The Best Secateurs for Pruning Your Garden – Our 2023 Guide

Secateurs are a garden tool that you should not be without. They are pruning shears that are small and can are used with one hand, essentially a special set of scissors for plants. Secateurs are perfect when you tidying up the garden and are easy to use to do pruning, cutting off deadheads, trimming back perennials as well as harvesting from fruit trees or vegetable plants. They are also perfect for cutting flowers from the garden.

There are many options when choosing secateurs, and there are some factors you should look at when deciding. These include ease of handling, safety features, and specifications for blades. Understanding the pros and cons can help you make the best choice for your use and garden care.

Understanding the Different Types of Secateurs

Understanding the Different Types of Secateurs

Before purchasing a set of secateurs, you need to understand your choices. There are bypass, anvil, and ratchet.

Bypass Secateurs: These secateurs have two blades that cut in a way that is similar to scissors. Bypass secateurs tend to be more pointed, so they can get through stems and branches fairly easily. They should be able to cut stems that are between 10 and 15mm in width. They will help induce good growth and need to be kept sharp.

Anvil Secateurs: Anvil-type blades cut similar to a knife. The blade pushes through the stem or branch-like on a block. Think of a knife on a cutting board. These secateurs are good for garden work that is thicker and dealing with older woodier stems and wood that is dead.

Ratchet Secateurs: These pruners include a ratchet spring or mechanism that will make cutting touch garden material easier. Cutting occurs in stages by cutting gradually as you squeeze and releasing the handles so you can get through the thick branches and growth. These are also useful if the gardener lacks hand strength.

Choosing the Best Secateurs

Choosing the Best Secateurs

The same secateurs are not going to work for everyone. There are various things you should assess before you choose the ones you want. Here are some suggestions on how to choose what works best for you.

  • Pruning Needs – You need to assess how you plan to use the secateurs before deciding which are the right ones for you. Some are better suited to various types of pruning, so it’s good to know what your gardening goals are. If you plan to trim the thinner growth of flowers, fruit, and vegetables, consider using the bypass type. In contrast, if you are pruning thicker growth on trees or bushes, then an anvil pruner may be better. Having both types on hand isn’t a bad thing. Some with ratchet systems can be helpful as well.
  • Blade Shape – Choose blade shape based on what you are using them for. If you are in tight spaces, then bypass may work better for clean cuts, such as on a rose bush. Thinner blades are also helpful in areas where you aren’t trimming big things but need to make many small snips.
  • Cutting Power – You will find that different brands and types of secateurs have different cutting power. Ones with ratchets will boost any power that a set has. These are good for woody growth or thicker branches. You don’t need this if you plan to use them on flowers and vegetables as you won’t need that much power. A geared system is not as strong but smoother to use.

Here are some of the best options when choosing secateurs:

These are good bypass blades that are perfect for pruning live, green growth. They work well on shrubbery and trees that are ornamental. They are sharp and have precision ground blades that cut easily and with little resistance. They work much smoother than thicker blades and have. a coating, so they are low-friction and rust-resistant. You will find the blade cuts smoothly through the wood, and it won’t get clogged with dirt or sap. The soft-grip handles make cutting easy and painless while offering great control. The cutting capacity is 5/8 inch, and they also come with a lifetime warranty.

These basic pruners are well made and solid. They use Swiss precision, and the hardened anvil blade has a sap groove. These pruners have a one-inch cutting capacity and are 8.25 inch forged metal alloy. They are lightweight with hollow ground handles and work well for light trimming and pruning. The blades are made well with top-quality hardened steel and are engineered with a wire-cutting notch as well. The lifetime limited warranty is great as well.

These professional secateurs are of good quality and will do a great job in your garden. They have a drop-forged body and handles. The blade uses premium titanium steel finished with ultrafine polishing technology. The handles are ergonomically engineered to be non-slip, strong, lightweight, and comfortable during long use. The sap groove in the blade ensures that the shears don’t stick, and the sap is channeled off. These pruners can cut up to ¾ inch cutting diameter, but that may alter depending on the tree species. They are lightweight, comfortable, and great to use on big and small projects in the yard.

These are good garden secateurs that are 8.6. inches and are comfortable to use. They have non-slip grips along with a lightweight design that anyone can handle. They offer a crash pad design and lots of comforts when using them. The blade uses SK-5 steel, and the blades maintain their sharpness for cutting stems and smaller branches. They have an easy-to-use safety lock feature that will not only keep the blades protected and closed but allows you to carry them easily and store them without issue. The Inner Spring design means that rust is less likely to affect their performance.

These pruners also have a double size adjusting switch that makes pruning much easier. One-click lets you move from ½ to one inch simply and without major adjustments. This size variance means you can do delicate trimming as well as more heavy-duty as needed. The company offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that includes 30 days of money back if you aren’t happy with them and a one-year overall warranty. Customer-first is the policy for this company.

These shears are of the same high quality that the premium goniccs are. They feature a drop-forged body and handles and a top-of-the-line blade made of high carbon steel finished with ultra-fine polishing technology. They work extremely well for trimming dead heads, general clean-up, shaping shrubbery and trees, caring for roses, annuals, vegetable plants, and more. They are even precise enough to use them on older bonsai.

Their non-slip handles are ergonomically engineered for comfort and are strong, lightweight, and easy to use. They also have a sap groove that will make sure pruning won’t become a sticky job as the secateurs will channel any sap off. The pruners can deal with branches and thicker stems up to ¾ inch, depending on the type of tree or plant you are pruning.

While the pruners are not going to be for heavy-duty work, they are lightweight sets that are easy to use and will do the easier jobs in the garden well. They are hard chrome plated, making them resistant to rust and easy to clean simply with a wipe. They are good for light use, especially with flowers and vegetables or plants that need a gentler touch. The handles are ergonomically designed to fit smaller hands while also offering both a compact and durable design. At 7 inches in overall length, they are simple to use and portable. You can use them on applications that are professional level.

This pruning set is great for gardeners who want to do their work with good tools while being economically wise. This two-piece set is perfect for various jobs. The set has an 8-inch bypass hand pruner along with an 8-inch garden pruner. Both have been drop forged to increase their strength, and the pruning heads use #55 carbon steel. Between the two, they are sharp enough to take on most gardening pruning projects.

The blade is constructed of high-quality steel and is not only sharp but will remain durable through lots of use. All blades have been precision sharpened for the most precise pruning and trimming, so the plants are well taken care of. While they are both good quality pruners, they should be wiped after each use and kept in a dry area, so they remain rust-free. The handles are anti-slip and ergonomically designed to fit your hands comfortably. The spring is high quality and makes cutting easy, so hands do not become fatigued.

Along with the two secateurs comes two pairs of outdoor garden gloves that will make your work even easier. They are bamboo and perfect for outdoor use. Used in combination with the pruners, you will find they add comfort and an anti-slip element to the work.

If you are looking to get some good garden tools while spending less money, then this is the way to go. All four pruners are ergonomically designed for comfort and power. They are heavy-duty, comfortable to use, and lightweight to reduce hand strain. They reduce the stress on the wrist and work for any size hand. They offer good cutting comfort along with a solid no-slip grip. The handles are made well with high purity PP+TPR plastic and are tough in the yard.

They have a ratchet system that can adjust to cut the most delicate of flower blossoms to tougher branches that are up to one-inch thick. The power the system offers is strong and can get the blades through most branches smoothly. The easy action spring in all four makes sure the blades open easily after each cut, which is a good thing to have as it reduces hand fatigue. The Softgrip touchpoints will also help with this while offering comfort and control. This group of pruning tools can take care of almost anything needed in the garden aside from the major project. Whether you are ready to plant, harvest, trim flowers, or cut back branches, there is something for every job.

Final Thoughts

Secateurs are something every gardener needs when it comes to keeping your yard area in good shape. The ability to trim, prune, cut, and harvest requires good secateurs of different styles. It is important to understand the types of secateurs available and then assess what jobs need doing in your outdoor area. You may only need a basic pair of pruners if you are just starting, but more complex cleanups and jobs may need something a little tougher or perhaps more refined, depending on what the garden area entails.

Understand the types of secateurs available, assess your needs and know how much demand you will put on the tools. You may also want to look at your budget so you know how much you can spend on a set. Once you have all those answers, then head to your garden center and pick out the ones that work best for you, and your garden will be looking in top shape in no time.


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