Best Steam Press 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Nobody likes ironing. Before you have even started, you need to bring the ironing board out of storage, set it up, fill the iron with water, and sort out the pile of clothes you need to tackle.

A laundry press could be the answer. They are handy steaming or dry devices which can be used in the home yet give launderette results. It can take the arm work out of ironing, and you don’t even have to stand up as they can be used on any surface or table.

If you can never manage your bedding, or the pile never seems to go down despite you feeling as though you’re never away from the board, then a steam press may make life much easier. You may also want to consider buying an ordinary steam iron or garment steamer for those little touch-ups as well, however – a steam press isn’t one for getting rid of little creases when you’re dashing out of the door.

These are the best dry or steam press iron models around at the moment.

The Best Steam Press – Our Top Picks

Best Laundry Steam Press Machines

Fastpress Dry Press

Should you not need the steam option, the Dry model from Fastpress is a good bet.

It is slightly cheaper but has pretty much the same specifications, including the ironing area.

You still just need a light press to lower the handle, and there is still 46kg of pressure applied to the clothing. You can still place it anywhere you wish, whether you want to buy a dedicated stand or use it at a table while sitting down.

It doesn’t need water because of the Teflon-coated heating plate, which gives you steam results without the actual steam. Perfect if you are cautious about the longevity of appliances such as irons and kettles.

Variable temperature selection will help with both those finer clothes and the tougher ones where the creases never seem to budge. It was the best clothes and garment press which we tested, and if you’re not a fan of hot steam then you can’t get a product which is better.


  • Ironing Area: 62 x 25cm
  • Dimensions: L65 x W53 x H21cm
  • Weight: 12kg

We like

  • Steam-free
  • Good at ironing delicate items
  • Self-explanatory to use

We dislike

  • Lack of steam could put some traditionalists off

Final Verdict

No messing around filling water reservoirs or having to distill it - it has won us over

SINGER ESP-2 Steam Press

A reservoir of 300 ml and a continuous steam rate of 30 g/min, this Singer press great for those larger tasks at hand.

It is ideal for all materials, whether it be your jeans, shirts or precious curtains. The temperature can be controlled, and you can give the garments a boost of steam by pressing the dedicated button. Likewise, if you’d rather dry iron, just turn off the steam function altogether.

Thanks to the wide opening, it is also ideal for bulkier items which you’d otherwise struggle to iron manually or several items in a pile which you’d have to iron separately usually. A temperature ready indicator lets you know when it is ready to go so you don’t waste any pressing energy, and you don’t even have to worry about accidentally leaving it on. The automatic safety shut off feature operates when the press is both opened and closed.

It is one of the more affordable press models on our list, but yet still does a fabulous job. This is why it was one of our favourites, and we thought it was pretty much the best budget steam press available to buy online. You don’t just get a relatively good price, but also a high performing, user-friendly item.


  • Ironing Area: 63 x 26cm
  • Dimensions: 21 x 65 x 54cm
  • Weight: 10kg

We like

  • Price
  • Easy to pour water into reservoir
  • Different temperature settings

We dislike

  • Larger hinge would help when placing in bigger items
  • Gets very hot around edges - keep your arms clear

Final Verdict

A large enough area for pressing sheets and bedding, and very quick at getting the job done. For under £200, there is no reason why you have to break the bank - this one is cheap and cheerful when compared to the others on the market

Fastpress Steam Press

For flattening out all of those creases, the products from the Fastpress brand will be absolute saviours.

The Steam Press only needs a slight bit of pressure applied to the handle to lower the top half down, and then it can do the rest of the work on your behalf. No need to hold it down for ages until it is done which could put a strain on your wrist. There is 46kg of pressure to be precise – fab for crisp bed sheets.

As it offers steam, it is great if you have garments which need a bit more attention when it comes to eliminating creases. There’s also a cuff and sleeve pad for ironing work shirts, which is great for the more sensitive areas.

Variable heat control makes it ideal even for the delicate clothing you may own, such as silk or fine cotton. A safety cut out will let you know if it gets too hot and will shut itself down.

It is slightly heavier than a few others available, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing with an item like this. You can tell the difference in ironing power versus the lightweight options, and there is no denying it gets through ironing in lightning speed. Just be aware of keeping your hand away from the steam button when using the handle.


  • Ironing Area: 62 x 25cm
  • Dimensions: L65 x W53 x H21cm
  • Weight: 12kg

We like

  • Good at getting through layers/folded sheets
  • Easy to lower down top
  • Good steam power

We dislike

  • No water indicator - can’t tell if it runs out

Final Verdict

A few extra features compared to cheaper models which could make it worth the additional pennies for you

Blanca Press Dry Ironing Press

By far the most expensive ironing press we have featured on this list, but if you own a B&B or professional business and need something which can tackle things with no issues and in a short time, it is going to be worth the investment.

First of all, there is a larger ironing area compared to most others out there, which is handy for sheets, towels, and other larger items. Several layers will be tackled at once, so you can just press for a short time and voila. To say it doesn’t use steam, this is impressive work.

It is heavy. Over 5kg heavier than some more budget-friendly models, in fact. So we would say this is definitely one for someone who maybe has an area set up specifically for laundry tasks and doesn’t have to be moving it around too much, such as in a utility room or spare bedroom.

Despite the price too, we can safely say it is incredibly well built and should be a fab investment. Other users who have had the Blanca for a few years have said there is no sign of limescale (because you don’t use steam), or even any damage at all, so you’ll soon make back the money in saved time and replacements!


  • Ironing Area: 78 x 28cm
  • Dimensions: L79 x W57 x H22cm
  • Weight: 17kg

We like

  • Makes light work of all materials
  • Large ironing area
  • Durable

We dislike

  • Top plate gets very hot

Final Verdict

The high-end luxury pick from us, but well worth the price

Speedypress PSP202E Steam Ironing Press

Featuring a generously sized ironing plate and steam function which will help tackle stubborn creases, this is a nice budget pick for anyone who needs some help tackling the laundry but doesn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds.

It has a nice wide opening for larger items which is great if you’re ironing thick jumpers, or folded up duvet covers. A clear LED display lets you know when it is ready to be used, and there is a safety cut out feature which will cut the power if it has been on for too long.

Temperatures can be lowered for more delicate items, which makes it a nice all-rounder. We will say it is best for smaller items as opposed to large sheets and bedding because of the plate size, but after some folding and shaping, you should be fine.

You can buy a stand separately, so you have somewhere to keep it if you wish. But it is lightweight enough to move around from surface to surface, or pop away in between uses. It takes a little longer to heat up compared to the other models, but for the saving you’d be making in cost, it isn’t going to be a massive pain.


  • Ironing Area: 64cm x 27cm
  • Dimensions: 65 x 24 x 55 cm
  • Weight: 12.5 Kg

We like

  • Variable temperature
  • Extra wide opening

We dislike

  • Steam can be a little intermittent

Final Verdict

Performs well to say it is half the price of some other options

Steam Press Buying Guide

Ironing Area

Depending on what you are going to be tackling, the area could be vital.

Larger areas could easily press king sized duvets and sheets if they are folded to fit, without having to redo them. Smaller plates, however, may only manage shirts and things such as pillowcases or towels.


Depending on how you are going to use the press, the weight of the item may be important to you.

If you’re going to have a setup and keep it in one place, such as the utility room, then the weight is probably not really an issue. But if you will be using it on the table twice per week and popping it away in between uses, you will want something which is ideally around 12kg or less so it can be lifted.

Do be aware that the heavier models can sometimes provide more pressing pressure for clothing, however, which could be good if it is going to be in demand.

Steam Or Dry?

The majority of models out there are steam-based, as it has long been known that steam helps eliminate creases.

But some can be used dry, and will often have better non-stick plates or higher temperatures to make this possible. It is completely your choice what you go with, but do be aware that steam models can be more difficult to care for. You will need to use filtered water, and check for limescale regularly.


What Are The Advantages Of Steam Press Irons?

If you’re debating over whether to get an ordinary iron or a press, you may be tempted to hear some of the reasons why they are popular:

  • Quicker – you can press an entire garment as opposed to ironing for a few minutes
  • Portable – can be taken anywhere or to any room, and as an all-in-one it is easier to transport them
  • Less effort – no arm movements, turning the clothes, or manually releasing steam

Are There Any Tips For Using A Steam Press?

Before you buy, you may want to know how to get the best out of a new steam press iron, to ensure it is compatible with your lifestyle:

  • Try to iron clothes when damp
  • If you need to iron a lot of shirts or sleeves, consider a model with a dedicated attachment or area
  • Despite the adverts which say they can be left unattended, never do. Unplug and leave to cool before putting away
  • Always use filtered water if a steam model, to prevent limescale
  • Use a clean cloth, slightly damp, to clean the press. Never use abrasives or chemicals
  • Try to keep it in a dust free place, and covered when not in use, to prevent the build-up of particles
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