The Great British Bake Off Contestants: Where Are They Now?

We get it! You would love to be in the know about the whereabouts of the past Bake Off contestants. For the entire decade, the show has run on British TV since 2010, there have been so many contestants, with different series featuring either ten, twelve, or thirteen participants.

Keeping abreast with the whereabouts and life trajectories of the past contestants becomes a colossal task. But we are here for you!

Many Bake Off contestants have either gone back to their previous careers, started culinary businesses, joined other TV shows. Some have become bloggers and cookbook writers.

Read on to find out where the most memorable GBBO contestants are and what they have been up to after being in the limelight.

Bake Off Contestants 2020


Since its early days in 2010 on BBC Two, the Great British Bake Off has gradually grown its fanbase to over the nine million people who watched the final show of series 11 on Channel 4 in 2020.

While it’s still early since the last episode, we can still check on some of the 2020 contestants.

Peter Sawkins

For the first time in its decade-long history, the Great British Bake Off show now has its youngest ever winner – Peter Sawkins, a 20-year old finance student from Edinburgh. Peter beat his co-finalists Dave Friday and Laura Adlington to clinch the coveted Bake Off trophy and become its first Scottish winner.

Peter would like to finish his finance degree while continuing with baking.

Laura Adlington

Laura Adlington from Gravesend is a digital marketer, gardener, and baker. After the 2020 Bake Off edition, she went back home to continue her digital marketing career and blissful family life in a massive home with beautiful, well-kept gardens.

Dave Friday

Dave Friday is an armoured guard from Waterlooville in Hampshire, England. When he is off baking activities on the GBBO show or at home, Dave pursues other passions such as cars, Do It Yourself (DIY), and walking his cat and dog.

Dave revealed that he planned to return to his security job after the end of his paternity leave. But does he have any plans on a career in baking? In an interview, Dave says, “But I have an interest in chocolate sculpting and patisserie, and it would be a dream to pursue a career in baking one day.”

Bake Off Contestants 2019

David Atherton


After winning the GBBO 2019 edition, David Atherton released his first cookbook by the title My First Cookbook.

David is a former health advisor and has been quite active on Instagram throughout the coronavirus pandemic and even allowed health professionals to use his platform for discussions and advice centred on COVID-19.

Steph Blackwell

After clinching the runner-up position in the Bake Off in 2019, Blackwell has gone into public advocacy and speaks up about issues on mental health. She says she is often overwhelmed by the good messages people send her regarding how her journey has been helpful to them.

Steph contributed to the famous Big Book of Amazing Cakes a handy recipe book with 70 cake recipes for baking lovers.


Alice Fevronia

Big Book of Amazing Cakes.

Alice became a runner-up in the Bake Off in 2019, after which she went back to teach geography. As a baking enthusiast, Alice bakes in her free time and updates her Instagram with beautiful cakes.

She became a contributor to the Big Book of Amazing Cakes.

Bake Off Contestants 2018

Rahul Mandal

Rahul won the 2018 series of the Bake Off and returned to the University of Sheffield, where he is a researcher in engineering.

He bakes in his spare time and documents his baked products on Instagram. His recipes are featured in a famous cookbook, the Great British Bake Off: Get Baking for Friends.


After attaining the runner-up spot in the Bake-Off in 2018, Kim-Joy has been exploring her baking skills and keeps updating her Instagram page with her latest creations.

Kim-Joy is a mental health specialist and has written for The Guardian in a popular baking column. In 2019, her first cookbook, Baking with Kim-Joy, was released. She has also produced a second cookbook, Christmas with Kim-Joy.

Christmas with Kim-Joy.

Ruby Bhogal

Ruby Bhogal became a runner-up in the Bake Off in 2018. She is a fitness enthusiast who uses her baking expertise to advance the cause for the Cancer Research organization in the UK. Her latest bakes are available on her frequently updated Instagram handle.

Bake Off Contestants 2017

Sophie Faldo

After taking home the Bake Off 2017 trophy, Sophie became a full-time baker. In addition, she has raised funds dedicated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital by taking part in the RideLondon cycling event.

Sophie was set to release her cookbook, by the name Something Sweet, in 2018 but had to postpone to ‘re-do it.

Steven Carter-Bailey

Since taking the runner-up spot in the Bake-Off in 2017, Steven returned to his job but has been appearing in food events on TV and nationwide. He has also explored his baking gifts as an ITV News reporter, where he explores the diverse bakeries of the capital.

Kate Lyon

Kate became a runner-up in the Bake Off in 2017 and later went back to Merseyside to resume her health and safety inspection job. She also pursued a Master’s in occupational safety and health. In addition, she continues pursuing baking, but as a pastime.

Bake Off Contestants 2016

Candice Brown

Candice Brown - 2016

The Bake Off edition of 2016 was the seventh series of the famous TV show. After winning it, Candice teamed up with her family to establish a pub, The Green Man, in Eversholt. She has appeared on TV shows like Dancing on Ice and Loose Women.

Candice Brown published the Comfort: Delicious Bakes and Family Treats cookbook in 2017.

Fans can follow her latest creations through the popular IGTVs she hosts on her Instagram account.

Andrew Smyth

Andrew Smyth was a runner-up in the Bake Off in 2016. He is an engineering enthusiast known for his unique scientific bakes. After the series, he now splits time between writing, Aerospace research, contributions to online features, and presenting live events.

Andrew Smyth also hosts his Ted Talk show, Thinking about Thinking, in which he relives his experience and time on the Bake Off show.

Out of his love for baking and engineering, Andrew held a live engineering (a coinage from baking and engineering) show in 2018 around the Uk. He is also a contributor to the Great British Bake Off – Perfect Cakes & Bakes To Make At Home cookbook.

Jane Beedle

Jane Beedle bagged the runner-up position in the Bake Off in 2016. Her main career is garden designing, and after GBBO 2016, she has been running a garden design company alongside a close friend. She posts baking recipes regularly to her blog, which she calls Jane Bakes.

Jane has helped raise funds for the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and Marie Curie. Other than this, Jane has also made television engagements from her beautiful kitchen in her home for Lorraine and Good Morning Britain.

Bake Off Contestants 2015

Nadiya Hussain

Nadiya's Kitchen

Nadiya Hussain was the Bake Off winner in the 2015 edition and has ever since remained an all-time favourite contestant for many fans. She has done her own TV shows such as Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, Nadiya’s Family Favourites, and The Chronicles of Nadiya.

Nadiya has also been a presenter in TV shows such as the Junior Bake Off and the Big Family Cooking Showdown.

As a multi-talented person, Nadiya is an award-winning author and writer for famous outlets like Fabulous Magazine, BBC Good Food, and The Telegraph.

She has authored eight books, including Finding My Voice, My Monster & Me, and several cookbooks such as Nadiya’s Kitchen, Nadiya’s British Food Adventure, and Nadiya’s Family Favourites, Nadiya Bakes, and Time to Eat.

Tamal Ray

Tamal Ray became a runner-up in Bake Off in 2015, after which he went back to his anesthetist job. His recipes appear in BBC Food and The Guardian.

Ian Cumming

After clinching runner-up position in the 2015 Bake Off edition, Ian Cumming, a travel photographer, has been creating adventurous recipes for The Telegraph and Cambridge News.

Bake Off Contestants 2014

Nancy Birtwhistle

Since winning the 2014 GBBO edition, Nancy Birtwhistle has operated a baking blog, produced a cookbook – Sizzle and Drizzle, and has even written for The Telegraph.

Luis Troyano

In August 2015, Luis Trayano released the Bake It Great cookbook after clinching the runner-up spot in Bake Off in 2014. He has also appeared in shows such as BBC Breakfast and BBC Good Food.

Richard Burr

Bake It Yourself

Richard Burr broke the GOBB record when he became a star baker six consecutive times before taking the runner-up spot in Bake Off 2014. In 2015, he released Bake It Yourself, a handy recipe book. He also runs a baking blog and appears in various food festivals.

Bake Off Contestants 2013

Frances Quinn

Following her Bake Off win in 2013, Frances has appeared on food shows like BBC Food. Quinntessential Baking is her first cookbook.

Ruby Tandoh

Ruby was a runner-up in the Bake Off in 2013 and writes for The Guardian. She has since published three cookbooks, namely Crumb (2014), Flavour (2016), and Eat Up (2018).

Kimberley Wilson

A Bake Off runner up in the 2013 series, Kimberley has worked in various roles with entities like GoodtoKnow, Dr. Oetker, and Persil.

In 2020, Kimberley released a book – How to Build a Healthy Brain – that teaches people how to future-proof their brain and reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

How to Build a Healthy Brain

Bake Off Contestants 2012

John Whaite

James Morton

James Morton was a Bake Off runner up in the 2012 edition and then became a medical doctor and works as a junior doctor for the National Health Services, NHS.

Besides founding a popular baking blog, James has gone on tours in Scotland with his shows, John Morton’s Stolen Christmas and James Morton Kneads to Raise Some Dough.

Brilliant Bread is one of his two cookbooks so far.

Brilliant Bread

Brendan Lynch

Since clinching runner-up spot in Bake Off in 2012, Brendan has done baking illustrations at various food festivals and taught cookery classes.

Bake Off Contestants 2011

Jo Wheatley

Jo won series two of Bake Off in 2011 and proceeded to build a prosperous baking career holding cake classes in her home in Essex and writing magazine columns. She appears in GoodtoKnow from time to time, where she shares some bakes.

Jo has published two cookbooks, including Home Baking (2014).

Holly Bell

Mary-Anne Boermans

Mary was a runner-up contestant at the 2011 Great British Baking Show. She has since written cookbooks such as Deja Food. She also runs a blog, which she calls

Bake Off Contestants 2010

Edd Kimber

After winning series one of the Bake Off in 2010, Edd has appeared many times on TV and also runs a successful blog. His cookbooks include Say it with Cake and One Tin Bakes.

Ruth Clemens

Ruth was a runner-up in the 2010 Bake Off. She runs The Pink Whisk, a famous baking website, and has been writing a cookbook series.

cookbook series

Miranda Gore-Browne

Miranda bagged the runner-up position in series one of the Bake Off in 2010. She has so far written a biscuits cookbook. 

There we are! Who are your best Bake Off contestants of all time? Be sure to check them or some of their books, shows, or classes out.

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