Best Dehumidifier 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Tackle stubborn condensation and damp air with a dehumidifier for your home. With sudden changes in temperature and drying clothes inside, it’s easy for humidity to become unbalanced.

Too much moisture can encourage an unhealthy environment which results in bad odors, mold, and condensation, with a series of complications.

With so many different models and manufacturers, it’s hard to know which dehumidifiers will be right for you. To help you make the right decision we have put the best models through their paces to find the best one for your home.

They have been judged on size, effectiveness, and features.

The Best Dehumidifiers – Our Top Picks

Best Compact Dehumidifiers

EBAC 3850e Dehumidifier

One of the most popular dehumidifiers on the market at the moment, because it is one of the best at doing the job it is designed for.

It can extract up to 21 litres of moisture every day, and with a tank that can hold around 2.5L at once, it will do a generous amount of work before you have to interrupt. The amount it can handle per day makes it idea for those areas which need a lot of work, or which have been unattended for a while and need completely clearing for the first time, such as removing mould.

Energy saving technology means it can detect when it is needed and when the job is done, so it will switch itself on and off. As long as the tank is not full, you don’t have to do anything else. It also helps to save energy and not stretch your energy bills.

The air purification mode will appeal to anybody who suffers from allergies, as it can make the room cleaner by extracting pollen, dust and smoke too. There is also a laundry mode, so in winter if you can’t hang the clothes out to dry, the EBAC will tackle the extra moisture in the air as well as stopping that musty smell before it even starts. It could also save you the cost of running the tumble dryer.

Thanks to the LED display, you can select these modes with ease, or set timers without the guesswork. If you need to move it from room to room, you’ll be pleased to know it is lightweight and there is a handy carry handle, so it can be taken up and downstairs without a strain.

As a bonus, the filter is washable (no pesky ongoing maintenance costs), and it works quickly too. You have to take the back off to access the carry handle which is our only downside, but once you get the hang of this then it is no effort whatsoever.


  • Air flow rate: 450 m³/h
  • Noise level: 46 dB(A)
  • Capacity: 2.5 litres

We like

  • Price
  • Good clear control panel
  • Different modes

We dislike

  • Difficult to slot the back on if removed

Final Verdict

Nice size and very good at what it says on the tin

Meaco Dehumidifier

This full-sized Meaco model has an air flow rate of 160 m³/h and two different speed settings, so you can adapt to suit your room.

This option comes with smart features like user-friendly and intuitive touch controls, easy to glide wheels, handle for manoeuvring and a timer to keep you in charge of air flow. There is also a handy child lock to keep your kids from changing any settings or getting injured.

It can remove around 20 litres of moisture a day to maintain a healthy environment. The low noise, maxing at 46 dB, minimises distraction and interference.  Great if it is left ticking over when you’re watching telly.

Cleaning the dust filter regularly maintains the machines effectiveness and keeps energy consumption to a minimum, so bear this in mind.


  • Dimensions: H60 x W39 x D29 cm
  • Water tank: 6 litres
  • Power: 255W
  • Weight: 12.6 kg

+ Downloads

Meaco Dehumidifiers user manual


We like

  • Low energy consumption
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Child lock

We dislike

  • Can get noisy when changed to fan level two
  • Quite expensive

Final Verdict

The Meaco Dehumidifiers are the most eco-friendly available and will not drain your electricity bill.

Inventor PR1-ION21LBS 332W

The Inventor Premium Series presents the PR1-ION21LBS which can extract up to 20L per day and prevent dampness and mould in your home or office space. These are highly functional, and can be relied upon to remove moisture from a room or dry your laundry at an energy-efficient rate.

This product is designed to operate very quietly for an appliance of its type at 47 db. It also features a built in air ionizer which will release negative ions into the air to absorb dust, tobacco and bacteria to purify the air that you breathe.

The turbo mode ensures that the PR1-ION21LBS can get any job done quickly and both its small size and its rolling casters allow for the appliance to be placed anywhere with ease.

If you are struggling with excess moisture in your air then consider the PR1-ION21LBS. Though the drainage pipe could be a little longer, these high quality machines are a very convenient size and it is perfect for most homes or offices.


  • Dimensions: 35 x 23.8 x 51 cm
  • Water tank: 3 litres
  • Power: 332W
  • Weight: 12 kg

+ Downloads

Inventor PR1-ION21LBS 332W user manual


We like

  • Compact size and lightweight design
  • Quiet operation
  • Air ionizing function
  • Rolling casters for easy placement

We dislike

  • The drain hose could be a little longer to make drainage more accessible

Final Verdict

This ultra convenient and compact model is a quick solution to any air moisture problem.

Dimplex Forte DXDH10N Dehumidifier

Perfect for rooms measuring around 15m2, Dimplex has produced a dehumidifier here which will rid your home of mould and condensation forevermore.

Because it will tackle medium-sized rooms, it is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Coincidentally two rooms often plagued with condensation and smells you’d rather get rid of. Up to 10 litres of water can be removed per day, which is plenty to deal with most rooms.

Auto shut off kicks in when the tank has reached the 2.3L capacity so it won’t overflow or become damaged. It is quiet and runs smoothly. If you want to keep it ticking over when you’re asleep, it won’t disturb your precious resting hours.

If you want to use it in multiple rooms, it moves smoothly on the wheels and isn’t too hard to lift and carry. It isn’t even that bad to look at, with a simple yet modern exterior. Definitely ticks all the boxes.


  • Power: 250W
  • Tank Capacity: 2.3L
  • Cord Length: 1.8m
  • Air Flow Rate: 110 m³/h
  • Dimensions: 50 x 36.5 x 22cm

+ Downloads

Dimplex Forte DXDH10N Dehumidifier User Manual


We like

  • Looks good enough
  • Price
  • Easy to empty

We dislike

  • Draught is quite cold, reducing temperature of air in close range

Final Verdict

You may think your damp problem isn’t too bad, but having this Dimplex dehumidifier in place will likely surprise you. It is a great price for all the work it will do, too

De’Longhi DEX12 12L

This powerful dehumidifier by De’Longhi is a very reliable choice for those in need of a medium capacity water tank. This product is suitable for rooms of up to 55sqm, making it great for a variety of jobs from a small household spillage to the small commercial leak.

The De’Longhi DEX12 features a tank control system, which makes it shut down when the tank is full to avoid any mishaps and an antifreeze device ensures that it can operate in temperatures as low as 2 degrees. Three speed settings mean it will tackle your problem, no matter how tough.

It is also very practical, boasting a strong handle for easy manoeuvring. There is a removable dust filter which can be cleaned, so it is perfect for anybody who suffers from allergies.

The device has been made to reduce noise emissions, so it won’t be disruptive even in the smallest of rooms.


  • Dimensions: H50 x W33.5 x D22cm.
  • Water tank: 1.2 litres
  • Water Extraction: 14L per day

+ Downloads

De’Longhi DEX12 Dehumidifiers user manual


We like

  • Double condensing drainage system
  • Can operate at temperatures as low as 2 °C
  • Auto-defrost function
  • Compact size

We dislike

  • High price

Final Verdict

This powerful option may not be the budget choice, however you certainly do get a lot of suction for your buck.

Best Portable Dehumidifiers

Challenge 10 Litre Dehumidifier

For something a bit more compact than a lot on the market, yet without a loss of power, this Challenge dehumidifier is a good option for anyone who can’t quite rid their home of condensation.

It can extract up to 10L of water per day, so as long as you empty it when needed, it can carry on and completely clear every room in your home for a more comfortable living space. Don’t worry if you can’t quite get to it in time though, as the auto-shut off function will stop it overflowing meaning it is perfectly safe to leave on overnight or when you’re out at work.

The water levels are visible which makes checking up on it much easier for you, and when it is in operation, it is quiet so it won’t bother you as it runs in the background. Setting it up is simple, and the instructions are clear and concise.

Whether you’re drying clothes indoors, have a cold, damp bathroom or have a problem with mould in your home, this dehumidifier can tackle the root cause and won’t break the bank either.


  • Dimensions: H42 x W32 x D21.5cm
  • Water tank: 2.1 litres
  • Power: 240W
  • Weight: 11.2kg

We like

  • Quiet in compact
  • Noticeably reduced damp and condensation quickly
  • Easy to move from room to room

We dislike

  • Can be difficult to empty if at capacity because it gets very full

Final Verdict

A real winner in our eyes on both performance and price, and the impact it has is visible.

Ecoair DD122FW SIMPLE 7L Desiccant Dehumidifier

For those looking for an eco-friendly solution to damp in the home, this Ecoair Desiccant Dehumidifier with rotary humidistat is a slim, compact choice that is perfect for a 2-4 bedroom house. This dehumidifier comes with a metre-long hose that provides continual drainage, great for heavy duty water collection. This is one of Ecoair’s best-selling desiccant dehumidifiers, thanks to its low noise level, built-in heater and easy-to-use controls.

The benefit of a desiccant dehumidifier is that it is able to keep extracting moisture from the air continuously, and unlike a compressor dehumidifier, it can operate even in close to freezing temperatures – so it would make a viable option for an outhouse, for example. Truly versatile and more eco-friendly than most, this well-built dehumidifier is just the job for soaking up damp and reducing troublesome mould. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, so you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

The silver filter contained inside this desiccant dehumidifier is its best feature that ensures all bacteria are killed on contact, so it’s super hygienic. At just over 6 kg, it’s light enough to move around using the carry handle on the top. While there is an initial odour, it tends to dissipate very quickly and overall seems to be a very simple and effective purchase.


  • Dimensions: 29 x 17.5 x 48.5 cm
  • Water Tank: 2 litres
  • Power Consumption: 390-640 W
  • Weight: 6 kg

+ Downloads

Ecoair DD122FW SIMPLE 7L Desiccant Dehumidifier user manual


We like

  • Slim and compact
  • Continuous drainage
  • Super quiet

We dislike

  • Expensive
  • Low setting not very effective

Final Verdict

High capacity, well-built and offered at a fair price, this eco-friendly desiccant dehumidifier for the home is a great product that will keep your home condensation-free.

Bionaire BDH001

The Bionaire BDH001 is an effective machine to reduce humidity and maintain a healthy living environment.

With 65W power and an air flow rate of 113 m³/h, the Bionaire is suitable for rooms sized up to 30 square metres. It comes with three speed settings to keep you in control of moisture levels. If you need a boost, just turn it up. Perfect for allergy season or cooking smells.

Another handy feature of the Bionaire is the auto-shut-off, so the device will turn itself off when the water tank reaches its capacity.

These are effective dehumidifiers to reduce mould growth, condensation and to dry laundry quicker and more effectively.


  • Dimensions: H54 x W33 x D23 cm
  • Water tank: 3 liters
  • Power: 190 watt
  • Weight: 13.3 kg

+ Downloads

BIONAIRE BDH001 Dehumidifiers user manual


We like

  • Simple to use
  • Low energy consumption
  • Auto-shut-off feature
  • Compact

We dislike

  • No humidity display

Final Verdict

It’s low consumption of energy and so will not drain your electricity bill when in use. This is a no frills, simple design that is suited to any home.

Most Powerful Dehumidifiers

EBAC DD695WH 2650e

Two speed settings and a digital display allow you to stay in control of airflow and humidity levels easily and quickly. For the amount of power these machines have they are surprisingly quiet, measuring 44 dB at its maximum setting.

It has a three litre tank capacity and smart defrost system to stop water freezing at low temperatures. Smart Control makes using the Ebac dehumidifiers simple and easy meaning you can focus on other things. Removing and emptying the tank can be done with ease so it is the best all-rounder for any home.


  • Dimensions: H54 x W34 x D25 cm
  • Water tank: 3.5 litres
  • Power: 320W
  • Weight: 13.3 kg

+ Downloads

EBAC DD695WH 2650e user manual


We like

  • Simple to use
  • Low noise level (44dB)
  • Auto shut-off
  • Powerful

We dislike

  • Higher energy consumption

Final Verdict

The Ebac DD695WH 2650e are the most powerful option available. It combines simplicity with power to create the perfect machine suited to any home.

Logik L20DH16 Dehumidifier

Eradicate condensation and common household moisture problems that can lead to mould, damp and poor air quality in your home with this easy-to-use and affordable Logik dehumidifier. Place this appliance in any part of your home that is suffering from damp and mould to control moisture in the air.

Easily manoeuvre the Logik dehumidifier around the house thanks to it’s small and compact design. Maintenance for this dehumidifier is simple with the removable water tank and cleanable filters to keep this appliance running smoothly.

The Logik dehumidifier uses a high-quality compressor to remove moisture from the air efficiently, maintaining a comfortable moisture level in your home. You can adjust the humidity in your home using the controls located on the top of the Logik and you can switch between two speed settings depending on moisture levels in the air.

Dry clothes indoors and enjoy faster drying times with the fast laundry dry function. Blast clothes with warm air to speed up drying times and wear your clothes sooner. The Logik ensures your room stays moisture free while laundry is drying indoors.

An additional extra for this model is an attachable hose to drain away water and moisture continuously as this appliance works. This enables the Logik to work consistently and maintain quality air flow in your home and ensure performance.

This dehumidifier is efficient and can be set on a timer to work while you are out of the house. The only downside we could find is how noisy this appliance is. Though this is not necessarily a problem for all, those looking to buy a dehumidifier for their bedroom or a smaller room might find this irritating. Overall, the Logik model is easy-to-use and efficient making it one of the best portable, compact dehumidifiers available.


  • Dimensions: 590 x 346 x 242 cm
  • Water tank: 3.8 litres
  • Weight: 12.80 kg

+ Downloads

Logik L20DH16 Dehumidifier user manual


We like

  • Efficient
  • Can leave it on a timer
  • Humidity display
  • Great for drying clothes

We dislike

  • Noisy
  • Difficult to remove water container

Final Verdict

This is a very simple and easy-to-use machine that is well suited to smaller homes or to tackle damp and moisture in one room.

EcoAir Hybrid Dehumidifier

EcoAir have brought a strong offering to the table with their powerful 20L dehumidifier. This product operates quieter than other products of the same specification, so it is an ideal choice for those noise-conscious users who need to use the device throughout the day and night to dry their clothes or deal with any air moisture problems.

The EcoAir is super easy to use: its control panel ensures that the user is very much in control with the intuitive control panel. The five-stage purification offers multiple functions including deodorization, allergy control, silver Nano filtration, and an electronic ionizer. Together these features will, in combination, work to purify the air in your home.

This appliance also boasts a fragrance box with means that you can add essential oils or other perfumed products to infuse with the air as the dehumidifier works.

This dehumidifier device may be a little on the pricey side, however with this product you really do get what you pay for. It remains a fantastic choice for those looking for a powerful solution for their home.


  • Dimensions: 38.7 x 17.2 x 51.2 cm
  • Water tank: 4 litres
  • Power: 318 watts
  • Weight: 11.9 kg

+ Downloads

EcoAir Hybrid user manual


We like

  • Quiet operation at 45 db
  • Rolling casters and strong handle for easy placement
  • Auto-defrost function
  • Fragrance box
  • 2 years warranty

We dislike

  • High energy consumption
  • Box-like design may be an acquired taste

Final Verdict

If you are after something very eco-friendly as well as powerful, this could be the best option

Dehumidifier Buying Guide

Want to tackle mould and damp build up in your home? Then you need to consider getting your hands on a Dehumidifier to help eliminate the problem. With the change in seasons, it’s difficult to maintain the right humidity level and air quality throughout the year. Dehumidifiers absorb moisture and keep your home feeling and smelling great all year round.

What specifications should you look out for when shopping for a dehumidifier? Here is the ultimate buying guide to get you the best features and specs when buying a dehumidifier for your home.

Before You Buy

Before you buy, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. There are 2 different kinds of dehumidifiers so think about which one will suit your home better.

Refrigerant (or Compressor) Dehumidifier

Compressor dehumidifiers tend to work better at higher temperatures and higher humidity levels. They work by drawing in moisture and air over a filter and over cold coils so the moisture condenses and drops into the tank. compressor dehumidifiers are effective in many homes across the UK.

Desiccant Dehumidifier

Desiccant dehumidifiers are more effective to use in colder temperatures so these tend to be effective in the winter months. They work differently from the other ones because they use absorbent material to draw moisture out of the air and into the tank. The material is heated so it drips into the tank. These dehumidifiers tend to use more electricity because they have a heated element to work.

Tank Capacity

Before you buy a dehumidifier, it is important to calculate what tank size will be right for your home. Tank sizes range from between 0.5 litres and 20 litres and this is the amount of water the dehumidifier will hold.

If you go for a smaller tank then you will need to empty it often. If you go for a bigger tank, it will store more water but will be a lot harder to maneuver. If you are looking to dry out one room in your home then a smaller one will be sufficient. If damp and mold is taking over your home then then a bigger one will be a better option.


Frost Watch

This is technology that stops the water inside the tank from freezing in cold weather. This might be quite important for those living in a cold country or home. It’s probably a good idea to look for this feature in the UK.

Integrated Cord Storage

This is a mechanism that holds the cord on the body of the dehumidifier when it is not in use. It’s a clever necessity if you are looking to store your dehumidifier when you are not looking for it. And it stops the trip risk.

Continuous Drain Function

If you are not wanting to pour out the water from your dehumidifier then this allows you to plug a hose into the device and pump the water out. This is handy if your dehumidifier is really big and it would be heavy to pour out yourself.


This is a good function to have. It measures and displays the moisture level in the air so it can turn itself on and off when is needed. It will determine your prefered humidity level so you don’t have to even think about it.


This function means that you are able to put the device on a timer so that it comes on at your desired time.


This is important if you have a heavy dehumidifier so you can move it around easily if you want to move it to another room. It isn’t always necessary for smaller ones because it’s lighter to move. It’s also important for when you want to pour the water out of it because you can wheel it anywhere to dispose of the water easily.


How Much Do Dehumidifiers Tend To Cost?

This varies depending on the type of dehumidifier you buy and the brand of it. They tend to range between £40 up to about £300

What Does A Dehumidifier Do?

A dehumidifier helps to reduce moisture in the air around your home. This has a track record of causing issues in homes like mould and damp through the winter months.

What Is The Ideal Humidity Level For My Home?

Generally, a relative humidity of 50% is comfortable for your home. It will make sure your belongings and interior is protected from moisture but it isn’t too dry which can be harsh on your skin and body

How Does A Dehumidifier Work?

Dehumidifiers work by drawing moisture out of the air. They do this in different ways, some absorb water from the air and others put the air through a filter and extract the water from the air. The water is then deposited into a water tank. They are very effective.

Can I Reuse The Water That Collects In The Tank?

Yes, because it is water made from condensation. You shouldn’t consume this water but you can reuse it for a number of different uses like filling your iron or watering the plants in your home. It’s good to reuse the water in your home.