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Fixed Price, Next Day Boiler Installation – Meet BOXT.

BOXT provides homeowners with a smart and fast way of getting a new boiler when their old one is no longer fit for the job. With excellent prices, the option to pay in instalments and even the possibility of next-day installation, they are fast becoming the best option out there.

It certainly sounds much more straightforward than purchasing a boiler, paying for delivery and hunting for a local engineer to install it. But is it all it is hyped up to be?

How Does BOXT Work?

It is a simple enough process. Just answer a few questions online, choose the option which best suits your price range and availability, and then the rest is done on your behalf.

The questions are straightforward, such as fuel used, the type of boiler, where it is situated, and even if you want the option to move it to another room in the house.

If they need to double-check any answers, BOXT may ask for some photos to clear things up or will call you if this isn’t possible. Don’t worry if all of this goes over your head – they are really clear in explaining the types of boiler and entire process if you aren’t 100% on the setup of your home.

Simply choose the option which appeals the most from your answers, and you don’t have to do anything else. BOXT will contact the engineer, so you just need to get the house ready and be in when they call.

Still not sure? See how BOXT boilers compared when they went up against other popular makes, models and even fixed price installers such as Heatable.

The Process

  1. Choose The Plan – BOXT will reveal the best options for you and your requirements. Having the option to choose the boiler make and model as opposed to having it decided for you allows you to check out reviews first
  2. Select The Date – Need it ASAP, or can you wait until mid-week to save some money? The available dates are all shown, so you have freedom of choice
  3. Pay – Choose the monthly instalment option, or pay the lot upfront using the secure online system which accepts Visa Debit, American Express and Mastercard
  4. Receive The Boiler – A courier will drop the boiler off, usually on the morning of the fitting. Don’t worry; BOXT reassure that they’ve never had any issues with deliveries
  5. Install – The engineer will arrive early too, between 7.30 – 9.30am, so they have plenty of time to get the job done depending on your requirements and if there are any problems

How Much Will I Pay For A New BOXT Boiler?

The results will likely show various options, all with different price ranges. The end cost will depend on the boiler you choose, as well as fitting and whether it is a simple replacement or the boiler needs moving to a different room.

If you choose instalments, there is a full breakdown of APR and choice of 60 or 120 months duration, and you have the option to pay up to 50% deposit to reduce the long-term cost. It is all handled by payment partner Divido after a credit check.

BOXT offer discounts if you can install your new boiler on a quieter day such as midweek, and costs are low because there are no overheads, salespeople, pre-assessments or third party purchasing involved. They are 45% owned by Bosch, so this explains the lower boiler costs too.

Prices can start at around £1,795 for a standard two-bedroom, one-bathroom home and will rise with more rooms, bathrooms and more expensive boilers.

But every new fitting comes with Gas Safe installation, a free system cleanse, and they will even recycle your old boiler. You also get a free filter installed in the boiler, which should keep it running for longer – so they don’t scrimp on service.

How Can BOXT Offer Next Day Installation?

“Buy online by 3pm and get it fitted the next day by the No. 1 rated Heating company on TrustPilot”. This is a bold statement which BOXT displays on their homepage regarding new boiler installation and their services.

When you have answered all of the questions, you pop your postcode into the application. This will bring up the suitable fitting dates, depending on when the local engineers BOXT work with are free.

They work with over 500 fully qualified installers from all around the UK, using an app-connected network for communication, so there is a good chance you’ll get the date you want as long as someone’s free. Your date is always guaranteed, so if they have to change the engineer at the last minute, they’ll let you know. When you’ve chosen, you can ‘Meet The Installer’ so you know who is coming to your home (and know in advance how they like their cup of tea).

What Else Should I Look Out For?

Price may depend on factors other than the boiler and any extras you have chosen, so it is worth bearing in mind that there may be considerations which mean the cheapest (or indeed most expensive) option aren’t the best for you:

  • Warranty – Parts and labour warranty will differ depending on the make and model selected. This could start at two years, but go up to ten years with just a few pounds more per month
  • Central Heating Output – Think about how often you need hot water. If the whole family needs a shower in the morning and it is high in demand, then you may need a higher output than a couple who have different schedules
  • Specifications – It is something you could easily forget, and while there is a good chance that everything will be fine, check the dimensions and other data of the boiler to ensure it will fit in the space and look the part, too.

BOXT Reviews – What are People Saying?

It is all well and good telling you that they’re brilliant at what they do, but what are people’s experience of using the service?

They are currently ranked number 1 for gas installation service and heating service on Trustpilot and have a score of 9.8/10 (‘Excellent’). Even the more mediocre reviews are rather glowing, with no marking less than ‘Great’. The majority of reviews are verified so can be trusted.

Subjects which crop up time and time again include the “excellent service with quality products”, “Hassle-free experience from start to finish” and “competitive prices” – pretty great to say they’ve only been around since 2017.

BOXT was set up by the former owners of Help-Link, a leading servicing and installation company in the UK. They currently install more boilers than rivals such as Homeserve and e.ON and are competitive in pricing against the likes of British Gas, Vaillant and Ideal.

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