How To Best Care For Your Hairdryer

Whether you have a big-bucks hairdryer such as the Dyson, a high-end option like a T3 or Remington or a budget model, if you fail to maintain it, there could be trouble ahead.

From failing to switch on when you need it the most to having a very poor lifespan, hairdryers can let you down when you need them the most. But they are still one of the most reliable small beauty appliances around, and taking good care of yours can really help to improve not just its shelf life but also your hair.

Your dream hairdryer can stay with you much longer if you follow our tips:

Why You Should Clean Your Hairdryer

Stop it overheating

Vents push out the air, but if these become blocked with debris and hair, the air has no way to be expelled. This causes it to get far too hot and, like any other appliance, it could smoke or set on fire.

Improve air flow

Because less air would be travelling through the dryer if it is blocked, it could take an age for your hair to actually dry. A clean dryer will save you time

Help your hair

If the air that reaches your hair is passing through dirty vents, this is going to be dirty too. And this air will be ending up on your hair. Which will get dirty quicker. You see where we are going here. Just as you should clean your straighteners often, a clean hairdryer will keep your hair cleaner too

How To Clean Your Hairdryer

  • Firstly, always unplug it. Never attempt to clean a hairdryer which is plugged in, even if it isn’t turned on
  • Remove the grill, which is usually at the back. Some will simply pull or twist off, and others may need a small screwdriver or to release a clip
  • Place under running water until the water starts to be clear again. Fully dry with a towel and leave to air dry for a while too
  • You may have to use an old toothbrush or cotton buds to get into the gaps, or maybe even soak it for a while
  • You can also use this brush on the filter, which is under the grill. Ensure this brush is dry before it goes anywhere near the internal components of your dryer
  • Some filters are removable. If yours is, run it under water too
  • Using your vacuum, clean the interior of the hairdryer, removing any dust which may be inside the unit
  • Clean any attachments with water, too. Fully dry before using

You should do this once a month if you use your dryer regularly. If this sounds excessive, see how much dirt builds up in this time – you’ll be surprised.


Why Does My Hairdryer Stop Working?

It is probably overheating. Many of the latest models will cut off the power supply if they get too hot to protect both you and them. If this is a regular occurrence, give it a good clean and see if this improves.

If it doesn’t, you may just be using it for too long at any one time. Some models, especially cheaper options, will not be able to run for long until they feel the pressure. It is recommended you don’t yours for more than 7-10 minutes.

Why Does My Hairdryer Smell Like It Is Burning?

Again, it is probably a sign that there is dirt in the unit. As this heats, it produces the burning smell and could be a sign that your dryer could catch fire if you don’t turn it off and cool it down straight away.

How Should I Store Mine?

This could also have an effect on how your unit works. Try to keep the power cable/flex relatively straight, especially at the plug and machine attachment ends. When it is still hot but switched off, keep it on a heatproof surface and with plenty of room around it to help the cooling process.

How Long Should It Last?

The lifespan of any hot appliance can range from 2 years to 7 years. It will depend on the technology in your unit, how long it is used at a time, how often it is used, how you treat it and whether you follow our tips to clean it regularly.

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