Best Pet Hairdryer 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

All dogs need walking, and as much as you try to prevent it, all dogs are also drawn to mud, water and general dirt.

Washing them is usually easy enough, but when it comes to drying, sometimes a rub with a towel just won’t do. Yet you still need something quick before they run off and start drying themselves all over the carpets and sofa, or catch a cold.

A dedicated pet hair dryer can do the trick. They can be more powerful than human hair dryers, and catered towards dogs in terms of heat output, noise and size. Finding the best option for your four-legged friend can be difficult, though.

It will depend on their size, how much noise they can cope with, the space you have to dry them and their fur type. If you are a professional dog groomer or have several pets, then this can further complicate your choice.

There are quite a few dryers not worth the time and money out there, so we have narrowed the choice down to find the ones you should be considering.

The Best Pet Hair Dryers – Our Top Picks

Best Pet Hair Dryers

Gravitis 2800W Stepless Speed Grooming Blaster Blower