of cool air, cooling down entire rooms and removing hot air, and removing excess moisture from the atmosphere.

Humidity often contributes towards hot temperatures, and the only way to effectively cool a room down is to remove this and the hot air.

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