Say Hello To a Personalized Laundry Experience With Samsung Ecobubble

Samsung produces top-notch washing machines, and its wide range of Samsung Ecobubble washing machines is a groundbreaker. The  WW70TA046TE/EU 7kg Series 5 Samsung Ecobubble is one of the pieces in this range, and it’s a wonder laundry workhorse.

The Samsung Ecobubble washing machines perfectly combine top-notch functionality and upgraded, energy-saving features that will enable you to have a better laundry experience while cutting down energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Are you still wondering whether the Samsung Ecobubble washing machines are the ideal ones for you? Read on to get a more in-depth look at what they offer.

Enjoy an Upgraded Laundry Experience, Thanks To The New Samsung Ecobubble Technology


Samsung has taken laundry experiences to another level by introducing the new Ecobubble Technology. So, what makes this technology so unique?

The Ecobubble Technology works by minimizing the surface tension between the water and detergent, enabling the two to mix more easily. So, thanks to this technology, Samsung Ecobubble washing machines can:

  • Wash clothes at cooler temperatures. The numerous bubbles formed through this technology can quickly penetrate stains, enabling it to wash clothes even in temperatures as low as 15°.

The faster cleaning at low temperatures saves the energy that would have been used to heat water or pre-soak your laundry, therefore reducing your electricity bills and carbon footprint.

  • Thoroughly wash clothes without damaging them. The Ecobubble Technology enables the washing machine to produce more bubbles that form a powerful but gentle foam that effectively removes stains and dirt from your laundry without damaging the fabric.
  • Wash your clothes quicker than other washing machines. Compared to other washing machines that need more time to mix the detergent with water, Samsung Ecobubble washing machines combine the water and detergent faster.

The faster mixing further enables it to produce foam that penetrates stains up to 40 times faster, therefore washing your clothes quicker than other washing machines.

Samsung Ecobubble Technology

Key Features to Enjoy with Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machines

Samsung Ecobubble washing machines are not famous for nothing. They offer a wide range of features that change your laundry times to memories you will want to treasure for a long time. Here are some of the most significant ways the machines personalise your laundry experience.

Give Your Clothes Deeper Cleaning With the Hygiene Steam Technology

We always trust our washing machines to remove all the visible and invisible dirt from our clothes, right? Unfortunately, not all washing machines do that.

Well, Samsung Ecobubble washing machines use Hygiene Steam Technology that gets rid of up to 99.99% of bacteria, dirt, dust, mites, pollen, and other foreign materials from your laundry without having to pre-soak them.

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean With the Drum Clean Technology

One way to get clean laundry is by keeping the washing machine clean.

Thanks to the Drum Clean Technology, Samsung Ecobubble washing machines combine high-speed spinning and Ecobubble technology to automatically clean themselves, removing up to 99.99% of bacteria and other foreign materials.

The best part? The washing machine automatically reminds you to turn on the cleaning cycle after 40 washes. Impressive, right?

Enjoy More Convenience With the Stay-Clean Drawer

Convenience With the Stay-Clean Drawer

The Samsung Ecobubble washing machine features a stay-clean drawer that allows you to keep clean clothes without worrying about them being contaminated with dirt from the other dirty laundry.

What’s more, the machine automatically directs jets of water into that drawer to wash away any dirt or other build-up inside the drawer.

Give Your Clothes a Thorough Soak With the Bubble Soak Technology

Got any stubborn stains on your laundry? This washing machine features a Bubble Soak feature that allows you to soak your clothes for up to thirty minutes, allowing the Ecobubble Technology to work its way into those stubborn stains.

Wash Your Clothes Faster, Thanks to High-Spin Speed

One of the major factors that most buyers consider before purchasing a washing machine is the spin speed.

The spin speed determines how well your clothes are washed, especially during washes that last for a short time. It also determines how dry your laundry will be after washing.

The one-of-a-kind Samsung Ecobubble washing machine has a 1400 rpm spin speed, which ensures it thoroughly washes your laundry even during washes that last for as short as 15 minutes.

The high spin-speed also removes a large amount of water from your laundry, thus reducing your drying time.

Enjoy Quieter Laundry Days Thanks to the Digital Inverter Technology

Samsung is known for going a step further in making their appliances unique, and the Samsung Ecobubble washing machines are no exception.

It features a digital inverter technology that cuts down the noise made during washes, allowing you to enjoy quieter laundry sessions. However, some customers have pointed out that while it is quiet on wash mode, it’s not that quiet on spin mode.

Enjoy More Convenience and Personalized Laundry Experience Thanks to the 14 Wash Programmes

The Samsung Ecobubble machine features 14 wash programs which range from the mixed wash mode to the 15-minute quick wash function, just to name a few. The programs allow you to customize the washing machine based on your fabrics and preferences for a better laundry experience.

Less Energy And Water Consumption

Less Energy And Water Consumption

One way to ensure that you are not on the wrong side of the law is by making sure your home has a good EPC rating. Well, the Samsung Ecobubble models significantly help with that.

Samsung Ecobubble machines consume approximately 103kw of electrical energy a year.

The low electricity consumption allows you to reduce your overall energy consumption, therefore minimizing your electricity bills, reducing your carbon footprint, and ensuring that you abide by the government’s EPC rules and regulations.

The washing machines also use approximately 7,400 liters of water, thanks to the high-spin speed and Ecobubble Technology. According to most buyers, this amount of water is much lower than the average 8220 liters of water a typical washing machine uses in a year.

Bottom Line

One thing that makes the Samsung Ecobubble washing machines stand out is how efficiently they use both water and energy to wash your laundry thoroughly. In addition, their varying capacities make them ideal for small to medium-sized families.

If you want a larger one, Samsung has a wide range of Ecobubble washing machines, so you can’t miss one that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

You’ll also like the new Ecobubble Technology, which enables the washing machine to quickly but gently wash your laundry.

So, if you are looking for a washing machine that offers top-notch features, state-of-the-art washing technology, and exceptional performance, the WW70TA046TE/EU 7kg Samsung Ecobubble washing machine is a good start.


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