Christmas Gift Guide For Him: Food And Drink

Whether he likes just eating it, enjoys cooking it or isn’t bothered what it is as long as he can have a coffee or drink with it, buying a food-based gift for your food-loving partner/dad/brother/son can be a challenge.

Finding the right balance between something that’s different and something they’ll actually make use of can be even harder. We have found gifts for the food connoisseurs, those who like a tipple and those who only live to eat, available just in time for Christmas…

Christmas Gifts for Food Lovers

Much more of an eater than a cook, your gift recipient enjoys food and sees it as real art. If he does spend time in the kitchen, the end creation has to be very special.

He needs all of the gadgets and accessories to make the perfect dinner and loves nothing better than experimenting or hosting a feast. These gifts should keep him happy for a while.

Under £50:

ROSS & ROSS FOOD Homemade Bacon Curing Kit 

ROSS & ROSS FOOD Homemade Curing Kit, Bacon Original

If he is a meat eater, there’s a good chance he loves bacon. This set is the perfect culinary experience, which includes original, sweet and smoky salts to help your foodie venture into the curing world and make that Saturday morning bacon butty tonnes more enjoyable.

Bumblee’s Preserves Spreadable Whiskey Marmalade 

He is a fan of spreads and loves a good tipple, so what better gift than a mix of the two? Seville orange marmalade with a glug of Irish whiskey to give his breakfast or nightcap a bit of an extra kick.

TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Selection 

TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Selection

With three favourites included – Black, White & English Truffle Oil – it is the perfect addition to pasta, risotto or meat dishes for anyone with a taste for the high life without the price tag.

Beer Lover’s Burger Kit 

Ordinary burgers are boring. His need to be taken up a level, with the help of some homemade ketchup, mayonnaise and spicy rub. All the ingredients needed are included, with instructions, glass bottles and serving board for when the next burgers are served.

Large Oval Cheese Board Set With Integrated Drawer And 4 Specialist Cheese Knives 

Cheese and wine evenings are a favourite of any foodie, and this board will allow your recipient to host one in style. There are three special knives and a cheese fork all stored in a pull-out drawer, and it is all made from eco-friendly heavy wood. Classy indeed.

Under £100:

SMART Retro Kettle Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is his favourite snack, whether he is in front of the telly or playing a game. This popcorn maker adds even more fun to the preparation, and the lid acts as a serving plate. It could also be used to roast nuts if he fancies a savoury change.

JM Posner Snow Cone Maker 

Should he love packing his kitchen with retro appliances he can bring out and play around with when he fancies, a slushie maker is a perfect gift and addition. Ideal for those warm Summer evenings (when they arrive) or for the production of some boozy ice pops when hosting a party.

Under £200:

Charcuterie Making Class

Cured meats are his favourite, so learning how to smoke and air them himself at home will be a valuable skill and a day to remember. He will also get a bacon roll and a lunch of cheese and antipasti in between the learning. Why not buy for your partner and make a weekend of it?

John Lewis & Partners Campfire Hamper

Whether he likes going camping and having picnics or just adores the outdoors, a campfire gift hamper such as this is the perfect way to bring the two passions together. There is fudge, hot chocolate, cinder toffee, salsa and, of course, some marshmallows perfect for roasting.


Boska ‘Mr Big’ Party Fondue Set

The foodie in your life is keen on hosting little get-togethers and always has a selection of social food on the table for everyone to pick at. This fondue set is huge and comes with 12 forks, so will go down a treat with everyone invited.

Christmas Gifts for Cooks

The kitchen is his, and nobody else is allowed anywhere near it. He will happily spend hours creating the best soups, sauces and steaks for everyone else’s enjoyment, or is a self-confessed BBQ expert.

He needs the best of the best, so he can continue on his quest to master the kitchen, so one of the following should keep him happy and occupied for a little while.

Under £50:

The Science of Cooking: Every Question Answered to Perfect your Cooking

As well as food, he also loves science. Everything needs to be cooked to perfection, measured out precisely, and questioned until it has been proven. What is steaming? What makes one chilli hotter than another? The only way for him to improve his cooking is for him to have more understanding.

Cuisinart SG20 Electric Spice and Nut Grinder

No food can be cooked unless spices have been added beforehand, and the spices can’t be added unless they’re fresh to fully pack in the flavour. This grinder will take the effort out of doing it all in a pestle and mortar.

Life of Spice World Collection

Three tins of herbs and spices to take him on a journey around the world without him leaving the kitchen. Tennessee barbecue rub, Singapore-inspired salt and a blend of herbs will add a kick to meats, sauces, pasta or stir-fries.

Personalised Food Father Waxed Denim Apron

Whether you are purchasing for your own father or on behalf of your kids/grandkids, an apron which lets everyone know your recipient is the King of the Kitchen won’t only put a smile on his face but keep him mess-free too – good if that’s the one thing he struggles with.

Under £100:

Personalised Bbq King Tool Kit 

Once the first bit of sun emerges, the barbecue is wheeled out and uncovered. Nobody else is allowed to touch it or use it. All he needs now is the personalised tools to go with it.

Thermapen 4 SuperFast Meat Thermometer

Safe cooking of meats, poultry and barbecued items is vital, so he is going to need something which does it accurately and quickly. He won’t be able to find any thermometer much better than this one, which can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius as well as used in any light and at any angle.

Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable Suitcase BBQ

We have established he loves a barbecue, but he misses it when he goes camping, to a festival or for a picnic in Summer. This one is easy to carry, quick to set up and is completely versatile. No more missing out on freshly grilled burgers.

Richardson Sheffield V Sabatier 5 Piece Knife Block Set

Every cook needs a set of knives for every eventuality. These have been seen on Masterchef and Great British Bake Off, so we would say they are pretty much some of the best. For precision cutting and chopping, a block like this is vital.

Under £200:

Ooni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Uuni 3 Wood-Fired Oven with Stone Baking Board

Pizza ovens are a brilliant idea for anyone who loves both pizzas and homemade food. But having a large brick-built oven in the backyard is not ideal when you want to go camping or on a staycation. This Ooni is just as good as the permanent deal but is also easy to carry around. You can check out some of our other top pizza oven picks here.

Sage the Smart Fryer™

Chips, calamari, onion rings, fish and scotch eggs are just some of the food items which will always taste better when made in a fryer, and this model comes pre-set with a range of times, temperatures and frozen food settings. It certainly takes the effort and unpredictability out of the whole thing if your giftee is a deep fat fryer fan.

Butchery Class

Having meat on their plate is a must, but they can’t really go beyond cooking a chicken breast. With the help of this course, they’ll be tying meat, breaking down chicken and dealing with a rack of lamb next time they’re in the kitchen.

Le Creuset Rib Rectangular Toughened Non-Stick 34cm Grill

A good griddle pan is the base of any kitchen, especially one which regularly hosts steaks and grill nights. As it is non-stick and aluminium, it isn’t only easy to cook with but also clean at the end of it all. A must-have for any indoor griller.


Sage the Smart Grill Pro

Bog-standard grill pans are no good for your technology-loving foodie. They need full adjustability and a little help getting it just right. With this Smart grill, they can select the meat and how well done they want it. He can also ensure it is up to temperature using the built-in probes. He can also adapt it to make pancakes and toasted sandwiches.

Christmas Gifts for Drinks Lovers

Food is a big part of his life, but no meal or snack is complete without a liquid refreshment as an accompaniment. Or maybe he cares more about finding the best coffee than the best coq au vin. There is a gift out there for every beer, spirit, smoothie or hot drinks lover.

Under £50:

Festival Premium Ale Golden Stag 40 Pint Home Brew Kit

He doesn’t just love food, but craft ales too. The beers and ales available in the supermarket are no good. Think of this kit as a mix of conjuring up a new recipe, as long as they can follow instructions to a tee.

Hario Pour Over Kit 

For many people, coffee is more than a morning boost. It is an art. Using a pour-over kit is a great way to boost the taste, and the Hario V60 dripper is widely seen as the best of the bunch.

KRUPS GVX2 Expert Coffee Grinder

If they do love coffee but are stuck using pre-grounds for easiness, this grinder will allow them to use beans and grind them before use for added freshness and taste.

John Lewis & Partners Bar Tools and Stand

He is more of a budding mixologist and cocktail connoisseur than a beer drinker, and every mixologist needs a set of tools to correctly do the job.

Under £100:

Red Letter Days Brewer For The Day With Beer Tasting

His experience of real ale involves going to the pub and buying a pint, so this experience package will show him how that beer is crafted from factory to bottle, and allow him to get hands-on.

Dartington Crystal Personalised Exmoor Tankard

Every time he has a drink at home, this tankard will be admired. The personalisation makes it an extra-special gift too.

Sage the Smart Kettle

The kettle is always on, whether it be coffee, fruit teas or green teas. He also loves smart appliances which involve little effort and changing of the perfect settings. This kettle brings the two together in one handy piece of kit – he can just press a button for the best temperature for his oolong. If you think something a bit more simple will do him just fine, we have reviewed some other brilliant kettles here.

Under £200:

De’Longhi Dedica Style EC685M Traditional Pump Espresso Machine

Not only does it look sleek and professional, but it also produces a fab cup of coffee. Great gift idea for the caffeine addicts, style-conscious and baristas in the making.

Personalised Whisky Set 

If whiskey is his favourite tipple, then this decanter, two glasses and water jug which all sit on solid walnut coasters is the perfect addition to his enjoyment and a fab gift. You can even be engrave it for a little extra price.

Philips HD 3620:25 Perfect Draft beer dispenser

Philips HD 3620/25 Perfect Draft Beer Dispenser

Should he not make it to the pub as often as he’d like, bring the pub to him. He won’t require gas cylinders; just plug in and get pulling. It is also compatible with various kegs.

NINJA Nutri Ninja Duo BL642UK Blender

Forget the beers, coffees and cocktails – your fitness fanatic is more into smoothies, protein powders and shakes. With this Nutri Ninja, he can make all of these with ease. Plus, he can crush ice into snow for frozen drinks. It will deal with seeds, nuts and all sorts of fruit and veg, so he is covered for whatever his next recipe is.


Smeg FAB5R Freestanding Mini Fridge

Mini fridges are great for outbuildings, spare rooms or even just as a bit of extra overflow storage. If he spends more time in the garage/games room/shed than anywhere else, this little Smeg fridge won’t only store some drinks and snacks but will look pretty trendy too.

Leather Drinks Connoisseur Gift Set

You want to purchase a barware gift for the man in your life who likes a tipple. He is also a stickler for quality and craftsmanship. This tray, bottle opener, corkscrew and wine cooler are all handcrafted and the perfect accompaniment to a night in front of the telly.

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