How to Dispose of Appliances

When you buy a new appliance, it is time to get rid of the old one, but how exactly do you do this? When dealing with large appliances like those from the kitchen, like an old fridge or oven, you need to make sure that you are disposing of them correctly.

Not only can this affect your home, but also your neighbours as some old appliances may be dangerous and leaving them out on the street can cause a lot of issues.

Luckily, there is sure to be a range of services in your local areas that you can find that will help you dispose of appliances and recycle any large items you are dealing with.

Who will pick up my old appliance?

If you are getting rid of kitchen appliances, like a fridge freezer or ovens then your local council will be able to pick it up and dispose of it for you.

When it comes to handling electrical items, it is important to note that you cannot simply throw them in the recycling bin as this is not something this service will take. This means that you need to search for either local services that will collect and remove these appliances for you or contact the council.

This service will come with a charge, but it ensures that you will not have to deal with the appliance yourself.

The council and similar services work with local recycling sites to ensure that whatever they take is suitable for recycling or will be alternatively disposed of safely by someone else.

Does Curry’s offer appliance recycling?

Yes, if you have a bought a new appliance from Curry’s, then removing the old one is made easy through their recycling and delivery service.

It can be quite challenging to find the right service for your needs when you are trying to remove an old appliance from your home. There are a lot of options which you will find in your search, especially if you are looking to recycle electrical items.

Whenever Curry’s delivers a new appliance to your home, they can also pick up your old one and get it ready to recycle which will save you the hassle and cost of getting the council or someone else involved.

This is a service that only applies to certain electrical items that are suitable to recycle, such as washing machines, tumble dryers, cookers, fridges and certain television products.

Does AO offer appliance recycling?

Yes, will help you to remove your old appliance and recycle it for you. Their Remove & Recycle program will take your old appliance to their state-of-the-art facility in Telford and Bertha to process.

Can you put a toaster in the bin?

When small electrical items stop working, you may be tempted to get them out of the way by putting them in the bin, but in many cases, this is not the right option. In order to take care of the environment and your surroundings, you need to check the labels on your household items to see whether they can be recycled or put in the bin.

If there is nothing wrong with your toaster, but you have gotten a new one to use and want this one away, then you can give it to charity. A lot of charities in your area will sell used appliances, and many offer a collection service for a larger item. This is only if the appliance still works and is something that you will have to discuss with the charity, based on what they accept.

It is important to look for a sign on electronics that will determine whether they are suitable for standard bin removal or disposal. There will be a WEE Wheelie Bin logo on this appliance that will determine whether it can be thrown in the recycling bin.

This will indicate whether it is suitable for recycling, but if you have an appliance without this mark, then please make sure to contact the council or go to your recycling centre to dispose of it correctly if you cannot donate it to charity.

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