Best Smart Heating 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Smart thermostats allow you to control your heating via a smartphone app or through a voice-controlled speaker. This means you can turn the heating on and off without moving from the sofa, or if you are on the bus on the way to/from work.

Many have timer settings so that you can create a schedule if you regularly have the same routine. Some of the more technical models also have GPS detection so they can tell if anybody is at home or the house is empty, turning on or off in response.

Smart heating comes as central heating thermostats (which control your boiler and system throughout the house, as well as hot water in most instances) or radiator thermostats (which control single radiators and allow you to override the overall home settings).

Most work as part of an entire ‘smart system’, requiring a central hub/bridge to connect and send information to. This is worth bearing in mind before you buy or install your product.

It is thought that having a smart thermostat could save households around £200+ per year. It is an element many people don’t think about changing to save money and lower carbon footprints; you can turn your TV off rather than leaving it idle, but the ability to turn your boiler and radiators off can save a lot more cash.

Every smart thermostat has a different way of operating, so if you want to make the move but don’t know where to start, take a look at our reviews to see which will suit your household the most: