Find The Best TV Deal On Black Friday 2019

Televisions are one of the most-purchased appliances during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales period. They see some of the most significant discounts around because there are literally hundreds of models to choose from, and technology is improving with every passing month.

The good thing which has come from all of this is that the retailers are competing against each other to offer the best discounted TV, which sees more deals for you.

Luckily, we have compiled the ultimate Black Friday 2019 Guide, and televisions play a huge part in the rundown.

Where Can I Buy A TV On Black Friday 2019?

John Lewis, Currys, AO, Argos and Amazon are the top 5 retailers who want to be crowned the best place to get your telly for Black Friday. It is a prestigious title, and more prominent online retailing makes it easier for you to bookmark the pages and search from your sofa.

But it is easy for us to become a bit overwhelmed by all of this excitement and ease. A new television is the one thing you have decided you are on the lookout for, but the sheer amount available could see you miss out if you don’t act quick enough.

Your Guide To Getting The Best Television Deal

Here are a few pointers to get you well-prepared for the inevitable rush:


Sounds unnecessary, but is actually vital. It’ll simply help you get what you need, rather than want.

Think about what you’re after in a television – size, the number of HDMI and scart sockets you need for all of your set-top boxes and gaming systems and if it needs to be ‘smart’ for access to Netflix and catch-up services. You may even want a particular colour, such as silver to go with your other tech appliances.

You don’t want it to arrive and find you can’t connect your Xbox and speaker system at the same time, or that it is too big to fit on your console table. Don’t get obsessed with just finding the best deal.

If there are one or two televisions you already have your eye on, such as the latest from Toshiba or Philips models, this is great. You can then look across the board at the best deal from all retailers rather than being consumed by offers and choice.

No idea where to even start? Our rundown of the best televisions available at the moment may provide some inspiration, and the TV buying guide at the bottom will help you remember things you may have overlooked.

Set A Price

Sales give people a thrill. But taking in a delivery knowing you saved 60% on the RRP is a short-lived thrill if you then realise you can’t actually realistically afford it, or if you’re going to have to scrimp and save for the next month. Remember that Christmas is only around the corner.

Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the excitement of finding ‘the best bargain’. Instead, set your limit, and only look at the deals which fall within this. You can still get a perfectly good deal, but don’t get drawn in by the flashing lights and fancy advertising of the star picks which are often still pretty expensive.

Future Proof Your Purchase

As well as thinking about price, the number of sockets and the overall style, you also have to remember that televisions are constantly evolving. The latest technology three years ago is no longer the latest technology.

If you are one for being up to date with your appliances, bear this all in mind. You will probably want it to last for its entire lifespan without having to upgrade. The average life is around 7 years, so you want something that will still seem modern in a few years time. Look for:

  • At least a 4K resolution – a resolution of at least 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. You can’t get as much 4K content as HD at the moment, but this will likely change in a year’s time
  • ‘Smart’ connections for quick access to apps like Netflix/Amazon Prime Video/BBC iPlayer which are ever-growing
  • OLED TVs rather than LED LCD, which produce more vivid colours and are usually thinner. The next step up is a QLED, which is the latest technology but comes at a premium.

Is It Really A Bargain?

Those who hate sales and don’t partake in Black Friday/Amazon Prime days/Boxing Day sales will usually always have one or two of the same arguments:

“It is just stores trying to get rid of the stuff they can’t sell the rest of the year!”

“They put the prices up before the sales to make it look like you’re getting a bargain.”

“Sales? Just a way to make room for all the newest stuff for Christmas.”

We can’t lie and say there is no truth in these rumours. Remember, retailers still need to make money. They can’t be giving appliances away. But they do need to draw you in.

When you see a great discount, ensure it isn’t just an old model which is currently a bit overpriced but has been dressed up to look like a great offer. Manufacturers currently want to make room for the newest OLED televisions and phase their old ones out without giving them away. Always compare specifications to see what else you could get for your money.

Check the pricing pattern and history of items before the sales hit. Use a site such as Camelcamelcamel or PriceSpy and have a look about for how much the RRP is compared to the average cost now.

Higher End = More Deals

You should always set a price limit and not be drawn in by starry offers However, the more expensive electricals usually see the biggest discounts. This could see you grab a bargain on the latest models for long-term benefit.

It does make sense. At the end of the day, bigger price tags have more scope for bigger discounts. Those at the lower end of the scale can only go so low before they are sold at a loss.

If you’re lucky enough to have no realistic budget for your new television, then you have more flexibility. Still, bear in mind whether the cost it is worth it though.

Keep Checking The Offers

Black Friday is no longer just a Friday. It can be a monthly event for some retailers, right up until Christmas. Once they start releasing the offers, you can start shopping.

This means less pressure on their services, and also allows for more deals to be available. If you just wait until the day, you may have already missed some cracking offers.

Remember – keep checking our Black Friday page for the best offers as they arrive, so you don’t miss out.

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