How To Properly Clean Your Dehumidifier

It is the job of your dehumidifier to get all of the excess moisture out of the atmosphere, creating cleaner air and (hopefully) reducing mould.

But unfortunately, as this water builds up inside your appliance, mould and dirt can gather here too. From the water that is captured to the dust which is generally floating about your house, it can all build up.

A clean dehumidifier will perform at a higher level for longer, which makes it a valuable purchase. So you are best giving it just as much attention as your other appliances and devices around the home.

The Best Way To Clean A Dehumidifier

You will need:

  • Soft cloth (such as microfibre material)
  • Kitchen paper
  • Disinfectant/bleach
  • Cotton buds/small cleaning brush


  1. Ensure the dehumidifier is turned off, emptied and relatively dry before you start
  2. Remove the water reservoir. Dampen a soft cleaning cloth and wipe, thoroughly drying afterwards with kitchen paper. You may wish to use some disinfectant if you think it has been a particularly long time since it was last cleaned
  3. If your model has a removable air filter, take this out and check for any damage. It may need replacing if it looks unusable. If it can simply be cleaned, mix a solution of hot water and bleach and leave it in to soak for ten minutes. Take out, and air dry thoroughly, careful not to damage the thin material
  4. Remove the outer cover to access the coils, fan blades and inner workings. Check over for any dust which may have gathered, and wipe away with a dry cloth. Be careful not to damage anything. You may wish to use a clean, dry toothbrush or cotton bud to reach tighter areas
  5. When the cover is off, clean the air inlet with a damp cloth. Wipe as much as possible, and use a cotton bud or small brush to get in between the openings. Don’t forget about the tank cap and handles
  6. Ensure everything is dry before reassembling, then you are good to go again


If you want to use eco-friendly cleaning products, use a mix of white vinegar and water instead of bleach or disinfectant in the reservoir and for the filter. Fill the reservoir and leave to soak for around 20 minutes before fully rinsing.

Sometimes, they get beyond a reasonable cleaning level with general wear and tear. If it is time to replace yours, or you need to up/downsize, check out our dehumidifier reviews.

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