Three Alternative Savoury Pancake Ideas

Pancakes and crepes are traditionally eaten sweet with pretty simple toppings. A sprinkle of sugar, a drizzle of lemon and a bit of syrup is a popular go-to, and some people may jazz this up with a layer of chocolate spread or some fruit.

But if you have never made pancakes as a savoury meal, then you could be missing out. There are a whole host of toppings and fillings which may appeal to you, and let you eat pancakes for every single meal on Shrove Tuesday. When you whip up your pancake mixes, a stand or hand mixer can really help you get the batters going and get it on the table sooner.

Salmon And Cream Cheese

Makes 8 pancakes

You will need:

  • 400ml milk
  • 150g flour
  • 65 ml water
  • 200g regular cream cheese
  • Juice and zest of 1 lemon
  • Pinch salt
  • 200g smoked salmon
  • Small bunch of chives


  1. Mix together the milk, flour, salt and water together to form a batter and leave to rest
  2. Whip the cream cheese and lemon juice and zest together in a bowl, and leave in the fridge until ready
  3. Heat a non-stick frying pan over high heat until hot. Brush lightly with some oil and pour in a layer of batter
  4. Cook for around 1 minute then flip until both sides are lightly coloured
  5. When all are ready, spread over the cream cheese and layer with the salmon. Add the chives as a garnish, then wrap to keep everything together

Tip: Use buckwheat flour if you want a slightly more savoury, nutty taste to work with the salmon

Creamy Mushroom, Ham And Cheese

Makes 10 pancakes

You will need:

  • 300ml milk
  • 2 large eggs
  • 100g plain flour
  • 400g mushrooms, quartered
  • 3 tbsp creme fraiche
  • 200g ham, broken into pieces
  • 100g grated cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Mix together the flour, eggs and milk in a bowl then add some salt and pepper
  2. Heat some oil in a pan and add the mushrooms to cook. Stir through the creme fraiche, and then add the ham and cheese. Keep warm over a low heat
  3. Heat some oil in a frying pan and once hot, pour in some batter. Cook until both sides are slightly coloured
  4. When ready, add a generous amount of mushroom mix to the centre of the pancake and fold in the sides to create a square parcel and keep all ingredients inside
  5. Serve with a side salad

Tip: You can buy little tins of creamed mushrooms in the supermarket, already made, to cut out a lot of effort. Just heat with the cheese and ham

Potato Pancake Recipe

American-Style Potato Pancake Recipe

Makes 12 pancakes

You will need:

  • 250g cold mashed potato
  • 75g flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 120ml milk


  1. If you need to make the mash, it should be around two large potatoes worth. Cut into small chunks, boil then mash and allow to cool
  2. Sieve the flour into the mash. Whisk the eggs and milk together, and then add to the potatoes and combine together
  3. Heat a small amount of butter or oil in a frying pan and when hot, add the batter mix. One pancake should be around 1tbsp of batter
  4. Cook for around 1 minute each side, until they are golden and bubbling
  5. Serve with eggs, bacon and beans for breakfast, or as an alternative to mashed potato with a roast dinner

Tip: Add chives or fried onion to the pancake mixture if you fancy them as more of a snack. It would work well with a poached egg on top

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