Dewalt Impact Wrench Review – Perfect Gift for DIYers

Gone are the days when electric cars were only a dream, and the word spanner was a term on every mechanical engineer’s lips. Today, owning an electric car is achievable for every motor enthusiast, and we’re talking wrenches.

Dewalt has been part of the fantastic mechanical evolution journey from air hose impact wrenches with loud compressors to cordless (battery-based) impact wrenches.

As a result, Dewalt now produces some of the best cordless, lightweight weight, and heavy-duty impact wrenches available on the market today.

We’re going to review the Dewalt impact wrench in detail, focusing more on cordless wrenches. First, we’ll highlight what makes cordless Dewalt impact wrench a perfect gift for DIYers and discuss one flagship model from Dewalt that may interest you.

What Makes Cordless Dewalt Impact Wrench Stand Out

People are fast embracing cordless impact wrenches for all the good reasons over their corded impact wrench counterparts.

Below we discuss the top values that make a cordless Dewalt impact wrench a must-have power tool.


How powerful would a cordless impact wrench be to make it reliable? That’s the first question you ask when you think of the tool. However, Dewalt’s 20V Max High Torque Impact Wrench will live up to heavy-duty tasks with the same ease as a corded impact wrench.

For instance,  the DeWalt DCF899P2 will easily loosen bolts of  1-1/4 diameter heads and 18 inches long and mounted on pressure-treated timber. In addition, the machine has a higher torque output that is enough to bust loose corroded nuts and fattest lags within seconds.

Dewalt Impact Wrench

The DeWalt DCF899P2 also features a three-mode torque settings control.

Note that the tool has more power at the first mode trigger that will make you easily forget to jump to the second mode unless you’re wrenching rusty washers and bolts that are snug against some tough steel or treated wood.

It saves you the time you’d use to drag a generator, connect a hose and start a corded impact wrench.


Some models, such as the DeWalt DCF899P2, may be as heavy as 7.6 pounds, the Dewalt impact wrench features a rubber overmold on the handle, which, coupled with the centrally distributed weight, offers a solid grip to the tool.

Proper ergonomics is a breakthrough considering finding good ergonomics on heavier tools is not easy.

Socket Security

Working in dirtier environments may require blowing the pin detent from time to time to make it easy when pressing the detent. So, it’s advisable to use a hog ring when working under dirty areas such as bridges where debris can easily block the pin detent.

You can use the pin detent in clean areas like within the shop.

Run Time

Another burning concern about the cordless Dewalt impact wrench is whether a single battery will run the whole day during busy days.

While it’s essential to keep a backup in your tool kit, some Dewalt impact wrench models have 5.0 amp-hour batteries that will require just one to take you the entire day. Although charging takes longer, it’s not a big deal since you’re not trying to outwork the battery.

The trick to preserving your cordless Dewalt impact wrench batteries is to alternate them every day.


The DEWALT DCF899N-XJ 1/2″ High Torque Cordless Impact Wrench DCF899N-XJ boasts some of the most incredible features you’d expect from a Cordless impact wrench.

Online ratings for the product are 5 stars, which shows that the tool lives up to the task when put under the test by customers.

Below are some pros and cons of this power tool.

  • Adjustable variable speed trigger controls
  • Lightweight at just under 6 pounds
  • Cordless, making it highly portable
  • 24-hour service battery in just one charge
  • A limited 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Costs a little high for buyers on a limited budget

Top Features of the Dewalt 18V Lithium-Ion Impact Wrench

The Dewalt impact wrench stands out among the competition due to some cool features such as:

  • A decent torque of up to 400 pounds
  • High IPM (Impact Per Minute). IPM determines the contact degree between the wrench and the nut, bolt, or lug. A high IPM will make the nut or bolt stay firm while unscrewing or screwing it.
  • Up to three modes of trigger speed adjustments

The wrench also includes a sturdy magnesium case, two batteries, and a wall charger. The tool is versatile, making it suitable for various applications and environments such as:

  • Mobile mechanics
  • Dealerships
  • Racing professionals
  • Automotive Technicians

Bottom Line


The impact wrench is the new craze in the screwing and unscrewing world as more people shift from the traditional spanner options.

Dewalt impact wrench features some of the modern technology that makes an ideal bolting and unbolting tool. Additionally, Dewalt impact wrenches are available in both heavy and lightweight models if weight is a concern.

A cordless  Dewalt impact wrench is versatile; you’ll not need to carry a hose and a generator around. A 5.0 amp battery will last you the whole day without alternating. However, always keep a spare battery with a full charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some questions we mostly get from new users.

Does Dewalt Impact Wrench Feature Torque Adjustment?

Touques adjustment is among the top innovations about the Dewalt impact wrench. Most new models have up to 400 ft. pounds making them versatile for light and heavy-duty fastening and unloosening applications.

How Long Does a Single Charge Last?

It takes up to four hours for a full charge. However, this may vary according to usage frequency and how often you charge it when working. Only unplug the battery after a full charge. Please do not charge the battery regularly, as doing so reduces its lifespan.

Can I use Dewalt Impact Wrench in an Automotive Task?

A Dewalt impact wrench is made with both automotive and other bolt and nut types in mind. As a result, the wrench will work well on both small vehicles and other heavy commercial trucks.


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