Best Garden Sprinklers 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Watering your lawn manually can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have a large lawn. With the aid of garden sprinklers, your lawn will be watered automatically, allowing you to invest your precious time elsewhere. Continue reading to learn about the best lawn sprinklers today.

But with so many choose from, choosing the best one for your needs is difficult. To give you a bit of advice, we have compiled a buying guide and rounded up the picks of the best garden sprinklers this year.

Best Lawn Sprinklers – Our Top Picks

Best Garden Sprinklers

Gardena Circle Pulse Sprinkler Premium

Impact or pulse sprinklers are some of the best lawn sprinklers available, but it’s not only due to their far-reaching performance, but the sound they make is just addicting. Who doesn’t love that classic sprinkler sound that makes you feel like you’re going for a stroll in the countryside?

This pulse sprinkler from Gardena is designed for extra-large lawns that are up to 490m², so you can expect it to offer tremendous coverage. The design of this sprinkler is weird-looking, but in a good way. It looks like something that belongs on an alien ship. You’ll probably appreciate it.

However, this sprinkler isn’t as rugged as other models on our list. It’s quite delicate, actually, so try not to get trampled on them. One of the attributes that we love about this pulse sprinkler is its high-precision brass nozzle, which is capable of releasing far-reaching squirts all day long.

This sprinkler has an excellent range of 10-25 metres, and it can be adjusted with ease as it has a large adjustable knob on the side. Moreover, there’s a separate swivel adjuster that allows you to set the sector from 25˚ all the way to 360˚. This unit can be linked to other Gardena units.


  • Type: Pulse
  • Lawn/Garden Size: Medium to large

We like

  • Excellent coverage
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Easily connectable

We dislike

  • Price

Final Verdict

It may not be the most affordable or the most unyielding sprinkler on our list, but Gardena Circle Pulse Sprinkler Premium will provide optimal, far-reaching performance for larger gardens.

Wisdom Automatic 3-Arm Water Sprinkler

This sprinkler comes from a manufacturer that’s not as well established as the rest of the brands on this list, but it offers an excellent deal of value that it’d be unwise to miss out on it. The device is made of high-quality ABS plastic and features a patented design that ensures water-saving.

This rotating water sprinkler is highly adjustable, allowing users to adjust the density, scope, and size of the water. Further, it features multiple rotating actions, including direct, 15˚, 45˚, and 360˚ full rotation. It’s easy to set up, too. It shouldn’t take more than mere seconds to install it.

This sprinkler has a pretty good spray diameter that can be adjusted anywhere between 26-32.8 feet. Keep in mind that it requires a water pressure that’s between 2.5-4 bar. Lastly, the sprinkler comes with a 12-month worry-free guarantee as well as a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Type: Rotating
  • Lawn/Garden Size: Small to medium

We like

  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • 12 month warranty

We dislike

  • Not great for large lawns

Final Verdict

Wisdom may not be as in the spotlight as other manufacturers on our list, but that doesn’t take anything away from this remarkable water sprinkler. It offers excellent bang for the buck.

Kärcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler

Kärcher is a prominent name when it comes to pressure washers, but it’s also the brand behind some of the best gardening products available, and Kärcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler is an excellent example. Unlike the Hozelock unit, this sprinkler is packed with a ton of features.

This Kärcher is equipped with 20 jets, allowing for brilliant coverage on all sides. Further, you’re able to turn the nozzles on and off in order to achieve a narrower or broader zone. The sprinkler also features a knob that allows you to adjust the water pressure without any hassles.

Beneath this oscillating sprinkler from Kärcher, you’ll find a SplashGuard made of sturdy plastic, and it serves as a means of covering the jets that are near your face while making adjustments.

In terms of range, this Kärcher is capable of achieving outstanding coverage of 320m².

With all of the nozzles open, you shouldn’t expect this sprinkler to be far-reaching. However, if you close a couple of nozzles on each side, the throw increases significantly, but in a narrower fashion, which is perfect for people with long and slim lawns. A well-rounded unit, overall.


  • Type: Oscillating
  • Lawn/Garden Size: Large

We like

  • Far reaching coverage
  • 20 jets
  • remarkable stability
  • Top quality pre-filter

We dislike

  • Price

Final Verdict

Do you have a large garden and a particularly low water pressure? Kärcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler is going to offer you effective coverage without the need for a whole lot of pressure.

Hozelock Round Spike Sprinkler Pro

We already established that Hozelock is one of the best manufacturers of gardening equipment, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’d make another entry on our list. This rotating sprinkler is featured in two designs. The first is a spike design that can be secured into the grass.

The second design features a Sled base. It’s pretty effective, it’s but not as easily installed or as stable as the spike model. We prefer the spike design, but it all boils down to preference. With a set of five nozzles, this sprinkler is capable of spraying a full circle that spans 20m in diameter.

The sprinkler can be adjusted to spray in arcs rather than circles as well. This unit is optimal for covering an entire small-size or mid-size garden. Not only that, but it’s also capable of targeting specific areas with full power. Best of all, this sprinkler comes at a fairly affordable price tag.


  • Type: Spike or Sled
  • Lawn/Garden Size: Small

We like

  • Convenient Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Optimum coverage
  • Price

We dislike

  • Occasional jamming

Gardena Turbo-Driven Pop-Up Sprinkler

Gardena’s Turbo-Driven Pop-Up T-100 Sprinkler is one of the most affordable sprinklers on this list. It’s also the easiest one to install. All you need to do to install it up is dig a 10-inch hole and position in the hole. It doesn’t take any room on your lawn, and it’s virtually invisible.

This sprinkler features 16 nozzles that are highly flexible, allowing for even water distribution. It performs brilliantly on rectangular lawns. The sprinkler is highly adjustable, as it flaunts different knobs that allow you to alter the range, width, and direction of the water flow to your liking.

Gardena’s Turbo-Driven Pop-Up Sprinkler is extremely easy to use. Simply turn on the tap, and the water pressure will cause the sprinkler to pop up, hence its name. After watering the lawn, it automatically descends into its 10-inch hole housing, unseen until the next time you use it.

The Pop-Up sprinkler is guaranteed to cater to everyone’s visual taste. Note that in order to use this sprinkler effectively, you need to have fairly high water pressure.


  • Type: Pop up
  • Lawn/Garden size: Small to medium

We like

  • Simple installation
  • Superb adjustability
  • Ideal for small to medium lawns
  • Visually appealing
  • Price

We dislike

  • Needs high pressure

Final Verdict

Gardena’s Turbo-Driven Pop-Up Sprinkler offers those with smaller lawns excellent bang for the buck. It’s highly affordable, remarkably adjustable, and requires but a few minutes to install.

Costwise Oscillating Bar Sprinkler

In search of a powerful lawn sprinkler that’s built to last? This oscillating sprinkler from Costwise Group features a robust metal construction that won’t yield. The sprinkler features an impressive range of up to 375m², which is enough to cover most mid-size and even large-size lawns.

Like a lot of the sprinklers on our list, this sprinkler from Costwise Group is highly adjustable. It’s possible to modify the right and left nozzles separately, which grants you full control of the spray pattern. This helps reduce the amount of wasted water as well as eliminate wet drives.

Moreover, you can easily adjust the water flow and oscillation. With this sprinkler, you can forget all about clogging, as it’s equipped with an inlet filter and it comes with a tool that you can use to clean the nozzle in the event of a blockage. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth every penny.


  • Type: Oscillating
  • Lawn/Garden Size: Medium to Large

We like

  • Great coverage
  • Excellent adjustability
  • Rugged metal design
  • Features an Inlet filter
  • Easy to maintain

We dislike

  • Not for low pressure

Final Verdict

Costwise Group’s Oscillating Bar Sprinkler is arguably the best sprinkler for mid-sized lawns. It’s remarkably powerful, easily adjustable, and won’t require frequent cleaning like other units.

Hozelock Rectangular Garden Sprinkler

Designed to provide even water coverage regardless of pressure, this rectangular lawn sprinkler from Hozelock is an extremely steadfast product. The water pressure can be anywhere between 1-10 bars and this unit will still provide you with excellent coverage and distribution.

This lawn sprinkler is great for installation on bumpy surfaces, as it flaunts a slender design that grants it superb stability. It’s composed of a rugged plastic base and a metallic arm, so you don’t have to worry about the product’s longevity. It’ll last you for plenty of years to come.

Hozelock Rectangular Garden Sprinkler is available in three sizes: 180m², 200m², and 260m². It all boils down to the coverage your garden needs. Keep in mind that whether or not you achieve the detailed coverage depends on the water pressure, so you need to pick accordingly.

Housing a water-powered, gear-drive motor, this rotating sprinkler from Hozelock grants reliable performance. And if that’s not enough reassurance, it’s backed by a 2-year guarantee. This is a fully adjustable sprinkler that’s equipped with 17 oscillating jets to maximum versatility.


  • Type: Oscillating
  • Lawn/Garden Size: Medium to large

We like

  • Excellent coverage
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Affordable
  • Very easy to set up
  • 24 month guarantee

We dislike

  • A bit lightweight

Final Verdict

Hozelock Rectangular Garden Sprinkler strikes an extraordinary balance between effectiveness, versatility, and affordability. It’s most definitely the best lawn/garden sprinkler for the money.

Garden Sprinkler Buying Guide


Just as with any product, there are certain factors that can make or break a purchase. To ensure getting the most value out of your lawn sprinkler, you have to consider the following factors.


  • Oscillating sprinklers – These tend to have a row of several openings that sprinkle water in semicircles. These are often the most popular type of sprinklers. Oscillating sprinklers flaunt heads that move from side to side, allowing them to cover larger areas than their stationery counterparts. Best for small to mid-size gardens.
  • Travelling sprinkler – These can be programmed to automatically move around your garden, allowing you to get coverage across the whole garden without physically being present. Best for larger gardens and lawns.
  • Pulse sprinkler – Better for larger lawns as this model features excellent coverage


Before purchasing a sprinkler, it’s important that you check the range and recommended water pressure in order to ensure that it’s ideal for your lawn. Most of the sprinklers on our list feature options that allow you to adjust their range, water pressure, and various other vital settings. Be sure


Water sprinklers tend to have different settings that relate to timing and water pressure. Simply put, you should always opt for the sprinkler that features diverse settings, as it’ll offer you ideal versatility. Some settings to take into consideration are night settings and automatic shut-off.


Garden sprinklers differ in type, range, and settings, which also means that they differ in pricing. Luckily, you can get a reliable lawn sprinkler without breaking the bank. Of course, spending more money will ensure better features.


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