Best Samsung Dishwasher Features – What to Expect

Samsung is a brand that is known around the world for its ability to produce great electronics. While often we look to the smaller ones such as cell phones or TVs, their household appliances are top of the line as well. While they make good washers and dryers, their kitchen appliances are high-quality too. Buyers have the ability to purchase a whole kitchen package at once that includes refrigerators, cooking ranges, microwaves, and a full-size dishwasher, or purchase each appliance separately as needed.

For those looking to buy a new Samsung dishwasher, they have some great features if that is your next major kitchen appliance purchase on your list.

Samsung dishwashers have a sleek kitchen design, innovative features, and good prices. There is something for everyone’s lifestyle and budget. Features offered will depend on the model and price range you are looking at.

Best Features in Samsung Dishwashers

Best Features in Samsung Dishwashers
  1. Quietness – This is one of the most important features that customers look at when choosing a dishwasher. You want lower decibels for a quieter kitchen. Aiming for under 50 dBA is probably best. Below 44 means you have found one that isn’t going to bother anyone. Samsung dishwashers hit this mark. One of their good features is that they usually come in at 39db of quietness.
  2. Looks and Style – The 2021 Samsung models have some stylish features to choose from. A towel bar handle style, pocket handle with controls that are easy to see, or a pocket handle that has hidden controls are all available. Samsung also offers different finishes such as Tuscan steel and black stainless steel, both of which are smudge-resistant.
  3. Cleaning and Drying Features – LinearWash also known as WaterWall and AquaBlast is Samsung’s innovative wash feature. Rather than having spray arms that are above and below the dishes, Samsung has created a design that has water spray like a wall going from one side of the tub to the other. It moves in a linear style. It enhances cleaning and makes sure that the end results in clean dishes. This feature has 6 power jets that are aimed at a moving bar. This gives the water enough action to make the water rise as a pressurized wall. Along with the wash feature LinearWash, there is also StormWash for some Samsung dishwashers that have regular rotary spray arms. The StormWash nozzle targets pots, pans, and dishes that are heavily soiled. These dishes are placed near the special nozzle and activate the StormWash program. Another water distribution feature is the ZoneBooster. This is available in the machines that have WaterWall technology. The ZoneBooster is placed in the lower rack and has extra nozzles for those extra dirty dishes.
  4. AutoRelease Door – A great way to increase dish drying. The door opens automatically when the cycle is done and will let out steam and let ambient air in.
  5. Extra Rack for Silverware – The FlexTray – This is a great bonus rack that sits above the upper rack and is specifically for utensils. Smaller dishes can be put on the tray as well. Once the cycle is done then the whole tray can be removed so loading and unloading are easy. This is great because you won’t need the other cutlery basket on the lower rack.

Samsung Dishwashers with Great Features

This full size dishwasher has some of the great features that Samsung has made their dishwashers a good purchase. This one will make sure that your dishes come out clean as possible. It is large enough to hold 14 place settings at one time so works for those households that are medium-sized. It has a great hygiene rinsing feature that makes sure the final rinse is at least 70°C. This final rise is going to make sure the dishes are not only clean by sight but hygienic as well. It also comes with a quick wash feature that means you can run things through in just 30 minutes and can reset the table quickly if needed. This model has the extra cutlery tray, Zone option for smaller loads, height-adjustable top basket and a delay timer. This dishwasher is reasonably priced and has lots of the features that make Samsung good.

This particular Samsung integrated dishwasher is powerful and a great choice when it comes to current features. It can hold up to 9 place settings for each wash and works well in any size kitchen space including smaller ones. It has a quick wash that runs in 38 minutes so you can get things run through to get the table set and ready for your meal. It also has a Zone option, so you do not always have to run a full load. The water and energy adjust for the smaller loads, so you aren’t wasting either. This particular model has the Auto Door feature, so it saves further energy by opening the door up when the cycle is complete. The 10 cm gap means you will get a more energy-efficient and hygienic dry process without having to remember to open the door at a specific time.

Final Thoughts

Samsung has a great range of products it offers that go from phones to TVs to household appliances. If you are looking to upgrade the ones in your kitchen, you have lots of options that Samsung gives you. You can purchase a package or buy them separately, so you get all the features that you want in a way that suits your budget. Features such as their quiet 39-48 dBA run along with the LinearWash and StormWash all make for great dishwashing. The Automatic door opening and Zone cleaning are a great help in reducing energy use while increasing hygiene. Each modern dishwasher has good features, and the cost is reasonable. Samsung dishwashers go up in price as the features increase but each one is worth it as the variations allow you to choose one that will fit your budget and your lifestyle.

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