Best Electric Wine Opener 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Opening a corked bottle of wine can be a bit of a task at the best of times. Having to twist the corkscrew down and lever it out manually has led to a rise in the number of screw top bottles available, but many wines are still corked to preserve taste and quality.

If you find yourself entertaining often and struggling to keep up with the bottle opening, then an electronic option will no doubt come in handy. Some are great at their job, and some are rather lacklustre, so here is our advice on which to choose.

The Best Electric Wine Openers – Our Top Picks

Best Electric Wine Opener

Cuisinart CW050U Electric Wine Opener

Not only is this a super stylish piece of kit, but it is sturdy, reliable and handy across the board too.

It will remove both synthetic and natural corks, and a foil cutter is neatly stored in the charging base. The vacuum seal will freshly preserve any opened bottles which you haven’t quite managed to completely empty. Next time you go back to it, the taste or quality will not have been damaged.

Talking of the charging base, this wine opener comes with a docking station so you can always keep it topped up for whenever you need it. No more being left without an opener when you’re having a last minute get together.

On a single charge, it can hold the power to open up to 80 bottles of wine. Perfect for taking on holiday or a caravan trip. It takes 6-8 hours to fully recharge again, but the charging base means this can be completely effortless.

The base and design make it a fabulous choice to leave out on the kitchen worktop. It would make the ideal gift for anyone who loves their wine and believes it deserves only the best treatment. Or someone who also loves gadgets and you’d like to check off both passions in one fell swoop.


  • Dimensions: H30 x W12 x D15cm
  • Weight: 0.79kg
  • Charge: 80 bottles
  • Recharge: 6-8 hours

+ Downloads

Cuisinart CW050U Electric Wine Bottle Opener User Manual


We like

  • Design
  • Practical yet fun to use
  • Holds a good charge

We dislike

  • Price

Final Verdict

It may be on the pricey side compared to the other picks, but it is a quality buy which is worth every penny

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener

With a shape designed to make it easy to grip and hold, the transparent shell at the bottom half of this opener makes it easy to see the process and keep an eye on the removal.

This shape, combined with the flat base, means it will stand on a table on its own without the need for a stand or base, so is perfect for entertaining at the dinner table. It illuminates when both in use and on charge to add to the look, as well. This is a calming blue hue.

It can deal with natural and synthetic corks, and as a bonus is available in black, red and silver so if you’d like it to match your other appliances as well as possible, you will likely find the perfect option.

The charge holds well, and an overnight boost will get it stocked up again. It includes a foil cutter and bottle stop, too.


  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.6 x 22.9 cm
  • Weight: 0.54kg
  • Charge: 60 bottles
  • Recharge: 8 hours

+ Downloads

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener


We like

  • Easy to use
  • Colour choice
  • Can see cork removal

We dislike

  • Foil cutter isn’t the best of those reviewed

Final Verdict

Great if you want all the gadgetry without the heavy price tags. Affordable yet stylish

Rabbit Electric Wine Set

Certainly one of the most comfortable to hold thanks to the rubber casing, the black combined with the stainless steel and glass aspects makes for a very stylish small appliance.

The base can be plugged into a charging point at all times and also works as a stand. Great if you would like to display the selection at all times. In this selection is a foil cutter, wine preserver, push button stoppers and in-bottle aerator, so you have everything you need for a good night in.

For what you get, the price is pretty great. All of the items work well and feel comfortable and reliable to use. The aerator is also drip-free so there will be no mess either.

It is bulkier than other models, and the charge doesn’t last as long, which is disappointing. But given its quality, these are things which can be overlooked and shouldn’t be too bothersome.


  • Dimensions: 29.8 x 9.6 x 22.4 cm
  • Weight: 1.17kg
  • Charge: 30 bottles
  • Recharge: 8 hours

We like

  • Modern design
  • Charging base/stand to keep everything in one place

We dislike

  • Quite bulky to hold

Final Verdict

A few flaws, but overall a great product from one of the leading brands in wine bottle openers

Hovinso Electric Wine Opener

A simple button press will remove your stubborn cork in seconds, meaning you are free to get the glasses out sooner than you thought.

The stainless steel gunmetal coloured body looks stylish in any setting and will forever look modern. It is comfortable and easy to grip for the duration of the cork removal. With cork, excess oxygen is also removed to preserve your wine further.

Overall, the process only takes around ten seconds, which is incredibly quick. Surely welcome news for all wine lovers out there. We did find that it didn’t hold the charge overly well, however – one test saw it reach 42 corks, and another 48 – so the advertisement that it will reach 80 bottles is perhaps a bit stretched.

Having said this, unless you’re in a restaurant or bar, this isn’t going to be a massive issue. For the cost, it still feels reliable. Although we would say it isn’t going to be the longest lasting on the list.


  • Dimensions: 29.8 x 8 x 5.6 cm
  • Weight: 0.49kg
  • Charge: 80 bottles
  • Recharge: 6 hours

We like

  • Comes in a nice box with travel bag - good as a gift
  • LED red when charging, green when done
  • Light to hold

We dislike

  • Instructions are poor
  • Not the sturdiest

Final Verdict

Well styled, and while it isn’t our favourite, it is still deserving of its place

Wine Opener Buying Guide


As our reviews show, you can get a perfectly good wine opener for around £20-£30. There are a few available for around £50, which are often from more well-known names and slightly more powerful at the job, but there are exceptions.


While the bottle opener is the main show, many now come with other items which can complete the set.

Foil cutters, bottle stoppers and even pourers are often included. Some are perfectly sufficient and do the job fine, whereas others are not as good quality as those which you can buy separately.

If you would like to start off your collection you may wish to buy a set, although it isn’t essential and everything can be bought individually.


All of the electric openers featured are rechargeable by plugging into the mains as opposed to battery powered. They can take a wide range of time to recharge, with some having batteries which will last 80 bottles/8 hours of charging and some around 30 bottles on 3 hours of charging.

Unless you are using this opener in a professional, restaurant or bar setting, these statistics aren’t going to bother you too much. Most come with charging stands upon which they can be set for an effortless boost.


Electric wine openers are much heavier than their manual counterparts, but not by a huge amount.

This many be concerning if you need to take the effort out of opening the bottle due to wrist problems, but as they take a lot of the effort out of the process, you won’t have to hold them for a prolonged period.


How Do Electric Wine Openers Work?

All models will differ slightly, however the general operation will be that you place the opener over the bottle in position, then just press a button or switch. The corkscrew will automatically get down into the corkscrew and when done, just reverse the operation to remove the item.

Are They Good For Arthritis?

Yes. They take the twisting action out of your bottle opening process by doing this automatically, so all you need to do is hold it in place. They are very popular among those with wrist problems.