The 5 Best Kettlebell Set Options to Buy and the 5 Best Moves to Do

Kettlebells are great fitness accessories you can use in a home workout area. They are versatile and can add some extra intensity to your workout. While they look somewhat awkward to use, they are a good tool if you have a good set and learn some helpful exercises. They are an excellent way to get a workout that includes the glutes, arms, shoulders, calves, and more.

The great thing about training with a kettlebell is that you can switch up every workout session to meet your preferred schedule. Whether you want to train each day or less frequently, you can adapt the intensity of every workout.

What do you need to examine when going to purchase a kettlebell set? Look for a handle made of iron. You don’t have to choose one with a rubber-coated handle, but if you find one, it can help protect your hands and floors from slipped drops. If you are looking to buy your first set, aim for the double 17 to 25-kilogram size and a bigger bell between 40 and 50 kilograms. You don’t have to pay a fortune for them, but make sure they are well made, so there are no worries when using them.

Be aware that because of people’s increased interest in doing workouts at home due to Covid-19, there is a lot of demand for kettlebells and other home gym equipment. If you see some available that suit you, don’t wait too long to purchase them. The next time you check, they could be unavailable.

Here are some suggestions if you are looking to purchase kettlebells for your home gym.

These kettlebells are some of the most affordable and are of good quality. They are top-selling and quite simple in design. No bells and whistles, but they get the job done. Amazon Basic kettlebells use cast iron with a coated black exterior that will prolong their usage. Their broad grip and various size options give lots of versatility. You can choose a range of 10 to 70 pounds, allowing them to be used by people with various strengths, abilities, and fitness goals. The great thing is they are reasonable in price and usually in stock.

The smart-looking kettlebell is classic in design. This one is made from cast iron and is coated not only for protection but to reduce corrosion over time. The handle is wide, comfortable to grip, and textured for better traction.  It also comes with a flat rubber base to protect floors when you put them down. The base will also reduce workout noise. This brand has nine options for a weight that ranges from 5 to 50 pounds and comes in various colors.

While this kettlebell is more expensive than most, it is a single one that will do the work of six. It has an adjustable weight with a dial built-in, so you can make the weight heavier or lighter. The weight can go anywhere from 8 to 40 pounds, and the increments will vary. It is a great kettlebell for those who don’t have a lot of space for their workout equipment, and while it seems expensive, it will work out cheaper than buying six different sizes of kettlebells if you do it the other way. Bowflex is also known for its add-ons, and you will often have access to a kettlebell workout video to help get your workout started. It is a metal weight with a plastic coating, so it’s easy to use and grip.

This set of kettlebells is a great option as they are not only a quality set but reasonably priced, too. The set includes three kettlebells of various sizes ranging from 5 to 15 pounds. There are other options, too, including a set of three that ranges in size from 10 to 20 pounds and another set of four ranging from 5 to 20 pounds. These kettlebells are all designed to be rust-free as they are made from cement and then covered with a vinyl coating for protection. They are smooth and comfortable to hold and are easier on floors where you are working out.

This sturdy kettlebell is made from iron but cast in one piece. There are no seams or spots that can be deemed weak. These kettlebells have a protective matte coating, so any chipping or corrosion will be unlikely to happen. The matte powder coating is also helpful in making sure the kettlebell is not too smooth or slippery. The coating gives extra texture, so grip is better. There are six options to choose from that range from 9 to 106 pounds so there is something for everyone.

The Best Moves to Use with Kettlebells

The Best Moves to Use with Kettlebells

When you have chosen the kettlebells that you want, then it is time to start using them. There is a routine that includes five moves that are great to use in combination with a run, swim, or training day. It is great for when you aren’t going to be doing a full cardio session. The moves are as follows:

  • Goblet March
  • Goblet Squat
  • Goblet Clean
  • Half-Kneeling Press
  • Bent-Over Row

You can complete every one of these moves using a ladder style of one, two, and three reps. Rest between the sets of reps. You should do 5 to 8 rounds based on the amount of time spent on the move and the heaviness of the weight. You will do a rep, then break for a breath. Two reps, break for two breaths. Three reps, three breaths. This pattern should go for about nine to ten reps, based on the amount of time and your fatigue level. This routine is great if you do it three or four times per week.

  1. Goblet March – Begin this exercise holding the kettlebell up to your chest with your hands on either edge of the handle. Make sure to keep your elbows against your sides. The triangle is supposed to be held directly under or next to your chin. Begin with your feet close and then march in place. Bring one knee up to the height of your hip, then bring it back down to the floor. Next, do have the alternate knee, doing the same motion. If you find this too hard to do, then you can widen your foot position and work your way up to the ten reps of the ladder.
  2. Goblet Squat – You begin this move the same as the Goblet March. Hold the kettlebell at chest level, but this time your stance should have your feet broader than the hips. Your toes need to be pointing outwards. Once you are in the starting position, bend your knees into a squat. Make sure your chest, along with the kettlebell, is vertical to the floor. Go as low as possible, making the backs of the thigh touch your calf or until the thighs are level to the ground. Once you have done this, stand up, breathe and repeat until you have completed ten reps.
  3. Goblet Clean – This move begins in a crouch or squat position. Hold the kettlebell handle in your hands in the middle of your legs, but don’t let it touch the floor. Stand up with your glutes, making sure that your back is straight, pulling the kettlebell quickly towards your chin. Move your hands from the top of the triangle down the sides. Then, do it in reverse, lowering the kettlebell without touching the ground. You will end back in the squat position. Repeat and move through the reps once again until reaching ten.
  4. Half-Kneeling Press – Start with a lunge position with the right knee behind you on the floor. Keep your elbow close to your upper body while holding the kettlebell in your hand. It should be resting near the shoulder when you start. The lower body should be still. Push the hand towards the ceiling, then bring it back down to the shoulder to complete one rep. Repeat this move until you have completed the ten reps using both the left and the right.
  5. Bent-Over Row – Begin with standing with your feet staggered and have a kettlebell in your right and left hand. Bow at the hips, so you are leaning forward, chest even to the floor, and arms extended to the sides. Turn the palms of your hands to the other, and bring the kettlebells to your torso while remaining bent at the hips. One rep is complete after the kettlebells are lowered. Repeat and move up until you have completed ten reps.
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