Best Photo Printer 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re thinking of buying a new printer and want something which can print out your photos as well as your documents, it may actually be worthwhile grabbing two separate machines.

Big models which do both jobs could set you back hundreds of pounds and will probably still be better at one thing than the other, but buying a mobile photo printer and separate document printer could save you a lot of money. Plus, some of the latest models don’t even need ink which keeps running costs down too.

The photo quality will likely be higher, and it will be much easier to set the mobile model up when you want to quickly print off your memories in case your phone has a meltdown, and everything is lost. Many are portable, or even small enough to stash in your pocket, and can connect to your phone via Bluetooth so you can stick to just taking your phone everywhere for quality photos and everything else.

They’re admittedly a bit less retro than instant Polaroid cameras but offer a much more practical solution in modern times, especially when you’re travelling or at a party and want to keep your tech to a minimum. If you love to have your memories in physical form, they are a must-have.

If you’re after a model which can print any sized photo as well as documents, we have reviewed some of the best photo inkjet printers around, too. If not, then without further ado, these are the best instant portable photo printers around.