The Best Place To Position Your New Hob

An increasing number of households are choosing to install a separate hob and built-in oven in their kitchen. This can not only look modern but save a lot of space too.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, or simply fancy a change of appliances, positioning is key. Not only does it improve the look and design of your cooking space, but it also makes things flow easier and increases safety.

Where To Place Your New Hob

You may think you know the most logical place to fit your new hob, but there are some crucial things to think about before you go ahead with the fitting.

Keep it away from windows

Not only does bright sunlight make it harder to see whether the hob is turned on (especially if it is an induction model), but there is also the increased fire risk to window dressings and anything on the windowsill.

If you have chosen a gas model, open windows may also cause the ignition to extinguish. Try to keep it as far away as possible.

Think about worktop space

There should be at least 30 cm of unused space on either side of your hob. At least one worktop side should be kept completely free, so you can set any hot items there if needed.

Best Position For Your Hob

And space below and above, too

If you have a cooker hood or extractor fan, try to keep at least 65cm (electric) or 75cm (gas) free between both appliances. Hobs should only be positioned above built-in ovens or empty base units. This will prevent other items and devices from getting too hot.

They especially shouldn’t be positioned above or near fridges and freezers, as it will mean unregular temperatures.

Stay away from doors

Dinner time is a hectic experience in any household. If you have kids running in and out of the kitchen (and probably asking how long it is going to take), you don’t want to risk them running straight into any heated appliances.

It is also a safety risk for you if you are stood over the hob, or for anyone who isn’t aware the hob is actually being used. Remember that they usually take a while to cool down, as well.


You need to make sure the space around the hob is kept clear at all times. Don’t position it anywhere near items or areas which may need to be used at the same time. This is especially relevant if you have an oven which requires the door to be open for the grill to work and you’ll use both at similar times.

Whether it be a gas, induction or ceramic build, positioning can be just as important as the specifications. If you haven’t already picked your new hob, have a look at our top-rated options available on the market.

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