Best Smart Speaker 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Voice assistants, virtual assistants, smart home speakers; whatever you call them, they’re pretty inescapable at the moment.

They all use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do their job and do exactly as their names suggest – make your home smarter by controlling everything from music to security alarms and your shopping lists.

Smart Speaker ownership in the UK doubled in the first half of 2018 according to a YouGov poll, and 1 in 10 households now have one. And with demand has come choice, with dozens of models currently available.

People use them for a range of applications, from playing music and ordering products online to answering general questions and setting reminders or alarms. They can also interact and control other smart devices, and as demand for these increases, there is no doubt that speakers will become even more popular in line with this.

The choice out there is massive, so to help you decide which is best for you we have reviewed the best available:

The Best Smart Speakers – Our Top Picks