Great British Bake Off Winners: Here’s What Happened to Every Past Winner of BBBO

Over time, the Great British Bake Off show became a massive success since its first series in 2010 and has produced over ten Bake Off Winners.

It has been a decade long of baking fun, fame, and inspiring success for the winners. But where are they now? What has happened to them since winning?

Keeping tabs with all the Bake Off winners is a massive task. We wrote this article to bring you up to speed with what the past winners have been up to and some of the things that have happened since being on the show.

Edd Kimber - 2010

Edd Kimber

After winning the first-ever series of the Great British Bake Off, Edd has made many appearances on TV, ran a blog – The Boy Who Bakes –  and produced three cookbooks.

Kimber’s three cookbooks include The Boy Who Bakes, One Tin Bakes, and Say it With Cake.

Kimber recently celebrated his ten-year Bake Off victory anniversary, in which he thanked his fans for all their support by following his baking advice presented in his books, blog, Instagram account, and works in various magazines.

Jo Wheatly - 2011

Jo Wheatly

Since winning the second series of the Bake Off in 2011, Joanne Wheatly has opened her cookery school at her home in Essex, written cookbooks – Home Baking and A Passion for Baking. Her other writing engagements include Jo’s Blue AGA, a blog she runs successfully.

Joanne’s work has appeared in various food magazines such as The Mirror, Hello Magazine, The Sun, and BBC Good Food. The Guardian has named her cookery school among the top five baking schools in the UK.

Joanne’s books include family recipes she has used in her home over the years to bring up her children.

Jo is active on Instagram, where she shares various cookery materials such as recipes with her fans.

John Whaite - 2012

John Whaite - 2012

Frances Quinn - 2013

Frances Quinn - 2013

After winning the fourth series of the Great British Bake Off in 2013, Frances Quinn has released Quinntessential Baking, a cookery book. She has also appeared in British Vogue and has had recipes demonstrated in BBC Good Food.

Nancy Birtwhistle - 2014

Nancy Birtwhistle - 2014

Since taking home the Bake Off series five trophy as the oldest winner so far at 60, Nancy Birtwhistle has released a cookbook, Sizzle & Drizzle: Tips for a Modern-Day Home-maker. Her other writing engagements include a baking blog and works published in The Telegraph.

Nancy enjoys traveling to France, training dogs, and swapping recipes. Meg, her Labrador, has even been featured in the Crufts dog show.

Nadiya Hussain - 2015


Nadiya won series six of the Great British Bake Off and has since had a very successful career. She has appeared in various television shows such as the Big Family Cooking Showdown, Nadiya’s Time to Eat, and Junior Bake Off.

She has also made appearances in her own TV shows, including Nadiya’s Family Favourites, Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, and Chronicles of Nadiya.

A prolific author, Nadiya has produced several cookbooks and Finding My Voice, a memoir. Her cookbooks include Nadiya’s Kitchen, Nadiya’s Family Favourites, Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, Time to Eat, and Nadiya Bakes.

Nadiya has written for publications including Fabulous Magazine, BBC Good Food, The Telegraph, and The Guardian. She also has a documentary, Nadiya: Anxiety and Me, about her struggle with anxiety.

Candice Brown - 2016

Candice Brown - 2016

Candice Brown was a PE teacher before clinching the Bake Off series trophy in 2016. She has appeared in various TV shows such as Dancing on Ice and Loose Women.

Comfort: Delicious Bakes and Family Treats is Candice’s first cookbook, which she released in 2017.

Candice has also opened a pub in Eversholt, named The Green Man.

Sophie Faldo - 2017

Since winning the eighth series of the Great British Bake Off in 2017, Sophie Faldo still shares her baking insights on Instagram. She has reported that she has been struggling with the limelight that came with the win.

Sophie has helped raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital by taking part in RideLondon, a 100-mile cycling event. She now runs Sophie Faldo Couture Cakes, a business that makes various baked products for special occasions, such as weddings.

Rahul Mandal - 2018

Rahul Mandal - 2018

Rahul Mandal won the ninth series of the Bake Off and later made some appearances on TV. He resumed his job as a scientist at the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Center.

Rahul usually shares baking insights and photos of his bakes on Instagram. His recipes appear in the Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends, a 2018 cookbook.

David Atherton - 2019


David is a former health advisor and has released My First Cookbook, a cookery book with recipes for inspiring children to explore their cooking skills. He is active on Instagram and has been sharing travel photos and recipes with his followers.

David has allowed health experts to share advice and insights on COVID-19 with his Instagram followers during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He also writes a food for fitness column on The Guardian.

Peter Sawkins - 2020

Peter Sawkins won series 11 of the Great British Bake Off in 2020, becoming the first Scottish to carry the revered trophy. He is also the youngest Bake Off winner so far at only 20 years old.

A first-year accounting and finance student, Peter knew he was the winner of the 2020 series long before the finale appeared on Channel 4 in November but had to keep it a secret all this while.

Appearing on Lorraine, Peter said he will concentrate on completing his degree at the University of Edinburgh but hopes to continue with baking successfully in the future. Peter says he has watched all the past Bake Off series and got immensely interested in baking and started baking at 12.

He loves badminton and is the president of the varsity’s badminton club.

It’s still early after the epic win in 2020, and we might have to wait three more years as Peter completes his degree to know if he will pursue baking full-time. Best wishes, Peter Sawkins!

So Far, So Good

From appearances on TV and radio shows and going back to their initial careers, establishing cookery schools, setting up baking businesses, and writing for various publications to running successful blogs, previous winners of the Bake Off have made a name for themselves in new spheres beyond the white Bake Off tent.

You can keep abreast with the adventures of your favorite Bake Off winners and contestants by following them on social media and checking out their writing gems in various publications and online bookstores such as Amazon.

How have you loved the Great British Bake Off so far? Who is your most favorite Bake Off winners?


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