Best Electric Tin Opener 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Tin openers are one of the most vital small kitchen gadgets you could own. The convenience of tinned food is unbeatable, and many store cupboard staples such as tinned tomatoes, kidney and baked beans are hard to find available any other way.

Getting into them can be a real pain, though. Not only do you need a really effective tin opener, but there isn’t one standard set design for metal cans, so an opener which is perfect with a tin of your favourite soup may struggle with tinned potatoes.

Thankfully, electric tin openers take a lot of the strain and pain out of the job. They are perfect for anyone with wrist or dexterity issues as many operate at the press of a button rather than manually twisting, and the good news is that they don’t take up too much storage room either.

There are unfortunately rather a lot out there which really aren’t worth the time, effort and money, so we have compiled a list of the best around to ensure your tin opening is safe, easy and doesn’t cost you the earth.

The Best Tin Openers – Our Top Picks

Best Countertop Electric Tin Openers

Kenwood CO600 3-in-1