12 Best Resistance Bands with Handles for At-Home Workouts

When it comes to working out, weights are often at the top of the list when athletes are looking to do strength training. People tend to head for the dumbbells when they want to work on their arms or legs. However, exercise bands are great too, especially for times when you can’t get to the gym. They are portable, small, and easy to use while having a big impact on your workout.

Exercise resistance bands were originally used when people were doing muscle rehabilitation. Now, they are making a comeback as people realize how great they are when added to a full-body workout. If you purchase the correct ones, you can target almost each muscle group. Legs, glutes, core, and arms are all going to benefit from using them.

Resistance bands let you have a good workout at home and not only will help to build muscle but also work on coordination and enhancing your motor control. They tend to be less expensive when compared to weights and there are lots to choose from.

Deciding Which Resistance Bands to Purchase


When you decide that you want to purchase a resistance band(s), you need to think about how it is going to be used in your exercise routine. If you are targeting your lower body, then a basic loop band will do the job. However, if the area you want to work on is your upper body, or if you want to change the workouts up and do both upper and lower body workouts, then you may need a band that is longer or perhaps a set of bands and/or tubes that can target both properly.

The other important thing, which may sound obvious, is that resistance bands are graded with different resistances. They are similar to weights in that they are usually targeted from light to extra heavy. You can begin with the band that has the least resistance and progress up or you can choose a different resistance depending on what muscle group you are working on.

Choosing the Best Resistance Bands for You

There are lots of resistance bands on the market that range from the most basic to the more complex. Some have door anchors, others have handles and then there is also the range of resistance choices on top of these things. No matter what your needs are, there are resistance bands that can meet everyone’s workout requirements. Do some research and choose the one that works best for you and your workout circumstances.

The Meglio bands tubing set puts a central focus on both fitness and rehabilitation. They are used by the NHS to get people back to optimal health. This is an 11 piece set that is really versatile. It has 5 resistance tubes, handles, ankle straps as well as an attachment that works with the door, so you have an anchor for working on the upper body with push and pull exercises. The latex tubes have a total of 100lbs/45kg and then increase in increments of 10lbs/4.5kg going up to 20lbs/13.6kg so you can start with the lowest and work your way up, testing each on the way.

While the tubes are not marked with the kg weight, they are designed to be different colors so you will know which one you want to use. Meglio has put out exercise videos using its YouTube channel so you can use one of those for a start. They also offer a sheet of exercises that are easy to use. The bands come in a carry bag making them easy to keep track of and are of high quality so they will last. These are reasonably priced at £19.99 so won’t break the bank either.

MyFit says they are a “resistance workout revolution” and they do their best to make sure that is the case. This set comes with 5 different bands that range from 5kg to 18kg in resistance levels. They come with easy to attach handles as well as ankle straps and can be adjusted to increase the level of resistance you want. The total resistance comes up to 55kg which is great and over what most products on the market offer. This set has a door attachment to help with push/pull exercises for the upper body. They have an app to help if you are unsure how to use them and a lot of videos of various exercises you can try. They are £20.99 and well worth the cost.

This set of resistance bands from Fit Beast is a great option for your home gym. They offer everything needed to train and will help you progress to higher levels of resistance. There are 5 bands that are 48” long and are color-coded so you know which weight is which. The handles are cushioned and the ankle straps comfortable, so exercise is not a chore. The price averages at £17.84 and you get a lot for that exercise investment.

Takemirth has a great set of resistance bands that can have you do various workout styles and programs. It doesn’t just have 5 resistance bands but each set includes 5 tubes that all are different resistance levels so you can move up or adapt the level of the band used based on the exercises you are working on. These bands start at 10lbs and then move up in 10lb increments to the highest at 50lbs. Once you have reached that point, they can be combined and stacked together to move the resistance even higher. The door anchor can help with your home workout and the handles are foam so they’re comfortable to hold. The ankle straps work well too in making sure that you can complete both upper and lower body workout sessions. The price is £24.99 and is well worth the money paid.

Adidas has brand power when it comes to exercise equipment and has the quality to stand behind it. These Power Tubes are high quality and are not only comfortable to use but extremely durable. The handles are foam-covered and the outer sleeve is designed to deal with repetitive wear and tear. The sleeve is also used as a safety covering so you aren’t injured if the tube snaps back at some point. It can be purchased in three various resistance levels and is easily returned if you have chosen the wrong resistance. It is a reasonable price coming in at £22.99.

This system offers a 3 in 1 that can help improve total body health. The three tubes offer ways to work out using multiple resistance combinations as your body changes and progresses. The cords are easy to take on and off the handles that are covered in comfort foam offering a sure hold grip. It comes with an exercise guide that can be downloaded so you have lots of tips and instructions as needed. Because the tubes are interchangeable, you can go from light to medium to heavy resistance depending on the exercise you are doing. These have a reasonable price and can be bought for £26.15.

This set of resistance bands offers almost everything you could need for a good workout without breaking the bank. These are made well and affordable at £19.99. The set has 5 different resistance levels that will let you work through the various stages and levels moving from lightweight to heavier bands. The set comes with a door anchor, two comfortable handles, and ankle straps as well. All this can be put in the carry bag so the set can go where you do.

This set has everything you need to get a good workout. It is a professional quality 3 piece set that is made of latex tubing covered by a safety sleeve. The handles are large and have a good grip so there are no worries about slipping. These resistance bands are great for outdoor or indoor use. Each band has the handle attached to the tube and is marked with colour for its resistance level moving from 15kg up to 30kg. The set comes with a carry case, so they are easy to transport whether you are on the road or at home. They are reasonably priced at £22.99.

This sturdy resistance tube lives up to the quality Reebok name. It can be used to work for any muscle group with various fitness and training programs. You can do strength training or rehabilitation. The handles are padded for grip and comfort and are simple to clean as they are sweat-resistant and eco-friendly. There are three levels of resistance that can be used making it a versatile option that only costs £11.08.

This resistance set will offer you a great workout no matter where you are. It has three different levels of resistance, ankle straps, comfortable handles and an anchor for the door. If you are someone who is new to using resistance bands or like to do things along with a video, then that is part of the set as well. it can all be kept in a bag making travel and storage easy. While the price is a little higher than some other bands, £42.50 is not bad for this quality set that usable almost anywhere. You get a good quality resistance band set that is versatile and portable for a reasonable price.

While this set of resistance bands is a little more pricey, it is going to offer a lot in return. There is a lot included for your money. It comes with 4 different resistance bands and attachments that include handles, ankle weights and door anchor. It also offers a basic fitness pamphlet so you can start out. Its carry bag is perfect for those on the go or in need of storage for it. It is easy to use and can be taken anywhere. It’s a home gym in a bag. A great product that is made well and certainly worth the investment if you are looking for a set of resistance bands that are going to let you work out at your own place and time.

Final Thoughts

If you aren’t making it to the gym as often as you would like, are working out at home or maybe need a way to get in some exercise when you are on the road then resistance bands can be a really good way to accomplish one or more of these things. Resistance bands are inexpensive, easy to use and portable making finding the time and a place to work out easy. The fact that they are portable means that you can work out inside, outside, at home or if you are on the road. The best resistance bands come with handles and tension options. They can make a workout simple and won’t break the bank when it comes to your budget. Simple to use, inexpensive and a good workout all wrapped up in one product.

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