How To Keep Your Hair Straighteners Clean

Straightening irons (or as they’re better known, hair straighteners) are a godsend for anyone who uses them regularly. They can handle frizz, flyaways and give your hair a sleek finish that doesn’t come naturally.

You probably use yours every day. You probably (and hopefully) spray heat protector on your hair beforehand. The downside is that the excess of this spray can easily be transferred to your straighteners, where it builds up if it isn’t taken care of.

Then there are the products you used after you washed your hair, such as serums and leave-in treatments. And you probably use hairspray/dry shampoo in between washes too. Not to mention the natural oils in your hair. That is an awful lot of product to transfer onto your irons.

Hair Straighteners

Keeping Your Hair Straighteners Clean

Keeping your hair straighteners clean won’t only make them last longer and work better, but running dirty, greasy brushes and styling products through your hair every day means you’ll have to wash it even sooner. Clean plates will also glide a lot easier.

Four ways in which your hair straighteners can be cleaned:

  1. If the dirt isn’t that built-up and ground in, simply dampen a cloth and wipe it away. A makeup wipe works in the same way, but don’t use baby wipes as they can be oily too. Don’t put too much water on the cloth – it is an appliance, after all.
  2. Dampen some cotton wool in nail varnish remover and hold it on to the area. You may have to keep it in place for up to half an hour to make the most of the effect, then rub it slightly. This should get rid of any of the stickiness and oils. Wipe them clean afterwards with a damp cloth.
  3. Dip a clean toothbrush in soapy water, rubbing alcohol or acetone and rub the dirt gently. A toothbrush (or similar, such as a nail brush) is effective enough without scratching the plates and is tougher than a cloth.
  4. Grab a toothpick and get into all the crevices. The plates usually sit just above the base, and the product can build up around them and become very ground in. To give them a thorough clean, you will need to get into all the small creases.

TIP: Your hair straighteners should always be cool when you clean them. But, if you have any particularly burnt on areas, you may want to try removing some of the dirt while the plates are still a little bit warm.

This makes the dirt all a bit looser, but let them cool enough to not cause injury. Don’t use damp cloths or cleaning products at this stage. Just a dry brush or scrape it off with a non-metallic object.

Try to clean your beauty electricals at least once per month, and wipe a slightly damp cloth over the plates after every use (once they have cooled). This will prevent too much build up.

Are your hair straighteners dirty beyond repair? Or maybe you just fancy a new pair you can keep clean from the very first use? We have helped you out by reviewing the best hair straightener at the moment, to make your decision easier based on your budget, hair style and thickness.

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