Best Toaster 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Any modern day kitchen isn’t complete without a toaster, perhaps the most crucial component of a fully functioning kitchen. Buying the best toaster for your home isn’t as simple as just picking the prettiest or cheapest model, there are lots of things that need to be taken into consideration to get the best, crunchy, perfectly browned breakfast to start your day on the right foot.

Don’t think that you have to spend hundreds to get a decent toaster, with the right research and a little know how, you can get the toaster of your dreams for a reasonable price. With so many different styles, types and models, it can be hard to know which one is worth spending money on. We never want you to experience another bad piece of toast again which is why we have reviewed the top toasters available, to bring you the best deal.

Toasters TypePowerDimensionsRatingPriceCheck Price
Breville VTT570breville-vtt570-custom2-Slice Toaster850 WH21.7 x W28.8 x D19 cm9.6/10£
Cuisinart Signature Collection 4 Slot ToasterCuisinart Signature Collection 4 Slot Toaster Review4-Slice Toaster2000 WH20.5 x W28.2 x D28.5 cm9.5/10££
Breville Impressions 4 Slice ToasterBreville VTT470 Impressions 4 Slice Toaster Review4-Slice Toaster2100 WH21.9 x W31 x D21 cm09-Oct££
Russell Hobbs 18096russell-hobbs-18096-2-slice-toaster-custom2-Slice Toaster980 wattsH29.4 x W19.8 x D19.2 cm9.2/10£
Tefal Maison 4tefal-maison-4-slice-toaster-custom4-Slice Toaster1700 wattsH36.6 x W31.4 x D26.4 cm43017££

Top Everyday Model

Breville VTT570 

BREVILLE The Perfect Fit for Warburtons VTT570 2-Slice Toaster Review


The Breville VTT570 is a powerful model that browns bread evenly. It comes with a number of different handy features like defrost, warming and reheating functions. The browning ability can be altered depending on your personal preference. The Breville comes with extra wide slots, perfect for homemade or larger pieces of bread.

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Pros and Cons
We Liked:
  • No cool sidewalls
  • No bagel tray
We Didn't Like:
  • Defrost, warming and reheat settings
  • High-lift eject
  • Variable browning functions
Breville VTT570
96 %

Our Verdict: The high-lift eject function is handy for smaller food like crumpets and tea cakes. It is easy to maintain and clean with its removable crumb tray. It’s sleek design makes it a good option for any kitchen.

Breville VTT570 Rating: 9.6/10

Specifications & Downloads


  • Type: 2-slice model
  • Power: 850 watts
  • Dimensions: H22 x W29 x D19 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg

Breville VTT570 user manual

Download the Breville VTT570 user manual here.

Top Four Slot Model

Cuisinart Signature Collection 4 Slot Toaster

Cuisinart Signature Collection 4 Slot Toaster ReviewA stylish 4 slot toaster with six browning levels, this toaster is perfect for busy mornings on the go. Whip up a plate of toast for all the family in no time or even use the bagel setting to make perfect bagels every time. We love that this toaster has a defrost function for when you forgot to get the bread out of the freezer, taking the stress out of rushed breakfasts.

There is even a kettle to match this toaster to complete the stylish look in your kitchen.

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Pros and Cons
We Liked:
  • Defrost setting
  • Reheat setting
  • Bagel setting
  • 6 browning levels
  • 4 slots
We Didn't Like:
  • No accessories included
Cuisinart Signature Collection 4 Slot Toaster
95 %

Our Verdict: A sleek looking toaster with 4 slots for busy mornings and a matching kettle available for the perfect kitchen look.

Cuisinart Signature Collection 4 Slot Toaster Rating: 9.5/10

Specifications & Downloads


  • Type: 4 slice model
  • Power: 2000W
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 28.2 x 28.5 cm
  • Settings: 6

Cuisinart Signature Collection 4 Slot Toaster user manual

Download the Cuisinart Signature Collection 4 Slot Toaster user manual here.

Top Stylish Model

Breville Impressions 4 Slice Model

Breville Impressions 4-Slice Best Toaster Review

The Breville Impressions is a stylish and textured design for every kitchen. It is a powerful appliance, browning evenly and quickly. It comes with four variable bread slots with high-lift eject for maximum control over your breakfast. Pop and peek features allow you to keep an eye on your breakfast without having to change the browning settings.

The Breville Impressions comes with defrost, warming and reheating options depending on your needs.

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Pros and Cons
We Liked:
  • Powerful (2100 watts)
  • Peek and pop setting
  • High-lift eject
We Didn't Like:
  • Will not fit a medium slice of bread
  • A little bulky
Breville Impressions 4 Slice Model
90 %

Our Verdict: It is a compact design making it perfect for placing on any kitchen surface. With 2100 watts of power the Breville has undeniable power so you can enjoy your morning bite in no time.

Breville Impressions 4-Slice Model Rating: 9/10

Specifications & Downloads


  • Type: 4-slice model
  • Power: 2100 watts
  • Dimensions H21.9 x W31 x D21 cm
  • Weight: 2.2 Kg

Breville Impressions 4-Slice Model user manual

Download the Breville Impressions 4-Slice Model user manual here.

Top Two Slice Model

Russell Hobbs 18096 Two Slice Toaster

Russell Hobbs 18096 2-Slice Best Toaster Review

The Russell Hobbs 18096 two slice model  is a sleek and striking design, suitable for any kitchen. With brushed stainless steel finish and noticeable curves, this compact, two slice toaster will fit onto any kitchen surface easily. It comes with variable browning controls and high-lift eject, making it suitable for all kinds of foods. It comes with handy features like defrost, warming and reheating functions cutting down time spent on toasting.

With 980 watts of power, the Russell Hobbs 18096 browns bread evenly and quickly. It offers a cancel feature and pop and peek functions allowing you to check your breakfast during the browning cycle.

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Pros and Cons
We Liked:
  • Stainless steel design
  • High-lift eject
  • Powerful
We Didn't Like:
  • Sides can become hot after use
  • No bagel tray
Russell Hobbs 18096 Two Slice Toaster
92 %

Our Verdict: This option is a great addition to any home, however busy.

Russell Hobbs 18096 Rating: 9.2/10

Specifications & Downloads


  • Type: 2-slot model
  • Power: 980 watts
  • Dimensions: H29.4 x W19.8 x D19.2 cm
  • Weight: 1.4 Kg

Russell Hobbs 18096 user manual

Download the Russell Hobbs 18096 user manual here.

Tefal Maison 4 Slice Toaster

Tefal Maison 4 Slice Toaster Review
The Tefal Maison 4-slice option is smart and sophisticated. With seven variable heat settings, defrost, warming and reheating functions, keeping you in control of your toast. The Tefal Maison offers extra wide slots for versatility and high-lift functions for small items like crumpets and tea cakes. It’s elegant design will complement any kitchen. It’s powerful at 1700 watts and can toast four slices of bread at a time. With eco-settings you are able to switch off unused slots.

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Pros and Cons
We Liked:
  • Powerful toaster
  • Variable heat settings
  • Sleek design
We Didn't Like:
  • Expensive
  • High-lift feature isn’t that effective
Tefal Maison 4 Slice Toaster
90 %

Our Verdict: The Tefal Maison features lift and look settings, keeping you in full control of browning. With four slots the Tefal Maison is the perfect addition to any family home, complementing a busy lifestyle with ease.

Tefal Maison 4 Slice Toaster Rating: 9/10

Specifications & Downloads


  • Type: 4-slot model
  • Power: 1700 watts
  • Dimensions: H36.6 x W31.4 x D26.4 cm
  • Weight: 2.6 Kg

Tefal Maison 4 Slice Toaster user manual

Download the Tefal Maison 4 Slice Toaster user manual here.

There you have it. Thats a round up of the best toasters available to give you the best possible experience. Speed up your morning routine with fast, high quality breakfast for the whole family. Whether you live by yourself or have a very hectic kitchen in the mornings, the perfect crunch is achievable with the right appliance. For more guidance on how to buy the right toaster for your home, check out our buying guide.

Toaster Buying Guide

Toast is the food of the Gods. It’s quick and convenient and is a little taste of warm buttery goodness. These days it’s hard to even imagine a kitchen without a toaster, but buying the right toaster isn’t as simple as it sounds. There is an art to getting your toast evenly browned, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

With so many different models and types of toasters to choose from, it can be easy to get sucked into all the snazzy features and over the top specifications, which sometimes aren’t necessary. To make your decision even easier we have compiled the top things you need to look out for when thinking about buying a toaster for your home.

Before You Buy


The size of your toaster really depends on how many people will be using it and the space you have available. How many slots do you want your toaster to have? They normally come with 2, 4 and sometimes even 6. Again this is totally dependant on how many people will be using the toaster on a daily basis. 2 slots is usually enough if you are the only one using it. If it’s for the whole family then a 4 or 6 slice model is sure to feed those hungry mouths.


The next thing to consider when buying a toaster is the wattage. Is a powerful model important to you? Why does it even matter about power?

The higher the power the quicker the toast. But there is more to it. If you have a high power appliance then you will get crispy toast on the outside and soft bread on the inside. If you opt for a less powerful toaster then you get chewy toast rather than cripness. This comes down to preference but as a rough guide, you should try and get a toaster that is at least 1200 kwatts for a 2 slice model and 1800 kwatts for a 4 or 6 slice model. This also depends on the type of bread you are toasting so think about what one will suit your preference.

Energy Consumption

Depending on the type you get, they will use a different amount of energy. Obviously the bigger the toaster, the more energy will be used. You can get toasters that allow you to control which slots heat up and this can make your breakfast energy efficient. If you want this feature then you will need to look at the specifications of the toaster and see if it’s right for you. These features are only available on 4 and 6 slice toasters and not available for the usual 2 slot toaster.


Defrost – this feature allows you to defrost your bread before toasting. This means that you can defrost your bread without having to change your settings.

Reheat – this handy feature warms up your toast if for some reason you didn’t get to it quick enough and it cooled down. Just flick the switch to reheat your toast without burning your toast or soggy bread.

Crumb tray – crumb trays are very important to pick up all the crumbs that fall off your bread in the process of toasting. They are a must have for any toaster so make sure to look for a model with a crumb tray.

Peak and pop – this is a smart function found on most toasters. It means that you can pop up your toast without changing the browning settings. This way you can see if your toast is done and how crispy it is.

Bagel function – some toasters come with a bagel function meaning that only one side of your bagel is toasted, while the other side is gently warmed. Take a look at the specifications to see if a toaster offers this feature.

High lift feature – if you regularly toast smaller items like crumpets and tea cakes then a high lifting bread carriage allows you to lift out the bread carriage without burning your fingers.


How much should be spent on a toaster?

Prices range from between £5 to £250 depending on the model and brand you go for. It depends on what kind of toaster you want. No frills, simple models can come at £5 while other more sophisticated appliances can come into the hundreds.

How long will a toaster last for before it breaks?

This is totally dependant on the quality of your appliance. If you buy a cheaper one then the chances are the toaster will break quickly. If you invest in a quality model then it is likely to last a lot longer.

What does peek and pop mean?

This is a function available on many toasters that allows you to pop up the toast to check if it is done, mid cycle. This means that you don’t have to reset the browning cycle.

What styles can you buy?

There is a wide selection of different styles and colours to choose from depending on your kitchen style and the type of toaster you want.

What is a bagel toasting function?

There are some toasters that come with a bagel setting. This means that one side of the bagel is toasted while the other is slightly warmed. This creates the best consistency and browning of your bagel.

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