Black Friday: The Best Kitchen Appliance Deals

Black Friday isn’t just a time to look for an offer on that expensive camera you’ve wanted for a while or to finally get yourself a speaker which gives you the best sound imaginable.

Black Friday 2018 – Kitchen Appliance Offers

People often forget that they can also nab a fantastic deal on some essential new kitchen appliances, whether they be a fridge to replace your current model which is too small/noisy/old or a fabulous new bread maker which will make your life so much easier (and luxurious).

What Is On Offer?

Whatever you’d usually find in a kitchen, you can guarantee there will be an offer on it. Some will even see a discount of up to 50%, and if you’re lucky, this could go closer to 70%.

Look for big brands too. LG, Samsung, KitchenAid, Sage, Bosch, AEG, De’Longhi and Hotpoint are well-sought after and because of this, the retailers will want to draw everyone in…

Large Appliances – Fridges, freezers, fridge-freezer combinations, washing machines and dishwashers, ovens and cookers

Small Appliances – Coffee machines, stand mixers and baking accessories, microwaves, cooker hoods, Crock Pots, food processors and toasters

Our Top Deals

Where Can I Find My New Appliances?

Luckily for you, some of the best deals can be found in appliance-heavy stores.

Curry’s, AO and Argos always have some cracking offers across their ranges, but when it comes to kitchen electricals, there is a competition regarding who can have the best discounts which is good news for the lucky shoppers.

John Lewis will also have offers aplenty on their electricals, and they often sell quite a few high-end and exclusive items which could see you grab a bargain that would otherwise be out of your price range, and you can’t find anywhere else.

Don’t forget about Amazon too, seen as the company who brought Black Friday and Cyber Monday over to our shores in the first place. You may not be one to usually look there for your big-ticket kitchen appliances, but they excel in offering all those small electricals at great prices, so Black Friday will see these lowered even further.

As a bonus, some of the stores have Price Match Guarantees in place, so they will generally sell a particular machine for the same cost as certain close rivals or refund you the difference.

How Should I Prepare?

Kitchen appliances are arguably more essential in our homes than all of those smart speakers, games consoles and tablets which are little luxuries. They’re the hub of any busy household. A new large appliance will be hopefully last you anywhere between five and ten years as well, so it is essential to get it right.

  • Think about what you need

As well as those starry items which will jazz up your kitchen and make life easier, there are some essentials too. Fridges, freezers and ovens are just three of the appliances kitchens can’t do without in the modern era.

If you got a new fridge-freezer seven months ago, it would probably be pointless and money-wasting to buy another (even if it is a great deal), because they usually have well over five years of life in them.

Likewise, if you spend a load of money on a new coffee machine but your oven is clearly in the last few weeks of its life, then you may regret not prioritising. Make a list of what you ideally need, and then a separate one for what you want. This makes shopping easier.

  • Measure up

Your new American fridge freezer with all the latest mod cons which was half price is arriving tomorrow. How exciting! It comes through the front door; you shimmy it into your kitchen carefully, then you realise it won’t fit in the designated space. Suddenly, it seems less fantastic.

Measure up everything before you sit down to buy and make sure you take note of all of the dimensions. And don’t buy an item which is even a centimetre too big just because it is a bargain, because although it is a relatively small difference, it makes all the difference when it comes to squeezing it all in.

  • Think ahead

You’ve had your washing machine now for seven years, and have a feeling that you may need to buy another before Summer is here even if it all seems fine now. It could be worth getting a new one in the Black Friday sales rather than waiting until Boxing Day or hoping that you’ll get a good deal in the New Year (and hoping it will see you through to then).

Also, set a budget, and remember that Christmas is just around the corner, which is a busy and expensive time of year.

  • Check back every day

Most retailers have now extended their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers beyond the big days, lasting over a week (or maybe even a month). This takes pressure off their operations but also means there is more time for them to schedule the multiple offers.

Some will pop their appliance deals up on the first day and keep them there until the event ends or the appliance sells out, and others will set them up for one day only (this is a favourite trick of Amazon).

To find the best bargains, take a look through the lists every day. Don’t give up if there are no ovens on sale the very first day – there will probably be a diamond deal coming up later on in the week.

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