Best Stand Mixer 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Love baking and cooking, but hate the hours that it can take to prepare a product before it even goes into the oven? Stand mixers are the perfect kitchen accompaniment if you find the groundwork of making cake or bread mix challenging or time consuming. With the ever-increasing popularity of home baking thanks to programmes such as Great British Bake Off, one of these appliances can take all the strain out of the preparation of mixes and doughs (and would look impressive on your countertop).

As with all electrical equipment, there is a wide range available which all offer unique bonuses and fittings, so finding the perfect one can be hard. Here are our picks of the best cake mixers available on the current market, as well as some FAQ’s to help you decide which is the best choice for your specific lifestyle.

The Best Stand Mixers – Our Top Picks

Under £100 – Morphy Richards 400010

Morphy Richards 400010 Review

  • Powerful 800W Motor
  • Accessories Included
  • 5 Litre Capacity
  • Easy to Clean

Best Premium – KitchenAid 175 Artisan

KitchenAid 175 Artisan 4.8L Review

  • Huge Colour Choice
  • Superb Quality, Built to last
  • 10 Speed Motor
  • Iconic, super-stylish design

Best Retro – SMEG SMF01RDUK

SMEG SMF01RDUK 50's Retro Review

  • Attractive Retro Design
  • 1000 W Motor
  • Quiet, 10 Speed Motor
  • Simple to use

Best Professional Mixers

KitchenAid 175 Artisan 4.8L

The KitchenAid brand is a titan name in the baking world, and their stand mixers are timeless classics. With an elegant, stylish finish, the high-quality fittings and fixtures make this machine the perfect all-round baking companion for your kitchen. If, like many, you find yourself being very particular about the colour of your kitchen appliances, then the incredibly wide range of 17 bold colours will ensure you find your perfect fit.

As well as the wire whisk, dough hook, flex edge beater and 4.83L Artisan® mixing bowl, this model also comes complete with the Artisan® Flat beater, meaning you can not only prepare your cake mixes and batters but your mashed potatoes too. The bowl also has a large, easy to grab handle which makes it perfect to grip when transferring to a baking tray.

The range of extra attachments available to accompany the 175 Artisan stand mixer is massive, from can openers, food grinders and mincers to pasta and ice cream makers, meaning this single machine can become your absolute go-to for preparing almost anything you would ever need to cook. The quality of the mixing is far superior to a lot of other mixers on the market, which is unsurprising given the high-end price tag.

There are a lot of mixers out there that fall under the KitchenAid brand name, and this is actually their best and most popular mid-price mixer on the market. The newer Artisan 5KSM7580XBER model is available here, and comes with an unbeatable 6.9L capacity bowl which is the best option if you are likely to be cooking large, professional-scale batches regularly.

The head is fixed rather than moveable, so it is a crank lever that raises and lifts the bowl instead (meaning it can be placed in the perfect position for personal preference). However, if it is the best value for money KitchenAid Artisan mixer you are after, the 175 model is the top one for the job, just as attractive, and more bank-balance friendly.

We Like:
  • High-quality finish, look and end product
  • Massive range of colours
  • Quality investment piece
We Don't Like:
  • Noisier than other mixers depending on the contents of bowl

Verdict: A kitchen classic, and our top pick of the high-end food mixers.

Specifications & Downloads


  • Dimensions: H36cm x W24cm x D37cm
  • Capacity: 4.8L
  • Power: 300W
  • Weight: 10.4kg

SMEG SMF01RDUK 50’s Retro

With a massive 1000W of power, this is one of the most sturdy and robust stand mixers on the market.

Not only are there 10 speed settings, but the SMF01RDUK also provides you with complete speed control, meaning you can mix products comfortably and effectively. Available in red, blue, silver/grey and white/cream, it will combine with most other kitchen appliances effectively, particularly if you own any other SMEG products.

The retro look is incredibly popular, and the product has a sleek yet classic, finished look, meaning you don’t have to choose between style and substance.

The item features a convenient safety lock when the head is tilted up, which is brilliant for any households that are conscious about the risk and endangerment of appliances in their home – especially if any little ones like to help with the baking process.

The wire whisk which is included effectively picks up any stray bits of flour that would otherwise be left in the 4.8L mixing bowl if done by hand, and the product also comes with a dough hook and flat beater to open up your baking opportunities.

It is marginally more expensive than some other mixers, but very effective for those who would regularly use such a product and see it as a long-term investment. It is also on the heavy side compared to the others, but as it looks so handsome you probably wouldn’t be moving it from pride of place on your countertop anyway.

We Like:
  • Safety precautions mean no accidents
  • Does not move when on maximum speed setting
  • Quiet to use
  • Starts smoothly even on highest speed
We Don't Like:
  • Can be heavy to lift

Verdict: A great unit from this famous manufacturer. Our favourite of the ‘retro’ style appliances on offer.

Specifications & Downloads


  • Dimensions: H40.2cm x W37.8cm x D22.1cm
  • Capacity: 4.8L
  • Power: 1000W
  • Weight: 8kg

Kenwood kMix KMX754

The kMix group of products from Kenwood is one of the most well-respected kitchen appliance ranges, and the kMix KMX754 is rated very highly for its ease of use, modern look and powerful 1000W motor.

The stainless-steel whisk, K beater and dough hook tools are easy to interchange and are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The product delivers 5 different speed settings, plus a unique separate fold function that aids with the layering of ingredient components. Unlike the majority of other mixers, the splashguard contains a feeding tube, meaning you can safely add to your mix whilst the machine is on without the hassle of having to remove the bowl and clear up any mess as a result (particularly handy if you are prone to forgetting to add any components).

For those concerned about safety, the kMix automatically stops when the head is lifted and there is a light to warn you if it is not properly turned off.

It is a very heavy and sturdy product, which means there is very little movement or shaking when mixing more demanding items, even on the highest of speed settings. The glass bowl included is rather heavy and cumbersome but is great for being able to see the mixing progress and product volumes easily, and it does not move about when the mixer is in use. It is also fantastic for those who do not like the annoying sound that using a metal mixing bowl can produce.

Although it is quite expensive, it is perfect if you want a mixer that fits into the professional category and will stay with you for years through excessive use. However, it is slightly louder and lighter than previous kMix versions, if noise and robustness is of particular concern to you.

We Like:
  • Heavy duty tools
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Handy splash guard
  • Good safety features
  • Unique fold function
We Don't Like:
  • Lighter but noisier than previous kMix versions
  • Few speed settings for the price

Verdict: An extremely well-made and sturdy mixer with a unique glass mixing bowl. Reliable and quieter than it’s predecessors.

Specifications & Downloads


  • Dimensions: H35.5cm x W24cm x D38.5cm
  • Capacity: 5L
  • Power: 1000W
  • Weight: 11kg

Cuisinart SM50U Precision 5.2L

Cuisinart have been in the kitchen appliance market for over 30 years, but this is their first ever mixing product on the market. This high-performance machine is sleek, stylish and simple to use, making it even easier for you to bake like a professional in the comfort of your own kitchen.

With a massive 12 speed settings available, this product gives you complete freedom to either smoothly mix a whole range of ingredients in just seconds or choose a slower setting to gently fold delicate components together.

As it comes with a sturdy whisk, flat paddle and dough hook, the ability to prepare dough and whipping cream or mix batters and sauces is at your fingertips. The 5.2L mixing bowl is larger than most of its competitors and also offers a pour spout and transparent splash guard to help you cut down on mess.

The easiness continues after the work is done, with all extra parts except the Chef’s whisk being dishwasher safe. Price wise, it creeps into the mid-range category, and bearing this in mind the 500W motor is not as powerful as some of it’s less expensive competitors. Thankfully this doesn’t take away from performance thanks to the wide variety of speed settings.

We Like:
  • Clean, stylish design looks great in any kitchen
  • Easy to wash with most products being dishwasher safe
  • Robust die-cast metal casing and base makes it sturdy
We Don't Like:
  • Only available in black and white

Verdict: A high capacity, high performance mid-range mixer which won’t break the bank.

Specifications & Downloads


  • Dimensions: H41cm x W29cm x D42.5cm
  • Capacity: 5.2L
  • Power: 500W
  • Weight: 8.7kg


When KENWOOD named this product the ‘Multione’, they were definitely not exaggerating. This all-in-one product finds everyday mixing a breeze, and ensures your recipes are prepared in no time at all.

The usual whisk, beater and dough hook are all included, and to give it an extra professional edge there is also a food processor attachment, citrus press and 1.2L glass liquidiser included in the price – perfect for smaller kitchens which struggle to accommodate all of the different tools necessary for these jobs.

The components of this 1000W, 4.3L capacity mixer all fit together easily to ensure easy storage for anybody unable to keep it in a central position on their countertop. The product can be very noisy when in use, particularly on the higher mixing settings, and due to its multifunction nature, it is quite bulky; not ideal if you prefer to use a sleek design. The pre-mix occasionally flies out of the bowl as well as it isn’t very deep, so prepare to have to do a bit of kitchen cleaning afterwards.

NOTE: a newer version of this product, the Kenwood KHH326WH, is available here and comes with an added meat grinder.

We Like:
  • One tool for most kitchen jobs
  • Great price
We Don't Like:
  • Can be messy and hard to clean
  • Noisy even on lowest settings

Verdict: Highly versatile with many functions and attachments, making this a great all-round addition to your kitchen.

Specifications & Downloads


  • Dimensions: H29.0cm x W24.7cm x D40.0cm
  • Capacity: 4.3L
  • Power: 1000W
  • Weight: 8.7kg

Best Budget and Value Mixers

Morphy Richards 400010

This Morphy Richards stand mixer includes a lot of handy extras to ensure you cut down on both waste and mess; two concerns for even the most amateur of bakers.

With orbital mixing motion technology, the motor head turns in the opposite direction to the chosen attachment fixture, ensuring that barely any of the mix in your bowl is left untouched. It also comes with a splash guard, to keep your kitchen walls and countertops free from stray dough mix. Included with the bundle is a dough hook, whisk and cake beater, taking the hassle out of the hardest steps of the home baking process. The 800W motor is powerful for the price, and there are six speed settings plus a bonus pulse setting.

The bowl included has a 5L capacity, but as it is plastic it may need to be replaced with something more substantial depending on personal preference. It is also very light for a mixer, which is good for transportation but also means it tends to shake and get very loud if it is working hard on one of the higher speed settings.

Due to its quite bulky shape, it may also be hard to store or leave out on your countertop if you are short on space.

We Like:
  • Great value for smaller budgets
  • Relatively high-power motor
  • Clear locking instructions written on machine
We Don't Like:
  • Bulky shape and size
  • Only available in red
  • Can be fiddly to change attachments

Verdict: Our top-pick of affordable mixers. Great value, sturdy appliance with a generous mixing capacity.

Specifications & Downloads


  • Dimensions: H33.5cm x W39.0cm x D23.0cm
  • Capacity: 5L
  • Power: 800W
  • Weight: 4.24kg

Swan Retro SP25010GN

The Swan Retro SP25010GN is a great, affordable mixer which conveniently comes with a beater, whisk and dough hook for the price tag. Easy to use with clear controls, the 8 variable mixing speeds give you complete control over your work to give you even more food preparation options.

Available in 5 bold colours, the Swan stand mixer’s elegant design will slot nicely into the décor of any kitchen or can even be displayed as a jazzy centrepiece. This product comes with a 4.2L working capacity stainless steel bowl, giving you plenty of room to add all the ingredients you need, plus is easy to keep clean.

If the retro look is your biggest priority when looking for all of your kitchen appliances, then the SP25010GN is a good affordable option. However, the attachments may require a bit of extra help to reach all of the ingredients in the mixing bowl, which is not ideal if you want a product which does absolutely all of the work for you.

We Like:
  • Very simple to use
  • Good range of colours
  • On-trend retro design
  • Great Value
We Don't Like:
  • Accessories do not always reach the bottom/edge of the mixing bowl
  • Relatively low power 600W motor

Verdict: Sturdy, affordable and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. An easy to use entry-level model.

Specifications & Downloads


  • Dimensions: H31.2cm x W33.8cm x D17.3cm
  • Capacity: 4.2L
  • Power: 600W
  • Weight: 5.4kg

Stand Mixer Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Stand or Cake Mixer

Mixers aren’t the cheapest small appliances you’ll add to your kitchen inventory, so getting the right one for your needs is important. Here are a few of the important attributes you should consider:


The first thing you need to think about before looking into the mixers that are available on the market is what exactly you need the product for. There are some that are best for the preparation of easy to mix cake batters, and others are best for preparing doughs and other hard to combine concoctions, so if you are more likely to make one over the other, ensuring the correct fixtures are available is essential.

Some ‘mixers’ are more than just the label suggests, too. If the one you decide on also offers a blender/slicer/juicer fixture, see if this is included in the price or would be a very affordable/expensive extra.

Speed and Power Settings

Every mixer offers different speed settings, with some only offering five or six and some more high-end products offering up to 12. Again, it is important to think about what you need the mixer for. If you just want to rustle up liquid-based batter mixes in seconds, high speeds are the best options for the job. If you are regularly going to be mixing tough mixtures such as doughs however, a large power wattage will be most beneficial. Combine these two options if you want a regular, all round product.

Luxury vs. Basic

If you would use a mixer almost daily and see it as an absolutely essential piece of kitchen kit, then looking at the high-end range of mixers available is your best long-term option. They tend to be more durable and able to cope with any mixing challenge you throw at them and can be treated as a real investment piece. Budget mixers can be a good purchase for those who are preparing for their first foray into the baking world, but ensure you read all reviews first and really think about your new hobby in the long run; if it is likely to be a long term lifestyle change, meaning you may need a better quality mixer within the next year, it may be best putting the money spent towards an investment piece.

Cleaning options

Most attachments on all mixers are dishwasher friendly, meaning there is little cleaning up to do when your ingredients are in the oven. However, there may be some whisks and smaller attachments which are recommended for hand washing only due to their delicacy.


What is the difference between a hand mixer and a stand mixer?

A hand mixer is a handheld device, broadly best described as an electrical beater or whisk. They can be a lot cheaper than stand mixers, but often struggle with heavy loads and don’t help your arm muscles too much as you stand over a bowl. Some allow extra attachments such as blenders or spiralizers, but these usually sit at the top end of the price market and are rare. Stand mixers do the job without any extra work from you and are a lot more flexible in use, allowing you to get on with other tasks if necessary whilst keeping an eye on the progress of the mixer.

Which brands produce the best mixers?

Many of the leading small appliance brands have ventured into the stand mixer world with the rise in popularity of home baking, including Morphy Richards, Kenwood, SWAN and SMEG. If you have a particular brand preference with appliances, then it is likely they have a mixer available. SMEG and SWAN are the leading brands if you are after something with a retro, colourful look, but the KitchenAid and Kenwood brands are seen as the industry leaders for professional stand mixers.

Are all stand mixers a similar size?

Mixers can vary widely in both size and weight. Think about your kitchen; if you are low on space or can’t keep the appliance out on the bench, a smaller model is best. If it is going to be a real focal point of the kitchen, however, then the size of the appliance may be relatively unimportant but ensure that you look at plenty of images of the product if you are particular about design.

Which attachments are available?

No mixer is exactly the same, and each appliance is able to do slightly different things. Most come as standard with a balloon or wire whisk, a beater and a dough hook, which conveniently means you can make both bread and cake mixes with the same machine.

Some offer different whisk variations, meaning you can use a separate tool for whisking egg whites to the one you would use for combining a heavier flour-based mixture. There are a few, mostly high-end, mixers available which allow you to attach blenders, vegetable slicers, juicers and even meat mincers.

These products are perfect if you are not only a regular baker, but also a regular all-round cook. If this is something you would want to consider, it is best to look into all of the extra attachments which are usually sold separately to see if they have the right ones for your needs.