Chocolate Fountain Dip Ideas

You are planning full steam ahead for the milestone birthday party/barbecue/garden get-together. To cater for those with a sweet tooth, a chocolate fountain is definitely going to be the way forward.

But with the ease of a chocolate fountain actually comes a lot of responsibility when it comes to the platter of dipping items on offer. There will be those who like fruit to balance it out, some who prefer something savoury to counteract the chocolate, or those who need something substantial or they’ll lose it in the fountain forever.

Just buy some skewers and let everybody help themselves. A few napkins and a plate will probably come in handy, too…

These are some classic chocolate fountain ideas, as well as a few you may not have thought of:


Probably the best-known dipper. They’re substantial, and big enough to keep everyone quiet for a few seconds at least. You could also get a little fire pit going for people to roast the marshmallows first


The other classic. Chocolate and strawberries is a very traditional combination, and they’ll be getting their five-a-day in a roundabout way


Something else for a fruity touch. Keep the sections big so none gets dropped

Chocolate Fountain Dips


Those sweet ones you can buy are great cut up into sections. Just toast them before serving. People can also make a full dessert if they top with the fruit on offer


Great for anyone who wants something savoury to dip which balances it out, if you pick the salted versions. They are also very easy to make at home


Go for a solid, dense cake to avoid any breakages or spills, and keep the chunks fairly large. They can double dip if they wish, after all. Ready-made sponge fingers could be good, or one larger cake cut into chunks


Again, a solid option will be best, like a digestive, cookie or shortbread. Anything you wouldn’t dip in your cup of tea, you probably shouldn’t risk in a chocolate fountain


Either nests or bites would be a great idea, especially if there is a lot of fruit or ice cream also on offer for something more like a dessert


Another savoury option, similar to the pretzels. They are long enough to get a good amount of chocolate on there, and to not lose it in the chocolate forever

Rice Crispy Cakes

They can be bought either ready made or are easy to make at home. Use butter and marshmallow to bind them if you want plain options which people can coat with as much chocolate as they wish


Another classic combination, and definitely one for those with a fully sweet tooth

Mini Doughnuts

Substantial, sweet and a great size for covering in chocolate. There are plenty of flavour options out there if you want something different too, such as iced or strawberry varieties

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